Best 4K Canon DSLR Cameras For Video and Film Making across Budget

Best 4K Canon DSLR Cameras

Whether you are a professional photographer or not, you would want to take a few crisper and more precise images so that you can immortalize your memories. Of course, there are a host of low-cost low-resolution cameras available in the market. However, how about the new age 4K video resolution? We will list out the best 4K Canon DSLR Cameras that have been popular enough for the best photography needs you may have.

Best 4K Canon DSLR Cameras

What are 4K Cameras?

Well, by definition, 4K cameras are those that can shoot videos in 4K resolution. They should help you achieve the best in video production and offer the real cinematic experience to suit your requirements. In fact, the camera can take better still shots as well; the primary focus of the 4K cameras would be to in the arena of shooting videos in the best possible resolution.

The 4K cameras are those that can take highly detailed images or videos at minimal resolution values of 3840 x 2160 pixels, though there are cameras that extend up to 4096 x 2160 pixels concerning resolution. In essence, a 4K camera should be the one that should be able to reproduce the same 4K quality on a UHD TV in the same level crystal clear performance.

What should you look for in a 4K Camera?

There are a few features that would decide which options you would go for while choosing a 4K camera. Your purpose should be dependent upon the exact use you would want to put it to. The 4K cameras would come with the features making it one of the best options to shoot high-quality videos.

Here are a few features you should pay attention to while choosing a 4K Camera

Skill Level –Check your skill levels before selecting the cameras. Of course, you would want to buy the best camera that money can buy. But, if you don’t have the level of skill – it would not be a good investment. Choose the camera that meets your exact qualifications.

“Simplicity of Using” –Check the features and functions. You may end up getting frustrated if the camera is beyond your capabilities of understanding. You can opt for professional 4K Camera if you have the requisite skill set. The best camera would be the one that would offer you the ease of learning. You should be able to master the controls and settings within a few minutes. In fact, shooting videos is an intuitive and creative part of your life and having to fiddle with the buttons at the right moment may be devastating.

Features –There are several aspects to the 4K cameras. In fact, several features would make it one of the best options right from sensors to lenses. Light gathering and low light performance are a couple of features that should offer you the best options. The maximum image quality can be one of the excellent features you would look for.

Budget – This can be yet another deciding feature while choosing the best 4K Camera. Choose the option that best meets your needs. Please note that it has nothing to do with affordability or your ability to buy a camera that would cost heavy. Anything that you do not need is not a good option.

List of 4K Video Cameras and DSLRs from Canon

Having gone through the best practices of choosing the best 4K cameras for your requirements, let us now check out the best cameras you can opt for your needs in 4K cameras and DSLRs. In fact, we have focussed on the Canon cameras for this article.

Canon EOS-1D DSLR Camera Mark IV

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The camera is meant for professional photographers. One of the best models in the 1D series of DSLR cameras with the 4K compatibility; it has several features that would meet all your professional requirements.

Some of the features that would make it an exciting purchase can be summed up as

  • A full frame 20 MP sensor with dual pixel autofocus system
  • The best in class 360,000-pixel RGB+IR metering sensor
  • Flicker detector and 4K video at 60p.
  • 61 point autofocus system with 24 percent better coverage

Canon 1DX Mark II Digital SLR Camera

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If you are looking for the traditional best grade performance and professionalism in your camera, Canon 1DX Mark II Digital SLR Camera can be one of the best choices you can go for. The frame per second speed combined with a full tracking autofocus performance in every frame is what offers excellent performance.

Some dynamic features that would make it an excellent choice are

  • It should be one of the best options for shooting moving images with ease.
  • The camera offers you the excellent Canon trademark of 61 point autofocus system
  • An excellent low light performance would make it an ideal choice for wedding and other event photography
  • Support for CFast card lets you shoot as many RAW images as you can.
  • There is a headphone jack for the audio experience while shooting videos.

Canon Cinema EOS C500 4K Camera

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This is the professional video camera from Canon that would provide you exceptional performance regarding 4K recording. Launched in 2012, the camera has still been a force to reckon with, thanks to the features that the camera comes packed with.

What makes it a formidable choice among the 4K enabled cameras?  The following features should hold the key –

  • Reviews sites have claimed that it is the best cinematic video camera for your needs.
  • The best features from the DSLR range have been brought to the video camera, making it an excellent choice and almost equivalent to DSLRs.
  • It offers you the maximum video resolution of 4096×2160 pixels, thereby making it an excellent 4K video camera.
  • The camera offers the RAW support for the professionals.
  • It can rightly be considered to be the best option with excellent image quality, a good deal of shooting modes to choose from, and a professional quality performance.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

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Another excellent DSLR from Canon, the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV should be one of the high-end full-frame DSLRs currently available from any manufacturer. It can indeed double up as the best upgrade for your existing DSLR if you a photography professional.

Here are a few unique features making it an excellent choice for the best 4K enabled camera –

  • It should be the one choice that would offer excellent color accuracy and excellent autofocus.
  • The easy to use functionality should make it a good buy for those who are still newbies in handling cameras.
  • Contrast and vibrant colors will add more life to your shots.
  • The body bulk has been reduced and thus would make it one of the excellent choices with a customer-centric approach.

Canon XC10 4K

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Are you looking for a compact, capable and lightweight camera options for your 4K recordings? We would suggest you opt for Canon XC10 4K. You should be able to shoot 4K and full HD video in a 12 MP infrastructure. The camera is quite ergonomic in its design and should offer you excellent performance during long days in photography.

What’s so great about it? Maybe the following features have a reason –

  • The variable angle LCD monitor offers capacitive touch panel. This improves operability.
  • It has a 4K wide-angle 10x zoom that would suit professional photographers better.
  • It is powered by all new DIGIC DV5 signal processor, which provides high-quality images real faster.
  • You have access to unique new features like Canon XF-AVC codec that aid in a useful 4K and HD video recording.
  • The camera is compatible with image settings on cinema EOS cameras from Canon

In conclusion

Well, 4K technology is here to stay. As such, we would expect more video cameras and DSLRs compatible with 4K technology would be available from Canon quite soon. Not that the current breed of 4K enabled cameras and DSLRs do not live up to the mark.

The high definition content is still in demand, in fact, it has become a standard in itself. But, with the advent of 4K camcorders, cameras, and DSLRs – the shift has been towards the 4K technology. The cameras we featured here should be comfortable for all genres of users – whether you are a professional photographer or it is just your hobby.

That is precisely why we have added cameras with varied price points and features. We assume the listing would help all of you in an equal manner. Do share your thoughts and opinions with us about the cameras featured here. If you have used any of them, we will welcome you to share your experiences and ideas about the individual cameras.

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