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    If you are looking out for Windows Hello Compatible Webcams for Windows 11 check out our recommendations.

    To get rid of typing a password, Windows Hello compatible webcam lets you sign in with your fingerprint, PIN, or facial recognition. This serves as a faster, easier, and safer approach than typing a password. Not every webcam is designed to work with Windows Hello.

    Your computer must have an infrared (IR) camera to benefit from this feature. This feature is common in many new laptops. Let’s check out Windows Hello compatible webcams for Windows 11:

    Windows Hello Compatible Webcams for Windows 11

    Sr. No.ImageProduct NameManufacturerBuy Now
    1Lenovo 500 FHD (GXC0X89769)LenovoCheck on Amazon


    2Dell UltraSharp HDR 4K WebcamDellCheck on Amazon
    3Kaysuda CA20 USB IR CameraKaysudaCheck on Amazon


    4Kaysuda RGB 720P WebcamKaysudaCheck on Amazon


    5Razer Stargazer Depth-Sensing HD WebcamRazerCheck on Amazon
    6Creative Blasterx Senz3DCreativeCheck on Amazon
    7Yealink UVC30


    YealinkCheck on Amazon
    8MouseComputer Facial Recognition WebcamMouseCheck on Amazon
    9ELECOM Full HD WebcamELECOMCheck on Amazon
    10AWOW Windows Hello IR WebcamAWOWCheck on Amazon
    11wo-we Windows Hello Face Recognition webcam‎wo-weCheck on Amazon
    12Logitech BrioLogiCheck on Amazon

    11. wo-we Windows Hello Face Recognition webcam:

    Check on Amazon

    This wo-we webcam lets you login in a second by scanning your face. You can unlock your Windows 11 desktop or laptop. The recommended distance between the face and the webcam is 12 to 40 inches. Plug & play setup eliminates the need for a driver. All you need to do is plug it into your PC. With multi-user support, this webcam can recognize multiple faces with various accounts.

    The included privacy cover prevents hackers from spying on your system. You can slide the privacy switch towards the right to cover the lens while not in use. As a result, it prevents hackers from accessing or spy on your system. You can slide the privacy switch towards the left when you want to use the webcam for online video or face recognition login.


    • It is an anti-hacking and anti-spoofing infrared webcam. It makes sure photos cannot be recognized and blocked instantly.
    • The 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution displays sharp images with great clarity.
    • The built-in dual microphones improve the audio quality of the video. These microphones are helpful for professional support during recording, streaming, calling, and conferencing.
    • The video camera indicator illuminates whenever the webcam is turned on. It turns off when turned off. So, there are no worries about hacker interruption.
    • USB2.0 audio codec support is included for a digital microphone recorder.

    10. AWOW Windows Hello IR Webcam:

    Check on Amazon

    Specifically for conferences, video calls, games, and online classes, this AWOW webcam is a perfect choice. The Windows Hello for business serves as a new credential in Windows 11. This feature enhances security while accessing the corporate resources. Moreover, it enables the users to use the shared computer simultaneously.

    When this webcam is connected to your computer, make sure to install or update the Windows Hello driver. Make sure to follow the instructions for driver installation properly. It is better to keep this webcam plugged into the USB port of the computer. This ensures adequate bandwidth.


    • The Windows Hello feature in this webcam offers hands-free and secure login. You can use this feature to automatically log off your computer while you walk away from your desk.
    • The recognition distance range is 30 cm to 100 cm.
    • It is an HD 720p 2-megapixel webcam equipped with RGB and IR sensors and stereo microphones.
    • The video output is always smooth and sharp. So, it is suitable for professional usage.
    • This webcam can be clipped on a flat-screen laptop screen or monitor.
    • The field of view of horizontal and vertical are 85° and 44.2°, respectively.

    9. ELECOM Full HD Webcam:

    Check on Amazon

    Apart from being applicable for professional usage, this full HD webcam is helpful for personal entertainment. It is perfect for streaming content on social media live like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Streamlabs OBS, Xbox one, Mixer, Xsplit, and Vlogging. People extensively use it for recording, streaming, conferencing, and gaming.

    No need for driver installation since it comes with plug & play setup. You just have to plug it through the USB 2.0 cable to the PC. Subsequently, it displays outstanding video instantly. The webcam only weighs 3 oz, so it feels easy to carry around.


    • Being compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11 Hello Face, this webcam lets you log in simply by turning your face towards it. So, it serves as a fast and easy login mechanism; no need for typing a password.
    • Its 80° wide-angle lens can capture HD images and videos at full HD resolution @ 30fps.
    • The effective pixel count is 2MP. This webcam can work with USB 2.0.
    • Built-in microphone presents communication with utmost clarity. This microphone is designed with noise and echo reduction technology. Therefore, the transmission is always clear, just like you are speaking face to face.

