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    List of Cameras using XQD Cards and Card Readers For Nikon DSLRs

    The photography arena today has gone through tremendous innovations. The latest in the line up is XQD Cards. Designed to offer excellent read and...

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    Comparing LYT-T808 vs LYT-900 vs IMX890 – Specs Comparison

    As the realm of robotics, autonomous vehicles, and immersive technologies rapidly evolves, accurate depth perception becomes crucial. LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors play a pivotal role in this pursuit, emitting pulsed light and measuring its reflection time to create detailed 3D representations of their surroundings. This blog post delves into the technical intricacies of three prominent Sony LiDAR offerings: the LYT-T808, LYT-900, and IMX890, offering a comparative analysis through a scientific lens.Comparing LYT-T808 vs LYT-900 vs IMX890 - Sony SensorsFeature LYT-T808Check on Amazon India LYT-900Oppo Find X7 IMX890Check on Amazon IndiaType Flash LiDAR Time-of-Flight LiDAR Time-of-Flight LiDARRange 0.3 - 80m 0.3 - 120m 0.3 - 150mResolution 50mp 50mp 50mpField of View (Horizontal) 75° 90° 60°Field of View (Vertical) 32° 60° 45°Frame Rate Up to 120 FPS Up to 120 FPS Up to 280 FPSPower Consumption 5W 3.5W 4.5WInterface CSI-2 CSI-2 CSI-2Package Size 15.7 x...

    Omnivision OV64A vs OV64B vs OV64C – Specs Comparison

    In this post, we objectively compare the Omnivision OV64A vs OV64B vs OV64C smartphone camera sensors, which are expected soon. Also Read: Samsung ISOCELL HM3 vs HM2 vs Sony IMX686 The world's third-largest mobile phone image sensor company is OmniVision. This company announced three image sensors based on the PureCel®Plus chip stacking technology and electronic image stabilization (EIS) technology to equip high-end smartphones with superior quality image capture as well as 4K (& 8K) video performance. Names of these image sensors are OV64A, OV64B, and OV64C. Now let's get into the details of each of these sensors and then look at their comparison: Omnivision OV64A:Lenovo Legion 2 ProThis first 64MP mobile phone sensor comes with a 1.0 µm...

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