Best CFExpress cards – 8K & 4K Support For Canon Nikon and Sony Cam

    If you are looking for the best CFExpress cards supporting 4K and 8K video capture, check out our recommended list.

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    For professional cameras, the CFexpress is presently the preferred memory card format. Presently, the CFexpress card is known as the speediest memory card format on the market. It will stay as the standard of future memory cards for the internal high-resolution RAW (10 bit & 12 bit) video recording. The reason is the maximum read and write speed requirements are significantly high. Compared to UHS-II SD cards, the CFexpress cards are faster.

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    The CFexpress cards can be supported via firmware update with XQD card-compatible cameras. In the future, we will see more devices and cameras using the CFexpress technology. The best CFExpress cards are as follows:

    Best CFExpress cards:

    Sr. No.ImageProduct NameManufacturerBuy Now
    1SanDisk 64GB Extreme PRO CFexpress Card Type B


    ‎ SanDisk

    Model: SDCFE-064G-GN4NN

    Check on Amazon
    2Sony CEA-G160T

    800 MB/s / 700 MB/s – 4K

    SonyCheck on Amazon
    3Sony Cfexpress Tough Memory Card

    Model: CEBG128 / J

    8K & 4K Capable

    SonyCheck on Amazon
    4ProGrade Digital CFexpress 2.0 Gold Memory Card

    4K & 8K Support

    Note: 128GB and 256GB does not support 8K

    ProGrade DigitalCheck on Amazon
    5ProGrade CFexpress Type B| 325GB Cobalt Series

    Supports 4k, 6k & 8k

    ProGrade DigitalCheck on Amazon
    6Sony CFexpress Type A (160 GB)

    Model: MRWG2 Reader

    4k Only

    SonyCheck on Amazon
    7Sony 256GB Tough CFexpress Type B (CEB-G Series)

    4K Only

    SonyCheck on Amazon
    8Delkin Devices 64GB Prime CFexpress Type B

    8K, 6K, and 4K Support

    Model: DCFX0-064

    ‎DelkinCheck on Amazon
    9Lexar Professional 64GB CFexpress Type B

    4k only

    ‎ ‎LexarCheck on Amazon
    10NKI Kinetic Plus CFexpress Type B

    8K RAW continuous recording support

    NKI Systems, LLCCheck on Amazon
    11Ritz Gear CFExpress Type B

    4K Support

    Ritz GearCheck on Amazon
    12Transcend CFexpress 820 Type B

    4k & 6K Support

    TranscendCheck on Amazon
    13Wise Advanced 256GB CFX-B Series

    4K Support

    Wise AdvancedCheck on
    14Hoodman Steel 512GB – CFEX512


    HoodmanCheck on Amazon
    15AV PRO CFexpress Type B

    8K Support

    Angelbird Technologies GmbHCheck on Amazon
    16Exascend Essential 1TB CFexpress Type B

    8k Certified

    Exascend Inc.Check on Amazon
    17Asgard 1TBB CFexpress Type B

    8K Support

    AsgardCheck on Amazon

    17. Asgard 1TBB CFexpress Type B:

    Check on Amazon

    If you are looking for a significantly fast read and write speed for recording in a camera, the Asgard card is for you. It supports an ultra-fast write speed of up to 1400MB/s. At this speed, the card facilitates your camera to record in 4K or 6K or even higher resolution. Now you can accomplish the full-frame burst shooting and would never miss a shot. With a maximum read speed of up to 1700MB/s, you can review or copy full density images or other files in a snap.


    • It comes with a 1 TB memory storage capacity.
    • With a PCI 3.0 Express interface and support for NVM Express, this CFexpress card provides impeccable cinema-quality video capture.
    • The combination of NVMe and PCIe 3.0 boosts data transfer speed.
    • There is support for RAW continuous-burst shooting with zero delays.
    • It supports XQD upgrades because it is compatible with XQD devices.

    16. Exascend Essential 1TB CFexpress Card Type B:

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    This Exascend CFexpress card supports a dynamic range of 8K RAW continuous shooting. It is also widely useful for cinematography cameras. The 8K RAW continuous shooting takes place at higher frame rates, higher resolution, and superior higher dynamic ranges. Even if the shooting requires more space, there is no need to worry. This is because the 1TB memory storage capacity can hold most of your days shooting data.