    8. Mouse Computer Facial Recognition Webcam, Model: CM02-A:

    Check on Amazon

    The face authentication support in this webcam is compatible with Windows Hello. On your Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer, you just need to turn your face towards this camera. With this device, you can relish video chat, Skype calls, and audio web conferencing. All these are made possible with the equipped dual-array microphone.

    The professional video quality suggests that this webcam s suitable for streaming, recording, and webcasting. It is important to note that you need to restart the computer after installing the camera drivers for Windows Hello.


    • The multi-user support allows easy sharing with other people.
    • There is support for Masquerade detection with the depth sensor.
    • Other features guaranteeing secure login are anti-spoofing, high-security biometrics, and high-speed login without passwords—no worries about Masquerade stealing a password.
    • The facial recognition takes place in a second.

    7. Yealink UVC30:

    Check on Amazon

    Yealink UVC30 is a Teams Certified webcam. It is a 4K webcam that supports 120° wide viewing. This viewing angle support and 1080P HD video streaming make this webcam suitable for recording and gaming. Windows Hello support enhances your PC login security.


    • The image quality is always outstanding because the webcam supports 4K/30fps, 1080P/60fps, and 720P/60fps resolution.
    • Built-in microphone lets his webcam attain a voice pickup range of up to 150° (6.6 feet). So, it delivers optimal and clear sound.

    6. Creative Blasterx Senz3D:

    Check on Amazon

    Creative Blasterx Senz3D is an intelligent webcam equipped with advanced technology. Similar to a human eye, this webcam identifies depth and also tracks human motion. The 60fps rate makes this webcam suitable for video streaming. Because the webcam installation needs specific drivers to get installed on the OS, admin access is required to accomplish the installation of this webcam.

    Note: The Webcam does not come with drives in the box. Ensure that you download the latest drivers from the creative support site.


    • 3 lenses are available to capture the visual data. So, this webcam can work as an infrared camera, an RGB camera, and a laser projector.
    • When capturing visual data, the included lenses work collectively with Intel RealSense Technology. So, the webcam responds to your facial expressions as well as body gestures.
    • This webcam can function in all types of light conditions, whether dark or backlight.
    • With the 22 joint and hand tracking points, this webcam traces the coordinates just like a mirror reflection.
    • Senz3D is compatible with Crystal Voice to allow better communication with Cortana.

    5. Razer Stargazer Depth-Sensing HD Webcam:

    Check on Amazon

    The Razer Stargazer is the foremost and only webcam equipped with 3D scanning. Using it, developers can effortlessly port scanned objects into Unity for development work. On the other hand, designers can rapidly prepare files for 3D printing. Gamers can scan their objects or face directly into their preferred games.

    With the advanced depth-sensing technology, you can quickly remove your background. Alternatively, it assists in switching it up from your webcam overlay entirely. As a result, it presents more viewing space for gaming. Also, it provides viewers with a fascinating visual experience.

    With the exact gesture and facial recognition algorithms from Razer Stargazer, your computing experience turns out to be more immersive. Through this webcam, you can unlock your PC with Windows Hello, play gesture-enabled games, and launch applications through a wave of a hand.


    • With the high capture rate of 60fps, this webcam presents a lifelike video quality to the output. So, streamers and audiences can perfectly match the video output with their game streams.
    • 3D scanning of faces and objects adds immersion layers to specific applications and gamers.
    • For using the RealSense features, additional Intel drivers are required.
    • There is no need for special lighting or a green screen.
    • Xsplit software is supported.

    4. Kaysuda RGB 720P Webcam:

    Check on Amazon

    This Kaysuda webcam is a USB IR camera that enables high-speed facial recognition in a second. You just need to face yourself in front of this webcam for logging in. It is recommended to plug this webcam into the USB port (USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 recommended) of the PC. Consequently, it delivers sufficient data bandwidth. When connected to the docking station or USB hub, if data bandwidth is insufficient, you may receive the ‘sorry’ error message while logging in. 2 digital microphones are included. The length of the USB cable is 1.5 meters.


    • In this 720p RGB webcam, the dual-microphone array is included. It makes this webcam suitable for professional-quality video recording, webcasting, and streaming.
    • The IR LED emission wavelength is 850 nm.
    • With multi-user support, the webcam can recognize users with faces. This is possible even on a shared computer.
    • There is support for Masquerade detection through an infrared cam with a depth sensor.
    • RGB camera resolution is 1280 x 720 pixels.
    • Maximum image transfer rate for IR camera is 640 x 480p @ 100 fps and for RGB camera, it is 1280 x 720p @30fps.

