Best 72 Inch Monopods & Unipods for Canon & Nikon DSLR’s Quick Release

    Are you looking for the best 72 Inch Monopods on the market? If yes, then do check out our article before making the final decision.

    Today, we are going to discuss some of the top level monopods [sometimes referred to as unipod] for Canon EOS 6D, 7D and 5D mark three. A monopod and tripod can be an ideal addition to your photography kit. Note that these accessories are unique in their way and cannot be substituted as optional for one another. A professional photographer will always prefer to have both of them together.

    There are many differences between a monopod and tripod, and they have their advantages and fallbacks in certain situations. For example, when shooting a video, you want your camera to be stable, and the tripod does the same for you. Whereas, the monopod is lightweight and highly portable so it is perfect for traveling. Following table describes some important differences between a monopod and a tripod:

    Monopod Tripod
    Partial support for camera to keep it still does not sufficiently stabilizes itSupports the camera fully and maintains it exceptionally
    Single leg body structure, hence free standing operation is not supportedTriple leg frame structure allowing freestanding operation
    Not suitable for long exposure photographyHighly recommended and ideal for long exposure shots
    Lightweight, highly portable and easy to setupHeavy, semi-portable with complicated setup
    Minimal space is required for practical useDemands more space and suitable situation for effectiveness in use
    Less expensive compared to tripodMore expensive compared to monopod

    As the table implies, a monopod and a tripod are significantly different than each other. The location of the photographer and the type of image he wants to capture determines which one is more ideal. Since we are going to discuss monopods today, the following are some advantages of monopod:

    Benefits of Monopod:

    • Easy to transport and setup
    • Perfect for ‘on the go’ photography
    • Quick support for the camera for producing sharp shots
    • Perfect for using in tight spaces

    Best 72 Inch Monopods List

    1. Bower Elite 72” Monopod for Canon EOS 5D / 5Ds / 5Ds R:

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    The monopod is a collection 4 section, made of aluminum legs. Each of them has 1.4 inches of diameter. On the bottom, it has rubber feet delivering more superior grip on the ground. The body is fully black. Each of the four legs extends up to 27 inches and also retracts up to 23 inches. It is super light and weights only around 1 pounds making it quite comfortable to carry around. On top of the body, the mounting pod comes with a quick release, which detaches the camera with the mounting pod itself.

    Under that are adjustment knob and tilt and pan handles that are used for adjusting angle and height of the camera both vertically and horizontally. The wrist strap and hand grip are fully padded so that they provide better grip while operating. Since the legs have quite lever locks, you can also partially extend them if you feel like doing so. It comes with protective carry case and ten years of manufacturer’s warranty.

    2. Shop Smart Adventure 72-inch Monopod for Canon EOS 7D:

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    It is 72-inch monopod with quick release mount pod. It is capable of providing significant stability both during photography and shooting videos. It is entirely compatible with Canon EOS 7D and any other camcorder or DSLR that has similar tripod/monopod mount. The body is solid and quite durable. The leg can be extended using three section liver switches available on the bottom. The lower leg is pinpoint spike so that the monopod can be titled, without harming stability.

    The handle is fully padded so that it provides a better grip. The legs are entirely built out of aluminum. It is a lightweight monopod that is easily transportable. The wrist strap is also there to make carrying it around easy. It is a universal monopod that supports more than a single model. It comes with the unbeatable warranty of 10 years, making it a trustworthy deal.

    3. Vivitar VT720 72 inch Universal Monopod:

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    The Vivitar VT270 is the great companion for travel enthusiasts. Moreover, it is also ideal for nature and sports photography or video shooting. It possesses pan-able and tilt-able head and a beautiful leg for foot support. It is comparatively easy to adjust angle thanks to the 3-way pan head. Bubble level meter helps to make sure that the camera is straight. Hand grip and wrist strap are also there ensuring the security once the camera is on-mount. The liver switches can be used for extended the monopod up to 72 inches and then retract it back to 25 inches.

    Since it is on the list, it has a quick release plate making it easy to switch on and off between monopod, without folding the entire setup. All the section legs are solid-built from aluminum and have rubber feet at the bottom. The foot is made of flexible rubber, and the spike like shape helps to tilt the monopod with same stability. It comes with a carry case with adjustable strap.

    4. Bower Elite Monopod / Unipod for Canon EOS 5D Mark III:

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    It will help you to capture impressively steadier shots with your EOS 5D Mark III DSLR camera. If you have used Canon EOS 5D Mark III, you know that how heavy the camera body itself is. Moreover, the weight of the heavy lenses it uses is also to be added. This monopod or unipod is designed to handle that weight. The body is entirely black, and aluminum made. It has all the controls to control camera angle and height properly.

    Moreover, it comes with a quick release that detaches the camera quickly, so you can use it even in tight situations and switch between monopod and freehand without folding up the entire setup. Since it is from the same manufacturer as we discussed in the previous product, the build type is similar that consist of 4 section body accessible with quick lever locks. You can either open these leg sections wholly or partly. They offer ten years of unbeatable warranty on this product with simple carrying case.

    5. Xit Pro Series 72 inch for Canon EOS 6D / 7D / 5D:

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    In the package, you get the monopod unit with quick release, a fabric cleaning cloth, and carrying bag. The monopod is pretty nicely built. There is a wrist strap around the head and padded holder so that you get a perfect grip to maintain the stability. The quick release allows to rapidly switching between monopod and hand-help mode. With lightweight and compact design paired with simple setup, it is a good travel partner in tight situations.

    The monopod is divided into four aluminum legs that can be extended up to 72 inches with the liver locks available. You can either extend them entirely or partially. It can also be retracted to be 21.5 inches. They are providing 30-days satisfaction return guarantee, which is decent enough looking at the price tag. Thanks to the universal mounting pod, it is compatible with more models rather than just those mentioned above.

    6. 72-inch adventure monopod for Canon 5D Mark III:


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    5D Mark III and Mark III+ are considered productive when it comes to long exposure, slow shutter action shots. Such shots highly demand the stability. This black monopod delivers the same. With the four extendable legs with lever locks, it can be as big as 72 inches or say 1.8m. Moreover, you can retract it back to 21.5 inches or 0.5 meters. Such compact design is ideal when you are looking for a portable monopod, as you can only carry it in your regular carry-on bags.

    Thanks to the compact design and smooth operation, it is a great travel partner to carry along with. It simply needs a few moments to get ready for the action and help you capture the perfect shot of the day. The quick release comes handy when you consistently require switching between the monopod and no-monopod mode.

    7. Bower Elite Monopod/Unipod for Canon EOS 7D:

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    Canon EOS 7D is one of the most powerful capture machines in their entire EOS series or say probably the most of their DSLRs. It has impressive capabilities that also include those long exposure shots with slow shutter speed, long exposures, and focal lengths. Stability or steadiness is the greatest requirement for taking the fullest advantage of such features, and this product delivers the same. It is a solid aluminum leg monopod with rubber leg and superior hand grip, with fully adjustable camera angle, tilt, pan, and height.

    The weight is less than even a pound. The rapid action lever locks make it comparatively easy to extend and retract the legs wholly or even partially, giving you better control over angle height. The quick release allows you to take free-hand-held shots without moving or even touching the monopod, so it holds the same position while you do your job. You get a carry case with the product and ten years of impressive warranty.


    We hope you like our top picks of the best 72 Inch Monopods currently available on the market. Even though monopods cater to a niche segment, there is a market for it. Even though the concept is not new, it has picked up over the last couple of years as more manufacturers have shown interest in the segment.

    For now, we hope that you liked our article. As always, feedback and suggestions are welcome in the comment section below.

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