Nikon B600 vs A1000 4K Superzoom Compact cameras specs comparison

Nikon B600 vs A1000

Nikon is indeed one of the most popular options when it comes to the cameras. It has recently announced two new cameras viz Nikon Coolpix B600 and Nikon Coolpix A1000. So, how do the two cameras compare between themselves? We will check out the two cameras and their features (Nikon B600 vs A1000) in today’s post.

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Nikon Coolpix A1000 – An overview

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Nikon Coolpix A1000 is one of the best options when it comes to stylish, portable and robust functionality. You have access to a compact and comfortable design that is comfortable with your pocket as well.

Best suited for the current generation who looks ahead for a fast-paced lifestyle and an on the go features, the camera comes with a 35x optical zoom functionality. In essence, it should be the go-to camera for all your needs in handling everything right from your day to day events to once in lifestyle situations.

Some of the primary features that the Nikon Coolpix A1000 offers you include the following:

  • An excellent 35x optical zoom capability. It helps you shoot anything right from landscapes to objects that are quite far away.
  • The dynamic Fine Zoom compatibility ensures that sharpness of your images is taken care of.
  • Exceptional macro close-ups that allow you are shooting as close as 1 cm.
  • 16 MP sensor with ISO ranges up to 6400.
  • The viewfinder offers you an eye-level functionality provides you excellent framing options.
  • Compatibility with RAW images
  • Recording capacity to up to 4K ultra HD.
  • The camera comes with Nikon’s Active D-Lighting function for an enhanced photo quality
  • It offers you five pre-set creative modes.

Nikon Coolpix B600 – A Complete introduction

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The Coolpix B600 offers you a compact functionality and a whopping 60x zoom compatibility. You also have access to an excellent focal length range. You should be able to capture wide-angle landscapes and superior telephoto zoom features.

Like Coolpix, A1000 is one of the best options for everyday photographers. The camera looks impressive and simple, but packed inside is the excellent zoom and a wide range of features and functionalities.

Some salient features offered by the camera can be summed up as

  • A 16 MP sensor coupled with EXPEED image processing engine.
  • Get access to the 60x optical zoom.
  • The macro mode lets you focus on the close ups with shooting distances as close as 1 cm
  • The built-in vibration reduction mechanism that ensures sharp images and more explicit videos.
  • It comes with 19 scene modes that optimize your shooting experiences.
  • You also have access to 36 different creative effects to choose from
  • You have access to several extra features like Snap Back zoom and side zoom features.
  • Seamless sharing functionalities.

Nikon B600 vs A1000 – A Complete Comparison

Having gone through a few salient features of both the cameras, let us now check out a few similar functionalities that each of the two cameras do offer you. We will compare the two siblings based on a few key features.

The Physical Features

Physical properties of a camera can be a deciding factor when you are looking to buy a camera with a portability factor. Here is a comparison between the two devices.


Nikon Coolpix A1000

Coolpix B600

Physical dimensions114 x 72 x 41 mm122 x 82 x 99 mm
Weight330 grams – 0.73 pounds500 grams – 1.10 pounds


The A1000 is undoubtedly smaller among the two options. You will also find it lighter when compared to the other camera. Thus, the A1000 should be a preferred choice when it comes to carrying it anywhere you want to.

The Sensor Comparison

The sensor forms an essential and core feature for a digital camera. It should be one of the deciding factors for image quality.

FeaturesNikon Coolpix A1000

Coolpix B600

Sensor class1/ 2.31/ 2.3
Sensor resolution15.9 MP15.9 MP


Both the cameras come with similar features among the sensor compatibility. Moreover, the cameras were released during the same period and thus offered you the sensors that belong to the same technological generation as well. Both the sensors come with no anti-alias filters.

The Features

While the sensors and a few features do match, the two cameras come with a few differences. One such huge difference is the Coolpix A1000 comes with an electronic viewfinder, while the B600 offers a simple LCD screen.

Some of the features worth mentioning can be

FeaturesNikon Coolpix A1000

Coolpix B600

Electronic ViewfinderYesNo
Control panelNoNo
LCD size3.0 inch3.0 inch
LCD resolution1036 k dots921 k dots
LCD attachmentTiltingFixed
Touch screen compatibilityYesNo
Shutter speed1/4000 sec1/4000 sec
Shutter flap1/7.0 sec1/7.4 sec
Built-in flashYesYes
Built-in image stabilizationYesYes


The A1000 comes with the touchscreen, while the B600 does offer you a conventional panel. The touch panel is helpful enough for setting up your focus point. The articulation for the LCD as provided by the A1000 can be a useful feature for video bloggers.


Connectivity, when it comes to the cameras is not necessarily limited to the option to connect with your camera with other devices. The connectivity options offered by the two cameras can be lifted out through the following comparison table.

FeaturesNikon Coolpix A1000

Coolpix B600

Hotshoe portNoNo
Internal microphoneStereo microphoneStereo microphone
Internal speakerMonoMono
Microphone portNoNo
Headphone portNoNo
USBYes, v 2.0Yes, v 2.0
WiFi connectivityYesYes
NFC supportNoNo


The Head to head comparison: Nikon B600 vs A1000

Here is the complete correlation between the two siblings in a side by side comparison

FeaturesNikon Coolpix A1000

Nikon B600 vs A1000

Coolpix B600

Nikon B600 vs A1000

Camera typeFixed lens Compact cameraFixed lens compact camera
Camera lens24-840mm f/3.4-6.924-1440mm f/3.3-6.5
Sensor size6.17 x 4.55 mm6.17 x 4.55 mm
Sensor Area28.0735 mm228.0735 mm2
Image resolution4608 x 3456 pixels4608 x 3456 pixels
ISO setting100-6400 ISO125-6400 ISO
AutofocusContrast-detect AFContrast-detect AF
Storage mediumSDXC cardsSDXC cards
Battery typeEN-EL12 power packEN-EL12 power pack
Battery backup250 shots per charge280 shots per charge
Optical Zoom35 x60x
Focal length840 mm1440 mm
Maximum wide aperture3.43.3
Maximum Tele aperture6.96.5
RAW supportYesNo
Weather sealingNoNo


Please note that the above comparison table does not include the other features we have already discussed in a few comparison charts we have already in a few sections we have previously discussed.

What are the advantages offered by Coolpix A1000 over B600?

Here are the advantages that the A1000 offers you over the B600 –

  • Better video functionality. It provides you video capture options in 4K at 30 fps when compared to 1080p at 30 fps on the B600
  • It has an electronic viewfinder and offers you better control over more natural image framing and setting control
  • The resolution of the LCD screen is at a higher resolution at 1036k in comparison to 921k dots.
  • The LCD offers you a tilting mechanism and thus provides you flexible functionality
  • The screen is touch sensitive and therefore does have only a few buttons

The advantages in favor of the Nikon B600

In contrast, here are the features offered to you if you are looking to buy a Nikon B600 –

  • The camera comes with a better lens aperture which stands at f/3.3 when compared to f/3.4 for the A1000
  • The camera can reach more distant objects with improved perspective compression and subject magnification.
  • Battery life is one of the best at 280 shots per single charge when compared to the 250 shots per charge on the A1000.

The Concluding Thoughts

That was a complete comparison between the two camera siblings and how do they fare against one another. We assume we have answered all the queries that the users may have had in their mind. Both the cameras have been released in quick succession and come with a few similar features. You can choose the one that meets your needs based on the requirements you may have.

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