    This Exascend Cfexpress card is the first one in the industry to assure a minimum write speed of 400 MB/s regardless of your camera capacity. The card comes with 5 years of limited warranty.


    • Maximum read speed and write speed are respectively 1700 MB/s and 1680 MB/s.
    • It supports NVMe Protocol 1.3 and PCIe Gen.3×2 interface.
    • The card is backward compatible with few XQD cameras. With some cameras, the card may need a camera firmware update.
    • Cameras it can work with are Canon EOS 1DX MKIII/Mark III/RS; Nikon D6/Z6/Z7; and Panasonic Lumix S1/S1R/DC-51, and more.

    15. AV PRO Cfexpress Type B:

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    With this Type B CFExpress card, your camera can capture RAW videos at the highest bit rate and burst photography files at 4K/6K/8K/12K resolutions. It is specially designed for high-speed recording in mirrorless, cinema, and DLSR cameras.

    It promises superior quality data capture all over the capacity of the card; no compromise in performance. Moreover, this card optimizes all codecs. Since the operation does not draw much power, the power consumption is low. One of the unique features is overheating protection.


    • The memory storage capacity is 256 GB.
    • The maximum write speed is 1000 MB/s.
    • The maximum resolution for raw recording is 12K.
    • It delivers sustained speed with the implementation of Stable Stream performance technology. So, the recording will be stable all through the capacity of the card.
    • An adaptive thermal protection system protects the camera, card, and your content.
    • There is the availability of free data recovery service on file retrieval or any hardware issue.

    14. Hoodman Steel 512GB – CFEX512:

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    Keeping in mind the rigors of outdoor weather conditions, this Hoodman CFExpress card is made in durable steel construction. The rugged construction can withstand the outdoor elements. So, you can flawlessly continue your photography and videography sessions in outdoor weather. It is a Type B CFExpress card with CompactFlash memory.


    • It allows your camera to run at peak performance with maximum read speed as 1700MB/s and maximum write speed as 1400MB/s.
    • Memory storage capacity is 512 GB.
    • There is the use of the PCIe 3.0 bus to ensure fast operation.
    • It can withstand temperatures in the range of -13° to 185°F.

    13. Wise Advanced 256GB CFX-B Series:

    Check on

    Capture Full HD and 4K video with the aforementioned 256 GB CFexpress memory card. Not just video shooting, it is also useful for capturing continuous still image bursts. When you insert this card into your camera, it leverages the potentials of the camera. Moreover, it uses the PCI Express 3.0 protocol to deliver high-speed performance and durability.

    The entire card is resistant to water, dust, and shock. No compromise in its functioning even when you use it in rugged outdoor conditions. Furthermore, it can sustain extreme temperatures.


    • The card delivers a write speed of up to 1550 MB/s and read speed up to 1700 MB/s. The minimum write speed observed is 230 MB/s.
    • The fast read and write speeds enhance transfer speeds between your PC and card. Also, they speed up your workflow.
    • Memory storage capacity is 256 GB.
    • The card is backward compatible with XQD devices which have been updated to support the CFexpress format.

    12. Transcend CFexpress 820 Type B:

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    The TS512GCFE820 CFExpress memory card is well-known for presenting ample storage capacity. With a storage capacity of up to 512 GB, this Type B card provides continuous shooting when operated in the fast-action burst mode. Also, it facilitates ample storage space for storing RAW images. So, you can focus on your capturing and shooting tasks instead of worrying about storage space. For the high-end cameras and camcorders, it is wise to insert this card.

    The high-speed performance and ample storage space make the card suitable for various applications. You can use it to capture wildlife scenery, outdoor sports, and action shots. Especially, this card proves to be practical when shooting 4K videos. Therefore, content creators, professional photographers, and professional videographers benefit from outstanding transfer speed.

    Transcend equips this card with RecoveRx software. It is a free data recovery tool allowing you to effortlessly search for deleted documents/photos/music/videos in a storage device.


    • Maximum read and write speeds are up to 1700MB/s and 1300MB/s, respectively. These speeds promise smooth 4K video capture.
    • It is backward-compatible with some selected XQD cameras that have firmware enabled.

