Fujifilm X-E4 vs X100V vs Sony A6600 – Specs Comparison

    If you are looking for a comparison of the Fujifilm X-E4 vs X100V vs Sony A6600, then you have landed in the right place.

    The Fujifilm X-E4, Fujifilm X100V, and Sony A6600 are professional cameras of compact size. For any photography enthusiasts, they ensure high-quality output. The X-E4 and A6600 are interchangeable lens cameras, whereas X100V is a fixed lens offering.

    All of these cameras benefit the photographers and videographers in an optimal way for the best output. However, there are significant differences in their features. Let’s first look at the details of each of them and then carry out an in-depth comparison:

    Fujifilm X-E4:

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    Belonging from the well-known X series of Fujifilm, the X-E4 guarantees excellent imaging performance. It is regarded as one of the best storytelling tools for content creators, photographers, and videographers. Whether you want to snap professional-quality images, record 4K/30p video, or Full HD/240p footage, the X-E4 meets all these needs. It turns the process of photo capturing and video recording fun-filled and easy.

    It is straightforward to compose images from different angles. This is because the camera is equipped with a tiltable LCD monitor. It can tilt up to 180° in forward-facing alignment. The depth of X-E4 is 32.7 mm, and the weight is approx. 0.7 pounds. So, you can easily store it in a pocket of a shirt or a small bag.

    Despite boasting a compact form factor, it is built in a durable construction. The top plate is made up of magnesium alloy, and all dials are made up of metal. There is the use of quality leather on the camera body. This kind of construction shows a blend of durability, style, and sophistication.


    • The latest 26.1 MP X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor inside comes with backlight illumination. It lets you capture perfect images in any lighting conditions.
    • With the 2.16M phase-detection autofocus (PDAF) pixels, the entire frame of the image gets covered. It, therefore, ensures that autofocus is quick.
    • The built-in X-Processor 4 is equipped with the latest image-processing engine. It lets X-E4 utilize the tech features at the most for professional-quality output.
    • With the face/eye detection AF, you can keep the eyes or face of the subject in focus. It offers precise tracking to make sure you don’t miss any moment.
    • The tracking auto-focus capability keeps up with the fast-moving subjects. Even during action scenes, you can see the details.
    • The shutter speed dial includes the Program (P) setting. Rotate the dial to choose the desired shutter speed.
    • The 2.36 M EVF is a rangefinder-style viewfinder that provides an impeccable viewing experience.

    Fujifilm X100V:

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    Get a high-performance professional camera with a compact size. The Fujifilm X100V comes in a compact form factor despite packing in a lot of useful photography features. For everyday photography and professional purposes, too, this device works well. It features the latest 23 mm F2 lens. It ensures that you can now preserve the special moments at a maximum resolution and with low distortion.

    Do you want to capture and shoot in harsh outdoor conditions? Don’t worry! The X100V can let you do these when connecting the weather-sealed protection lens with the optional adapter ring.

    Fujifilm presented this device in a personalized design with the inclusion of an LCD touchscreen. It is a two-way touchscreen with the ability to tilt. Moreover, this screen offers rapid, intuitive controls. Now you need not struggle while capturing images from various angles. When the screen is folded flat, it perfectly fits inside the camera’s body. Henceforth, this LCD touchscreen strikes a balance between portability and performance.


    • The cutting-edge 26.1 MP X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor (back-side illuminated) and the X-processor 4 provide efficient output. The mentioned processor efficiently processes the imaging to present quality images and videos.
    • The quad-core CPU makes sure the images are smoothly and quickly processed.
    • With the latest algorithm inside the CPU, there is a boost in AF performance.
    • The autofocus works at lightning-fast speed to provide high precision focus. Its lowest limit is -5EV.
    • The optical viewfinder (OVF) comes with 0.52x magnification. It uses parallax-correcting frame lines to make sure you can view outside the shot.
    • The 3.69M-dot OLED EVF (electronic viewfinder) lets you see the preview in real-time.
    • With the included switch, you can change between OVF and EVF.
    • The video recording is at 4K resolution with 30 fps speed.
    • Through the full HD/120p setting, you can record the slow-motion footage. This setting helps you see the details that your naked eyes cannot see.
    • The included dials offer ease of exposure compensation.
    • The shutter speeds make the image-making procedure comfortable and enjoyable.

    Sony A6600:

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    Regardless of the situation, the Sony A6600 delivers the desired features with its extraordinary features. It is an interchangeable mirrorless camera that presents stunning quality images and videos. With fast AF, you can observe the fine details of any fast-moving subject. It is a hybrid AF that supports precision and high-speed tracking performance to fulfill the autofocus demands of the 4K movies. Revive the creativity while movie-making. This is possible with the fast hybrid AF system, real-time eye AF, and real-time tracking. These AF features maintain steady focus across your subject.

    The image stabilization ensures minimal blur in the output—no need to worry about the frequent charging while outdoors. The built-in high-capacity battery lets you capture multiple shots at once. Along with the camera, the box includes an NP-FZ100 Lithium battery, an AC charger, a USB cable, a strap, and a body cap.


    • The 24.2MP APS-C Exmor sensor comes with ISO up to 102 400 and front end LSI.
    • The video capture resolution is 4K UHD 2160p.
    • Due to the 0.02 second speed of the AF, this camera boasts the world’s fastest AF. It has real-time AF and object tracking abilities.
    • There are 425 AF points in phase detection and contrast detection. These points encompass more than 84% of the sensor.
    • The maximum continuous shooting speed is 11 fps at 24.2MP RAW with AF/AE tracking abilities.
    • For maximum stable output, the camera is equipped with 5-axis in-body image stabilization.
    • There are 5 settings for changing the shutter speed.
    • With low noise in the output, the camera features high ISO sensitivity.
    • The sensitivity range is ISO 100–32000. It is expandable to ISO 50–102400.
    • Throughout the sensitivity range, the camera offers low-noise performance. Even in dim light conditions, the images appear sharp and clear.
    • The A6600 can simultaneously shoot up to 11fps with minimum lag, 8fps with live view, and up to 1165 shots in JPEG format.
    • The format for movie shooting is 4K HDR (HLG)2.
    • For audio monitoring, it comes with a headphone jack and an external mic jack.
    • Continuously track the focus of your subject with touch tracking. This feature can be enabled with a touch on the display screen.

