Yi Home Camera vs Yi Dome Camera Specifications Comparison

Yi Home Camera vs Yi Dome

Security is of utmost importance these days. Every home these days should ideally have a security camera for even the safest neighborhoods. There are several options available in the market, but if you are looking for relatively affordable security cameras that have access to a few great features, here are a few excellent cameras you can check out. In this article, we will discuss two capable options like Yi Home Camera vs Yi Dome camera and compare the features that they offer you.

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Yi Home Camera – An Overview

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The Yi Home camera comes with simple and compact packaging. The plastic construction and thin looks make it appear as if it is cheaply made, but you can be assured of the enhanced features available on the device.

The noon slip gasket at the bottom should be one of the options that makes it perfectly stable. You can opt for an all-black construction or choose the one with a black and white combination. The back of the camera module features a speaker. You should be able to have two-way communication with someone nearby easily. The microSD card can be used discretely for recording audio and video activities.
There is a blue LED that indicates the presence of a camera. However, you can switch it off with the help of the companion app to opt for a stealthy operation. The cord accompanying the camera is long enough, to place it at awkward places. This is a welcome option from the short cables we have generally found with the other cameras.

The setup is not a difficult task. It is quite simple to set it up even for non-techies. The camera guides you with the installation process through the voice prompts. You will need to install the app on your phone, creating a WiFi password and then point it to the QR code displayed by the app. That completes the task of setting your camera up.

You can access the camera at any time through the app, no matter where you are and check out the camera feed on it. You can check out both SD and HD video quality options. You can use the speaker icon on the camera to talk to the person on the other side of the camera.

The camera supports both continuous recording and motion based recording. You can control the motion sensitivity through the camera settings on your app. You can configure the movement to low, medium or high depending upon your exact requirements.

Night recording is enabled through the built-in IR lights. These are enabled by default and will come into action when the camera sensor detects that it is getting darker. However, you can disable them through the camera settings.

There is a cloud subscription available for saving your footage. The service comes with a free 30-day trial. There are paid options available for the services you opt for on a monthly or yearly basis.

Yi Dome Camera – A Sneak Peek

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The Yi range of cameras is trying to take on the big players in the realm of action and security cameras. The camera comes with 360-degree coverage and provides almost unlimited storage options under its cloud service on a subscription basis.

The Yi Dome camera offers you access to 360-degree access, but nothing here is exactly 360 degree. It has a 112-degree field of angle, and the cam rotates both horizontally and vertically. The camera attempts to track the items in motion. This may not be something you would witness in most of the home security cameras. It can handle video recordings at 1080p. You can either save the records on the SD card or the cloud as per your preferences.

The Yi Dome camera can also handle audio detection along with video detection. This can be an excellent option if you have a tiny toddler or an infant at your home and you need to pay particular attention to the baby. Yi claims that the Yi Dome camera can intelligently differentiate between a baby cry from any other sounds. The camera offers you a two-way audio functionality and thus can work as an intercom.

The camera offers you access to the option of storing the footage on the cloud. The free trial, as in the case of Yi Home camera comes with a 30-day limitation. The subscription plan comes with support for up to 5 cameras.

The Comparison Chart: Yi Home Camera vs Yi Dome

After checking out the two cameras and their features in finer detail, a side by side comparison between the two devices can be helpful enough in arriving at the right buying decision. Check out the table below for comparing the exact features that you are looking ahead to.

Features / ParticularsYi Home Camera

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Yi Dome Camera

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Video resolution1080p1080p
Frames per second15 fps15 fps
Video format supportedH.264H.264
On-demand live viewYesYes
Record live viewYesYes
Field of view112 degree diagonal112 degree diagonal

360 degree with horizontal and vertical movements

Zoom4x digital zoom4x digital zoom
AudioYes, two wayYes, two way
Motion zonesYesYes
Person detectionNoNo
Facial recognitionNoNo
Sound detectionYes, baby criesYes, baby cries
Night vision8 Infrared LEDs

940 nm LEDs

8 Infrared LEDs

940 nm LEDs

WiFiYes, 2.4 GHzYes, 2.4 GHz
Local storageYesYes
Cloud StorageYes, Yi StorageYes, Yi Storage
Instant app alertsYesYes
Personal assistantNot supportedNot supported
Lens resolution2 MP2 MP
Physical dimensions3.1 x 1.3 x 4.5 inches40.3 x 5.9 x 4.3 inches
Weight4.8 Oz8 Oz

Things common to Yi Home Camera vs Yi Dome cameras

The above chart indicates that technically the two cameras almost equal in most aspects. Here are the major design and functional aspects that are common across the two cameras are

  • Live view feature – Both of them provide you access to the on-demand live view. The high-quality video feed is available on your phone through the app.
  • Two-way audio – You will be able to communicate with the guests and intruders from the two-way communication options.
  • Night Vision – With the eight 940 nm LEDs, your camera will continue offering you the best recording experience ever. It can illuminate into 25 meters distance in the dark.
  • Local storage – Both the cameras offer you access to the local storage through SD cards up to 32 GB and cloud storage. Class 10 cards will provide access to a good quality of video performance.

The Difference: Yi Home Camera vs Yi Dome cameras

Having gone through the similarities between the two competing siblings, we will now compare the differences between them.

  • Image Quality – Yi Dome comes with a 1 /4” 1MP CMOS sensor as compared to the 1 /2.7” 2MP CMOS sensor on the Yi Home. Obvious enough, you will get better results on the Yi Home in comparison.
  • Field of view – Yi Home security camera offers you 112 degree of field of angle. The Yi Dome in comparison can provide access to the 360-degree field of view option. The design provided by Yi Dome will make it a great choice to begin with.
  • Motion Detection – The motion detection offered by Yi Dome is an excellent option when compared to the similar feature on the Yi Home. Yi Home will provide access to you a standard motion detection compatibility, while with the Yi Dome, you can be assured of an option to configure motion detection sensitivity to meet your exact needs.

The Concluding Thoughts

So, which one among them is a good option for securing your homes? The choice may not be that easy. Both cameras share the same degree of performance and features. They share more common traits than the differences between them.

Except for the dome design and the 360-degree field of view offered by the Yi Dome security camera, we would find both of them being equal contributors. You can choose the one that appeals to you.

We hope you like our article. Your valuable suggestions and feedbacks are welcome in the comments section below. Thanks for visiting!

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