    11. Ritz Gear CFExpress Type B:

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    With nearly all high-end recording devices, this Ritz Gear CFExpress card works well. All professional vloggers, photographers, and videographers can enhance their work productivity with this card. It is a Type B card with a spacious storage capacity of up to 128 GB. The video shooting formats it supports are RAW 4K and HD. The card delivers enough reliability and versatility to shoot a commercial, action scenes, outdoor adventure, or vlogging.

    The sharp, steady recordings and high-resolution photos guarantee superior quality output. The video outputs will be free from dropped frames and buffering. When you wish to perform post-production, the fast responsiveness of the card facilitates efficient transfer, backup, and editing.

    Immediately, you can record, store and transfer cinematic quality 4K footage. Ritz Gear provides it in a shock-resistant and rugged design. No compromise in performance, even when shooting in a rough outdoor environment. So, you can use your camera with this card when shooting wildlife scenery, sports, TV commercials, weddings, etc.


    • Maximum read and write speeds are 1550 MB/s and 550 MB/s, respectively.
    • These read and write speeds let your camera shoot smooth 4K RAW videos. Also, they accelerate file management.
    • The flash memory type is CompactFlash.
    • It comes with a PCI hardware interface.
    • The maximum memory storage capacity is 128 GB.
    • The card lets your camera capture high-resolution images and smooth videos without dropped frames and delayed buffer times.
    • There are no issues like battery drain or corrupted files.
    • Camera compatibility includes Nikon D5, D6, Z6 / Z7, D850, D500; Canon EOS-1DX Mark III, R5 Mirrorless, C300 / C500 Mark III; Panasonic S1/S1R.

    10. NKI Kinetic Plus CFexpress Type B:

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    This NKI Kinetic Plus card is optimized for 8K RAW recording. With the fast read and write speeds, you will attain low latency during high-speed recording. Also, these fast speeds lead to improvement in workflow efficiency. Very few SD cards can deliver such a significant boost in workflow efficiency.

    Professional videographers can rely on this card to meet the demands of the broadcast, cinema, and media industries. The card comes with 3 years warranty and Care Replace Service.


    • The read and write speeds are up to 1,700 MB/s and 1,500 MB/s.
    • It is compatible with the majority of the CFexpress Type B devices and Select XQD devices.
    • With the 96-Layer 3D NAND technology implementation, the card enables capturing of continuous 8K RAW video.
    • Those cameras compatible with every Cfexpress supported format with up to 8K RAW recording can work with this card.
    • List of compatible cameras are Canon EOS-1D X Mark III/EOS R5/EOS C300 Mark III/ EOS C500 Mark II; Nikon Z6/Z7/Z6 II/Z7 II; Lumix S1/S1R, XF IQ4.

    9. Lexar Professional 64GB Cfexpress Type B:

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    The high-quality images and video outputs are the demand of the present era. This 64 GB CFExpress memory card fulfills such demands. It can let your camera capture superior quality images and smooth RAW 4K/8K video. You can use it in next-generation DSLRs and cinema cameras. The same card is also available in 128 GB size.

    The card supports NVMe protocol as well as PCI 3.0 for unprecedented speed. You will notice high-speed performance and excellent reliability. The efficient performance lets you shoot and quickly transfer files. When used with the CFexpress Type B reader from Lexar, there will be a boost in the read transfer speed. So, it prominently speeds up your workflow.

    It comes in rugged construction for flawless use in outdoor conditions. There is protection available against vibration and shock. You can even use it in adventurous places. Capture breathtaking images and videos, regardless of the surrounding.


    • The maximum read speed is 1750MB/s, and the maximum write speed is 1000MB/s.
    • Memory storage capacity is 64 GB.
    • The flash memory type is XQD.
    • The card is backward compatible with select XQD cameras. So, existing devices can benefit from high performance.

    8. Delkin Devices 64GB Prime CFexpress Type B:

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    In various high-end cameras and camcorders, you can insert this memory card to notice a boost in performance. It presents a specialized storage medium along with some advanced features. There is support for continuous burst shooting and RAW shooting. Zero delays in the output make sure you would never miss the special moments.

    Even in high-performance cameras like Canon EOS 1DX III, the card supports continuous burst shooting. Make sure to properly adjust ISO so that you can shoot at high speed. There is no buffering issue found with burst photography. Overall, it is a good value for money.


