Canon 470 EX-AI – The FlashWith AI Features & Specification Details

Canon 470 EX-AI

If you are into photography, you would be aware that flash photography is something that requires skills. In fact, most professional photographers avoid flash directly because it takes away the natural elements of a photograph. However, you would indeed need it, especially during event photography and similar concepts. What would be the perfect advice then? Canon seems to have taken the issue to its heart. The result is a new product that makes use of AI in a flash. Yes, Canon’s new offering Canon Canon 470 EX-AI comes with AI (Artificial Intelligence) features. Let us check out the flash and its features in this article.

Canon 470 EX-AI – The FlashWith AI Features

Canon 470 EX-AI

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Flash Photography needs a lot of calculations (E-TTL / E-TTL2) and understanding. You could be a great photographer with your intelligence. But, if you want to use the flash, you need to go through a few challenges. The exact timing of the flash and the angle of lighting play a considerably significant role in the efficient use of flash. From that perspective, Canon’s new flash system 470EX-AI is indeed a blessing for the photographers worldwide. What does this flash system do? We will find in the following paragraphs.

Canon 470EX-AI Flash System – An Overview

The Canon 470EX-AI is flashgun designed for Canon DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. Making use of new concept referred to as AI Bounce, to resolve the woes experienced by photographers while using flash, it is a product that fits the middle range of offerings from Canon.

The flashgun can be your best bet if you are frequently moving between landscape and portrait photography. The system can also be useful if you are shooting a moving object. It makes use of the bounced flash technique. The flashlight is bounced from a ceiling or wall so that you can get uniform lighting on the subject you are trying to shoot. This would work better than using the flash directly on the subject.

Canon 470EX-AI Features

Well, instead of listing out the features, let us indulge in a concise review of the product. This is bound to give you a clear understanding of the flash system in more exquisite detail.

The Design And Build

From the first glance, it will appear to be similar to other flashguns available. However, a closer examination will reveal the best features that the product comes with. To understand the concept you need to use it in your camera. More on that later.

Though the automatic setting should be the perfect option for effective flash photography, the flashgun offers you a semi-automatic functionality as well.


The first time you use it, it will fire off a flash to ascertain the exact scene around. Then it will begin to move upwards or towards a wall depending on what it calculates concerning the view around. The flash drives tilt and twists smoother and quicker to produce a bounced illumination, also referred to as “flattened illumination” in the photography terminology. That should be for the current positioning of your camera. When you move or change the camera orientation, it will move on its own and get ready for the next shot.

As we said, it does come with a semi-automatic setting as well. Just position the angle, twist or swivel that you want and press the button on its side. The flashgun will maintain this aspect when you move or change orientation.


The functionality works at its level best. You may find it a little awkward to see something moving over the camera, but if you have used any motorized equipment before – you will get used to it. The service has been found to be delivering consistent results even with constant moving and around and frequent changes in orientation.

What Features Does It Pack-In?

The Canon 470EX-AI comes with a motorized head cover. It does come with a built-in adapter for disbursing the light efficiently. The flashgun has been designed to work with a focal length that is quite shorter.

The service recharges in just under 5.5 seconds in case four AA/LR6 batteries charge it. If you are using rechargeable batteries, the recharge time for the flash is around 3.5 seconds. The Canon Flashgun 470EX-AI also comes with a high-speed sync functionality as well. This is to adjust for faster shutter speeds and wider apertures.

A list of features can be summarised as

  • Focal length Coverage – 24 to 105mm
  • Custom Functions – 19
  • Built-in Optical receiver – You would be able to use it up to 10 meters from the camera.
  • Infrared
  • AI Bounce Feature with automatic and semi-automatic modes
  • Wireless optical receiver
  • Larger LCD.

What Makes It An Innovative Option?

Well, we are all aware of the softer flash used by the photographers. They tend to do it manually. The timing and the angle may not make exact sense in most of the cases. An automated approach will be the best option to produce an even bounced illumination.

However, the AI feature of on Canon 470EX-AI takes it ahead of automation. Instead of making the flattened illumination a reality without manual intervention, it makes more authentic and technology driven. The reviews have indicated that it works the best and produces optimal brilliance for every one of your shots. In fact, the flashgun keeps on moving on its own as you walk around. That would aid in cases where you are shooting moving objects. You need not worry about forgetting to align the flash for the proper illumination and thus missing an excellent shot.

In Conclusion

Well, the Canon 470EX-AI is indeed the best you can get and indeed an upgrade by any standard. It is likely to be quite successful enough if you look at the challenges that photographers go through in getting better flash photography.

It may be too early to comment on how successful the technology will be regarding sustainability and consistency, but we would vouch for the usability as it has made it easy for us to indulge in flash photography confidently without the issues or the steep learning curve associated with it.

Here is the full video with more in-depth information from Canon.

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