    3. Kaysuda CA20 USB IR Camera:

    Check on Amazon

    Due to the dual Omni-directional microphone, the CA20 webcam is suitable for video conferencing and work from home. Identifying different users is simplified with the multi-user support that allows face recognition on a shared computer. Especially for recording, calling, and streaming, this USB IR camera is a perfect fit.

    With an adjustable mounting angle, the webcam can encompass a wide viewing area. The included hinge is flexible. The support for a wide viewing angle makes sure the webcam can perfectly fit multiple persons on a call.

    By pushing the privacy switch, you can turn on/off this webcam while it is connected to the PC. So, security and privacy are protected. Before use, turn on the privacy switch. You can conveniently set up the camera on a tripod or monitor. An incorporated tripod thread lets you combine the CA20 webcam with flat surfaces or a tripod.

    Even in dim light conditions, facial recognition works well with Windows Hello. The professional-quality video is ideal for remote conferences, online education, and home offices.


    • The facial recognition takes place in a second; just face yourself towards this camera.
    • The field of view is adjustable to show more parts of the room you are in.
    • The horizontal and vertical field of view is 71.8° and 44.2°, respectively.
    • For secure login, the webcam supports hands-free login and anti-spoofing—no need for remembering passwords.
    • Masquerade detection and high-security biometric are supported.
    • The maximum video resolution is 1080p, making the webcam suitable for Zoom, Cortana, and MS Teams.
    • Both the Omni-directional microphones intensify your voice in recordings and video calls. So, your voice will be clearly heard.
    • Plug and play convenience eliminates the need for a driver or additional software.

    2. Dell UltraSharp HDR 4K Webcam:

    Check on Amazon

    Obtain professional video quality with outstanding sharpness with this HDR 4K webcam from Dell. The incorporated 4K Sony STARVIS CMOS captures more light to present vivid, clear, and dynamic video output.

    Dell designed this 4K webcam for compatibility with virtually borderless displays. It can magnetically attach to the mount and sits perfectly on a monitor. Not a single pixel is blocked. The setup process is hassle-free with the seamless webcam mounting solution. Moreover, a cable management slot on the webcam mount provides a professional and neat setup.

    Looking at its build quality, it is built from premium aluminum. This material makes the webcam durable yet lightweight. The smooth textured metallic finish features an attractive look. You would obtain an unobstructed view on a virtually borderless monitor.


    • Image signal processing optimizes your visual experience to deliver outstanding image quality even in intense lighting conditions.
    • AI Auto Framing always keeps you in the middle of the screen. So, your face always stays in focus.
    • It is easy to adjust the contrast, sharpness, brightness, saturation, autofocus, and digital zoom through an easy-to-use interface.
    • Available options for field of view are 65°, 78°, and 90°.
    • Digital Overlap HDR showcases lifelike colors in extreme lighting environments.
    • The 3D/2D video noise reduction eliminates grainy images and motion blur automatically. This is possible even in low light conditions.
    • Dell ExpressSign-in identifies your presence while you are near this webcam. So, when you are near, s Windows Hello automatically logs you in. But when you walk away, your system will be locked for utmost security.
    • This Dell webcam is certified for Microsoft Teams and Zoom.
    • All leading UC platforms and many video conferencing applications can work with this webcam.

    1. Lenovo 500 FHD: Model – GXC0X89769

    Check on Amazon

    Lenovo 500 FHD is perfect for conference rooms and offices. It lets multiple users seamlessly and securely communicates without passwords through Windows Hello face recognition. You can securely login using advanced face recognition. If you are looking for an affordably priced yet feature-rich webcam, this pick is for you. Your day turns out to be productive since the webcam presents uninterrupted Full HD video output on a laptop, computer, or desktop.

    A well-built privacy shutter is also included. Apart from professional usage, the device is perfect for teleconferencing, video calling, and live streaming.

    It is an UVC-compliant webcam that is business-ready. You can effortlessly mount it using the tripod-ready universal clip. This clip fits perfectly on top of monitors, desktops, laptops, and other LCD monitors. Also, you can mount the webcam on a tripod through its universal clip. Furthermore, a USB-C interface is supported. The pack contains a USB Type-A to Type-C cable of 1.8 meters in length.


    • The key features include 1080p resolution, 4x digital zoom, and a 75° lens.
    • With a wide viewing angle, you can rapidly set the scene and make necessary adjustments.
    • This Lenovo webcam is unique from the rest because it contains wide-angle tilt and pan controls and 360° lens rotation. So, you can adjust the alignment and controls of this webcam.
    • The swivel head is suitable for adjusting the focus where the camera points.

    Concluding Note:

    These are the best webcams for fast, simple, and secure login into your Windows 11 system. They present outstanding image and video quality to ensure flawless communication.

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