    • The upper limit of read and write speeds are 1730 MB/s and 1540 MB/s, respectively.
    • These transfer speeds streamline your workflow and guarantee quick data transfer from the card to a PC.
    • This DCFX0-064 card comes with a 64 GB storage capacity.
    • It can record 4K/6K/8K video at high frame rates and bitrates.
    • There’s support for PCI 3.0 and NVM Express.
    • Various video recording formats it supports are continuous, burst, and RAW.
    • There is backward compatibility allowed for Select XQD supported cameras. For that, those cameras need a firmware update from the device manufacturer.

    7. Sony 256GB Tough CFexpress Type B (CEB-G Series):

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    You can get the aforementioned CEB-G Series CFExpress card in 128 GB size. Now the RAW shooting of rapid-moving action scenes is quite easy when you insert this card into your camera. It supports uncompressed continuous RAW shooting for such scenes. So, you can capture the moment you want for wildlife photography, sports photography, etc. Also, the card is designed to support future high-end cameras and camcorders.

    It can handle high-speed recordings and high-resolution files. The rugged construction makes it perfect for outdoor usages. With improvement in productivity and acceleration in workflow, this card lets you dedicate more time to creativity. The bundle contains this card, Koah Pro USB 3.2 Type-C Connector CFexpress Type B card reader (10 Gbps), and 2 cables.


    • The upper limits of read and write speeds are respectively 1700 MB/s and 1480 MB/s.
    • It allows quick transfer and backup of enormous data like high-resolution photos or videos with high bitrate. The transfer takes place from the card to a PC through a card reader.
    • The efficient transfer and backup enhance your efficiency for editing.
    • Lost files can be recovered with Rescue data recovery software. This software recovers abruptly deleted files as well as corrupted photos in the existing formats.
    • The Rescue data recovery software is available for Windows and Mac
    • The card’s rigidity tested is up to 70 Newtons of force. It can withstand 15-feet drops.
    • The rugged design can resist extreme temperature, intense UV rays, and X-rays.

    6. Sony CFexpress Type A (160 GB):

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    Despite the compact design, this Type A card presents outstanding read and write performance. During the transmission of huge data at high speed, excess heat generation is common. This card controls this issue with a heatsink. The alloy heatsink transfers heat produced from the card towards the exterior. Therefore, the good thermal conductivity lets the users continue to record for a long period.

    The card is resistant to impact and bend. So, its excellent durability protects your data even when you repeatedly change the cards in severe environments. The bundle contains this card, a CFexpress Type A/SD memory card reader, and a Knox Gear 4-port USB 3.0 hub.


    • It can achieve read speed up to 800 MB/s and write speed up to 700 MB/s. There is a significant reduction in buffering times.
    • For extra durability, it comes with IPX7-rated water resistance and IP5X-rated dust resistance (IP57).
    • The card is perfectly suitable for high-speed continuous shooting of 1,000+ uncompressed RAW still images.
    • It supports movie recording @4K 120p at high bit rates.
    • Being compliant with the VPG400 video performance, the card guarantees stable video recording at 400 MB/s. So, professional photographers, videographers, and content creators benefit from a smooth workflow.

    5. ProGrade Cfexpress Type B| 325GB Cobalt Series:

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    When it comes to quick data transfer to your PC and ample storage, you can consider this ProGrade Cobalt series card. Simply insert your high-end devices like cameras or camcorders and benefit from quick data transfer, regardless of the file size. The super-fast writing speed makes sure there is no constraint on capturing continuous raw images.

    The Gold and Cobalt series from this brand are optimized to ensure the long life of your battery. So, this 325 GB card lets you capture more without worrying about battery life. With advanced technology, the battery consumption is low. You can capture continuous video shots, and still, the battery will not drain instantly. The Prograde Digital Refresh Pro software is available to upkeep your card’s speed for years. Moreover, it restores corrupted files.


    • The flash memory types it supports are SD and XQD.
    • The maximum read speed is 1,700 MB/s, and the write speed is 1,500 MB/s.
    • It can record in 4K/5K/6K and higher resolutions. Each video frame appears accurate and clear—no issues with the dropped frame.
    • There is backward compatibility with your XQD devices. For such devices, the firmware update is enabled.
    • There is support for NVMe and PCIe 3.0.

