Waze Cam vs Ring Stick Up Security Camera Specifications Comparison

    Security cameras have been one of the essential choices in today’s world filled with frauds and other safety concerns. If you are looking for the options to check out the best security cameras for your home or office, we have two most popular options you can have a look at. Yes, we are talking about Waze Cam vs Ring Stick Up security cameras. How do these two cameras compare against one another? We will check out the two well-known security cameras and compare them with one another.

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    Wyze Cam – A Sneak Peek into it

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    When the first version of Wyze cam was introduced, it had all the features you have come to see in a high-end security camera. It featured the two-way audio, HD recording, best in class night vision and motion sensors and all this was made available at an affordable price – in fact, at an unbelievable amount of under 30 bucks.

    The Wyze Cam 2 comes with all these features and more. The camera now comes with a matte finish and a unique hideaway stand. Wyze Cam offers you an exceptional image quality and a fantastic two-way audio performance. The camera features a powerful 1/2.7″ CMOS sensor that gives you amazing 1080p HD recording. The sensor offers you a smoother night vision and better clarity during the day time recordings. The power audio chip inside the cameras and the Class K amplifiers are the two factors that help you with the best in class audio performance.

    The enhanced motion detection technology should aid you in following the moving object right from where the activity initiated to all the way till where it goes. The Wyze cam also has an excellent personal assistant integration making it easy to communicate with the camera. It supports IFTTT and Amazon Alexa.

    The companion app comes is polished and provides you access to a great deal of performance and camera controls. While the clips are saved to the cloud, you can configure them to be recorded on the SD card as well. However, accessing the triggered recordings can be a little difficult to find.

    The Pros

    • Integration with Amazon Alexa and IFTTT.
    • It offers you 14 days rolling history for free.
    • The excellent motion tracking functionality.

    The Cons

    • The recorded video may not have found easily.

    The Ring Stick Up Cam – An Introduction

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    This is one of the most versatile security cameras we have ever come across. It offers you multiple features and functions. You can use it both indoors and outdoors, and it offers you a slighter degree of weather sealing (Read: Splash Proof) as well. Another feature that made us go gaga over it is the support for either WiFi or Ethernet connectivity – thereby enhancing its versatility.

    The image quality and the motion tracking functionalities are one of the best when compared to the competitors. Setting it up should not take more than five minutes. However, you may need enough time to install the system on the wall mount.

    The camera can record the videos in 1080p HD resolution and offers you a 155 degree of diagonal field of view. The 150 degrees horizontal and 85-degree vertical field of view should be able to provide you access to a broader view no matter where you have installed it.

    The camera also comes with a motion detection functionality that can be switched on or off as per your needs. However, an automatic recording of motion detection will need a paid Ring Protect plan which is optional. The motion detection sensitivity can be adjusted as per your needs. If you are looking for smart home integration, the camera offers you both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integration. The Alexa integration is full-fledged, while the Google Assistant integration covers only a few areas.

    The Pros

    • The camera offers you a versatile functionality and can be used both indoors and outdoors
    • You can use it over WiFi or through an Ethernet connection.
    • The image and video quality along with the motion detection work great.
    • The night vision performance tends to be top notch.

    The Cons

    • The two-way audio can get a little choppy sometimes

    Comparison Chart for the security cameras: Waze Cam vs Ring Stick Up

    That was a brief review of the two powerful security cameras you can make use of for your security concerns. Having gone through those details of either of the cameras, how about checking about the features in a head to head comparison? The side by side comparison should help you make your choice in a better manner.

    Features / Particulars

    Wyze cam

    Ring Stick Up cam

    Physical Dimensions2.2 x 1.97 x 1.97 inches2.4 x 1.4 x 5 inches
    Weight100 grams
    Weather sealingNoYes, IPX5 “splashproof.”
    SuitabilityIndoor use onlyIndoor and outdoor
    ConnectivityWiFiWiFi and Ethernet
    Personal Assistant integrationAmazon AlexaAmazon Alexa and Google Assistant
    Video Quality1080p HD1080p HD
    Field of view110 degrees diagonal150 degree horizontal, 85 degrees vertical and 155 degrees diagonal
    Option for SirenNoYes
    Power connectionsUSBUSB and Ethernet


    The above table should provide you a fair idea about the functionalities offered by the two competing security cameras. The Ring Stick Up cam tends to give you a few additional features and makes it one of the prominent options to go with. The versatile functionality, suitability for both indoor and outdoor usage and multiple personal assistant integrations are a few features that make it an excellent option for your safety.

    The Concluding Thoughts

    That was a precise comparison between the two capable security cameras offering you respite from the possible to your property or loved ones. Based on what your exact requirements are, you can go with either of them after comparing them through the chart and concise review above.

    Have you used either of the security cameras for your needs? Why not share your thoughts, experiences, and opinions with us through the comments here below? That can perhaps help our readers arrive at a wiser decision to choose the best among them.

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