Nikon Coolpix S3700 vs Coolpix S7000 Compact Zoom Specifications Comparison

    Not all cameras come with the same features. That is precisely what may make it a little tougher to choose the best camera for your requirements. That would indeed be the case especially when you are a newbie in the realm of cameras. Nikon has been one of the clear leaders in the arena of offering a few world class cameras. Two of the best options among the cameras offered by Nikon are Coolpix S3700 and Coolpix S7000. How do they compare against each other? Coolpix S3700 vs Coolpix S7000? We will check out the features and compare them together.

    Nikon Coolpix S3700 and Coolpix S7000 – What do they Have in Common?

    Well, the cameras do share a few standard features between themselves. It would be interesting to find the exact characteristics of the camera before indulging in understanding the differences.

    Both of them come with an excellent Optical Image Stabilization and continuous shooting options. The built-in WiFi connectivity is yet another feature that may make it an excellent choice in its own right. A couple of other features that the siblings share between themselves are the NFC support and internal flash.

    Coolpix S3700 vs Coolpix S7000 – How do they differ?

    The Coolpix S7000 has been receiving a few rare reviews thanks to a few excellent features that it packs in. However, that should not be something that will put Coolpix S3700 in any inferior segment as such. It has its plus points and competes quite well with the sibling.

    The significant difference between the S7000 and S3700 is the megapixel count. The Coolpix S7000 comes with a 16 MP functionality while that on S3700 is 20 MP. Battery backup is yet another feature that S3700 excels in comparison with S7000. It offers 240 shots per charge as compared to the 180 shots provided by the latter. The S7000 scores over the S3700 regarding optical zoom capabilities as it gives you 20x zoom as compared to 8x.

    The Comparison Chart

    Features/ ParticularsCoolpix S3700

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    Coolpix S7000

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    Image resolution in Megapixels20 MP16 MP
    Sensor size1/2.3 inches1/2.3 inches
    Video RecordingHDFull HD
    Optical Zoom 20 x8 x
    Image stabilizerYesYes
    Minimum ISO80120
    Maximum ISO32006400
    Shutter speed in 1/sec15004000
    Burst speed1.1 photos per sec9.2 photos per sec
    Built-in flashYesYes
    Screen size2.7 inches 3.0 inches
    WiFi ConnectivityYesYes
    Video resolution1280 x 7201920 x 1080
    Physical Dimensions96 x 58 x 20 mm99 x 60 x 27 mm
    Battery life240 shots180 shots
    HDMI OutNoYes
    Screen dots230k dots461k dots
    Intelligent Auto FocusNoYes
    Scene modes and scene selectorYesNo

    What makes Coolpix S3700 an Excellent Option?

    The Nikon Coolpix S3700 is available in a host of colors. The higher image resolution should be one of the features that should make it an ideally an excellent option in its own right. It also offers a lowest ISO range for better performance. The image stabilization and built-in WiFi are the other two options that would put it ahead of the competition in comparison to the Coolpix S7000. Are you into nature photography? If you are someone who has been involved in shooting the flowers and other surprising aspects of nature from close quarters, the Coolpix S3700 should be your prime choice by all standards.

    A few other features that would make us choose it for our photography needs is the compact size with a sturdy metal build. The Optical image stabilization ideally makes it one of the excellent options.

    What puts Coolpix S7000 ahead of the competition?

    The camera packs in a few excellent features that would make the Nikon Coolpix S7000 an attractive option. A better video recording functionality in full HD can turn your videography a superb art in itself. A great deal of video recording and sound recording functionality should be what would make it an excellent choice.

    A higher burst speed will offer you faster images. It can be your best option for the faster continuous shooting. 20x optical zoom is ideally best suited for the long-range photography. The S7000 also comes with in-camera panorama options for a higher capability in stitching together multiple photos. It also offers you a brighter shot in the daylight due to the faster shutter speed. A higher extended ISO value should translate into better low light photography performance.

    Which One To For?

    Well, as we can see from the comparison chart and the discussion we have had above, it is evident that both the Coolpix S7000 and Coolpix S3700 share their strengths and weaknesses. Writing off one in favor of the other may not be easy as both of them do have their exceptional features.

    Both the Coolpix S7000 and Coolpix S3700 are indeed great cameras in their own right. They can be worth it in their sphere of performance. If you are someone who often takes close up shots as part of your job or photography assignments, the Coolpix S3700 can be an ideal choice. This can be your best bet in case you are into nature photography.

    On the other hand, if you have been looking for the best performance regarding focus and resolution in your shots, the Coolpix S7000 can be the best option. Of course, you may need t sacrifice the high resolution and excellent zoom performance.

    The Concluding Thoughts

    Well, that was all we have concerning the comparison between the two excellent cameras from Nikon. In fact, there is nothing that would make it any one of the competing siblings good or bad in contrast. The cameras have been made available to cater to the specific requirements, and they do function in the same manner as they are intended to.

    We would consider both the cameras excellent performers when it comes to their usability. Your choice should entirely be dependent upon the exact requirements that you may have.

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