    4. ProGrade Digital CFexpress 2.0 Gold Memory Card:

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    The 512 GB storage capacity of this Gold memory card is adequate for most applications. Whether you perform photography or videography causally or professionally, this card meets your needs. Due to support for the next-gen PCIe Gen 3 and NVMe host controller interface.

    A metal enclosure is available to withstand extreme temperatures. Also, it offers good thermal conductivity. The built-in thermal throttling protects your card and its data during overheating. You can get the same card in capacities varying from 1202 GB to 1 TB.


    • The read speeds up to 1600MB/s make the card perfect for the quick transfer of voluminous RAW photos or videos.
    • The minimum write speed is 1,000MB/s. It is perfect for continuous, cinematic capture of RAW 4K/6K video.
    • The memory types it supports are CompactFlash and XQD.
    • This card is fully compliant with CompactFlash Association 2.0 specifications.

    3. Sony Cfexpress Tough Memory Card:

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    Not all memory cards can handle high-speed recordings and transfer high-resolution files. This tough CFExpress card from Sony meets these needs. It comes in a compact design, yet it is competent enough to boost your productivity and accelerate your workflow. Therefore, you can dedicate more time to creativity.

    The fast data transfer speeds are suitable for capturing high-resolution burst shots and recording high bitrate video. The photo capturing and video recording are allowed on full-frame DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, and professional-grade camcorders. Also, you can invest in this card for use in forthcoming high-end cameras and camcorders.

    Owing to the rugged construction, you can use this Sony card in any outdoor place. Take it to sports events, outdoor excursions, etc. Professional photographers and videographers can use it even in the harshest environments.


    • The maximum read speed is 1,700 MB/s.
    • With maximum write speeds of up to 1480 MB/s, this card is one of the fastest memory cards in the market.
    • Shoot fast-moving action scenes in continuous RAW shooting with the fast write speed.
    • The flash memory type is CompactFlash.
    • Memory storage capacity is 128 GB.
    • The Media Scan Utility supervises the storage limit and card condition.
    • Memory Card File Rescue can be downloaded for recovering accidentally deleted files.
    • The high bitrate video capture can take place at 4K resolution and higher.
    • When connected with a card reader MRW-G1, transfer and backup get simplified. You can backup or transfer voluminous data like high-resolution images or videos with high bitrate.

    2. Sony CEA-G160T:

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    The CEA-G160T from Sony is well-known for being secure, fast, and durable. As suggested by the name, it has a storage capacity of 160 GB. It is smaller than CFexpress Type B and SD media cards, and it works faster than an SD card.

    The durability is excellent since the card is resistant to bending, impact, moisture, and dust. Besides, the card comes with IPX7-rated water resistance and IP5X-rated dust resistance (IP57). You can use the card in high-end cameras like those from the Sony mirrorless Alpha series.


    • The flash memory type is CompactFlash.
    • Read speeds up to 800 MB/s and write speeds up to 700 MB/s significantly reduce buffer clearing time. So, video shooting turns more efficient.
    • Memory Card File Rescue data recovery software and File Scan Utility memory diagnostic software are supported.
    • The advanced heat sink design improves heat dissipation efficiency. Ultimately, it allows long recording at up to 4K resolution.
    • With efficient heat dissipation, the video transfer takes place at a high bit rate.

    1. SanDisk 64GB Extreme PRO CFexpress Card Type B:

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    What makes this SanDisk CFExpress card standout is its outstanding read and write speeds. These speeds are higher than many other memory cards. You can quickly transfer images and videos to a PC. The same card is also available in 128 GB size.

    When you operate your camera in burst mode, the card promises low buffer time—no lagging or dropped frame issues. You can easily slide the card into reader slots or a camera. Moreover, the card is designed such that it stays compatible with the forthcoming high-end cameras and camcorders. The RescuePRO Deluxe Recovery software is included for download.


    • Flash memory type is XQD, and the hardware interface is SDHC.
    • You obtain low latency for high-speed recording. This is possible with its maximum read and write speeds up to 1,700MB/s and 1,400 MB/s, respectively.
    • The fast transfer speeds boost workflow efficiency.
    • Video recording takes place in RAW 4K.
    • Backward compatibility is allowed with select XQD cameras which accept firmware enabling CFExpress.

    Concluding Note:

    These are some of the best CFExpress cards in terms of fast data transfer and backup. They extend the storage space of your device and also accelerates your workflow.

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