    Fujifilm X-E4 vs X100V vs Sony A6600: Specs Comparison

    Fujifilm X-E4

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    Fujifilm X100V

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    Sony A6600

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    Sensor ResolutionEffective: 26.1 MP (6240 x 4160)Effective: 26.1 MP (6240 x 4160)Effective: 24.2 MP MP (6000 x 4000)
    Sensor Size23.5 x 15.6 mmAPS-C23.5 x 15.6 mm
    Lens MountFujifilm XFujifilm XSony E
    Camera FormatAPS-C (1.5x Crop Factor)APS-C (1.5x Crop Factor)
    Aspect Ratio1:1, 3:2, 16:91:1, 3:2, 16:91:1, 3:2, 16:9
    Focus TypeAuto and Manual FocusAuto and Manual FocusAuto and Manual Focus
    Focus ModeContinuous-Servo AF (C), Manual Focus (M), Single-Servo AF (S)Manual Focus, Single Shot, Continuous, Store AF Mode by Orientation, Optical Viewfinder In Manual Focus ModeAutomatic (A), Continuous-Servo AF (C), Direct Manual Focus (DMF), Manual Focus (M), Single-Servo AF (S)
    Autofocus PointsPhase Detection: 425Phase Detection: 425Phase Detection: 425
    Contrast Detection: 425
    Image File FormatJPEG, RawJPEG, RawJPEG, Raw
    Image StabilizationNoneNoneSensor-Shift, 5-Axis
    ISO SensitivityAuto, 160 to 12800 (Extended: 80 to 51200)Auto, 160 to 12800 (Extended: 80 to 51200)Auto, 100 to 32000 (Extended: 100 to 102400)
    Exposure ModesAperture Priority, Manual, Program, Shutter PriorityAperture Priority, Manual, Program, Shutter PriorityAperture Priority, Auto, Manual, Program, Shutter Priority
    Interval RecordingYesYesYes
    Recording LimitUp to 30 MinutesUp to 15 minutesUnlimited
    Audio RecordingBuilt-In Microphone (Stereo)
    External Microphone Input
    Built-In Microphone (Stereo)
    External Microphone Input (Stereo)
    Built-In Microphone (Stereo)
    External Microphone Input (Stereo)
    Audio File FormatLinear PCM (Stereo)Linear PCMAC3, Dolby Digital 2ch, Linear PCM (Stereo)
    Viewfinder TypeElectronic (OLED)Electronic (OLED) and OpticalElectronic (OLED)
    Viewfinder Size0.39″0.5″0.39″
    Viewfinder Resolution2,360,000 Dot3,690,000 Dot2,359,296 Dot
    Viewfinder MagnificationApprox. 0.62xApprox. 0.5xApprox. 0.7x
    Diopter Adjustment-4 to +2-4 to +2-4 to +3
    Monitor size3 inches3 inches3 inches
    Monitor resolution1,620,000 Dot1,620,000 Dot921,600 Dot
    Display Type180° Tilting Touchscreen LCDTouchscreen LCD180° Tilting Touchscreen LCD
    Media/Memory Card SlotSingle Slot: SD/SDHC/SDXC (UHS-I)Single Slot: SD/SDHC/SDXCSingle Slot: SD/SDHC/SDXC/Memory Stick Duo Hybrid (UHS-I)
    ConnectivityUSB Type-C (USB 3.2 Gen 1), HDMI D (Micro), 3.5mm Microphone2.5mm Sub-Mini, HDMI D (Micro), USB Type-C (USB 3.0)3.5mm Headphone, 3.5mm Microphone, HDMI D (Micro), USB Micro-B (USB 2.0)
    Wireless ConnectivityWi-Fi, BluetoothWi-Fi, BluetoothWi-Fi, Bluetooth
    BatteryNP-W126S Rechargeable Lithium-Ion (1260 mAh)NP-W126S Rechargeable Lithium-Ion (1260 mAh)NP-FZ100 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion (2280 mAh)
    No. of shots380 shots350 shots810 shots
    Dimensions1.29 x 2 x 4 inches2.1 x 5.04 x 2.94 inches9.45 x 5.67 x 4.53 inches
    Weight0.68 pound1.05 pounds1.83 pounds
    Release dateJanuary 27, 2021February 4, 2020August 29, 2019

    Which one to choose?

    Choosing any of the discussed cameras would be subjective since all of them offer high-quality photos and video performance.

    The Fujifilm XE4 excels in terms of precise tracking auto-focus capability and efficient image performance. It can let you capture and shoot in any light conditions.

    You can go for Fujifilm X100V to shoot in any outdoor condition and at any angle. Moreover, it boasts excellent AF performance.

    To benefit from powerful battery performance, you can choose Sony A6600. This Sony mirrorless camera offers the fastest AF and low-noise performance. So, from our perspective, Fujifilm XE4 is the winner and the Sony A6600 is a close second.


    Since these cameras target similar audiences, we tried to compare them objectively to understand the pros and cons better. We hope you like our comparison of Fujifilm X-E4 vs X100V vs Sony A6600. Comments or suggestions are welcome in the comments box below.

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