List of Best Mirrorless Cameras with Dual SD Card Slots – Budget Options

    Many of us want to opt for the best mirrorless cameras with dual SD card slots to overcome both performance and storage constraints!

    Compared to DSLRs, mirrorless cameras offer more advanced features. Generally, photographers of all levels can make the most of a compact mirrorless camera. The features like photo and video resolution, focus area coverage, image stabilization, etc., matter the most. However, the typical hassle some photographers face is inadequate storage space. Fortunately, mirrorless cameras are available with dual SD card slots.

    The apparent benefit of this feature is more storage space, i.e., no need to swap the cards frequently. Apart from that, there are other alluring benefits as listed below:

    • You can dedicate the first card for storing still images and another one for storing video files.
    • You can let the first card store RAW images and another one store JPEG images.
    • Both the cards can be used for the storage of duplicate data.
    • Superior “Burst Mode” performance.

    The third one facilitates instant data backup. Most photographers are thrilled to purchase such cameras due to the instant backup benefit. The event/sports photographers and travel photographers mostly benefit the most from the dual card slot feature. Let’s browse with such mirrorless cameras that provide ample storage space:

    Best Mirrorless Cameras with Dual SD Card Slots – Top Recommendations:

    Sr. No.ImageProduct NameManufacturerBuy Now
    1Fujifilm X-T3FujifilmCheck on Amazon India

    Check on Amazon

    2Sony a7 IIISonyCheck on Amazon India

    Check on Amazon



    Leica SL (Typ 601)LeicaCheck on Amazon India

    Check on Amazon

    More Options:

    Sr. No.ImageProduct NameManufacturerBuy Now
    1Canon EOS R6CanonCheck on Amazon
    2Panasonic LUMIX GH5PanasonicCheck on Amazon


    Sony α7R IVSonyCheck on Amazon
    4Panasonic LUMIX S5PanasonicCheck on Amazon
    5Panasonic LUMIX G9PanasonicCheck on Amazon
    6Fujifilm X-T2FujifilmCheck on Amazon
    7Sony a9 IISonyCheck on Amazon
    8Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark IIIOlympusCheck on Amazon

    3. Leica SL (Typ 601):

    Leica SL (Typ 601)

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    Eliminate your concern regarding low storage space while capturing or recording. The Leica SL camera comes with two SD card slots having UHS-II and UHS-I standards. These slots support a 4:2:0 8-bit sampling rate. It is possible to obtain the output across HDMI through 4:2:2 10-bit sampling. Apart from that, plenty of other video features are equipped inside to provide a superior quality recording.

    The Contrast AF system in this camera is asserted to be the fastest one than other full-frame cameras. It comes with 49 AF points to employ an accurate focus on the subjects. Hence, the photographers will never miss the critical moment. The aluminum body of this camera is weather-resistant—no worries when you use the camera in outdoor conditions. The 1.3-inch LCD screen at the top keeps you updated on various settings. You can access the built-in WiFi and GPS.


    • The image quality is always the best with Leica’s Maestro II processor and 24MP CMOS sensor.
    • Its sensitivity range is ISO 50-50000.
    • The sensor does not include a low-pass filter. So, it maximizes the detail of the image output.
    • There is support for the internal DCI 4K video recording @ 24 fps in Super35 mode.
    • The L-Log gamma is also supported for maximum dynamic range.
    • It comes with a 0.8x EVF.
    • The continuous shooting speed is up to 11 fps.
    • The 2.95-inch LED-backlit touchscreen has a 1.04M-dot resolution.
    • The slow-motion recording occurs at 120 fps in full-frame mode.
    • Available resolution options are standard HD (1280 x 720p) and Full HD (1920 x 1080p).
    • The 2GB internal buffer facilitates bursts of a maximum of 33 DNG files or unlimited JPEG files.

    2. Sony a7 III:

    Sony a7 III

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    What sets this Sony mirrorless camera well-known in the world of cameras is the powerful battery performance. It boasts the longest battery life. All the functionalities you expect from a mirrorless camera are found in this device. The body construction is made durable yet lightweight with the use of magnesium alloy. This material is resent at the top, rear, front, and internal frame.

    One of the superlative aspects is the Sony a7 III boasts what you see is what you get. It is an excellent feature one would like to have in a mirrorless camera. It is primarily useful for night photography because you can activate ISO while framing initially. To reduce the effect of reflection, the lens is equipped with the ZEISS T coating.

    There are 2 SD media card slots available. You can use one for storing still images and the other one for moving images. Take into account that the lower card slot is UHS-II compatible with providing quick write speed. It is possible to simultaneously record still or movie data to both the cards for instant backup. Alternatively, you can let one card store RAW images and another one store JPEG images.


    • The a7 III comes with the cutting-edge BIONZ X image processor and 24.2MP full-frame BSI image sensor to capture fine details.
    • The continuous shooting is possible @ 10fps in 4K HDR video format.
    • To precisely focus on the subject, the camera has 693 phase AF points.
    • Eye AF first detects the subject automatically and then focuses on its eye. In continuous AF mode, you can shoot a moving subject.
    • The 5-axis SteadyShot image stabilization supports 5 shutter speed levels. This system helps you shoot videos without shaky effects in high resolution.
    • The 3-inch LCD monitor has a 922K dots resolution.
    • For imitating the finest details, the a7 III comes with EVF having a resolution of 2.35M dots.
    1. Fujifilm X-T3:

      Fujifilm X-T3

      Check on Amazon

    Everything is available, from the quality output to storage space as per the typical expectations in X-T3. It is a premium quality high-performance camera suitable for professional usage as well as fosters your creativity. It comes in a sturdy magnesium alloy construction. Therefore, the camera can work well in tough conditions.

    For a smooth shooting experience of the fast-moving subjects, there is a significant reduction in shutter distortion. Moreover, for an intuitive user experience, a bright touchscreen panel is included. It comes with high contrast and supports a wide viewing angle. To let the user make adjustments comfortably, the X-T3 has large buttons at the top and rear. Also, the command dials are available at the front and rear.


    • The sensor and image processing engine are, respectively, 26.1MP X-Trans CMOS 4 and X-Processor 4.
    • The camera supports 4: 2: 0 10-bit recording and 4K movie recording in the internal SD card.
    • The video output can be 4K/60p 4: 2: 2 10-bit HDMI.
    • All over the frame, there are 2.16M phase-detection pixels.
    • The phase-detection limit in the low-light condition is -3EV.
    • The OLED viewfinder comes with 0.75x magnification and 3.69 M-dots resolution.
    • Video formats supported are H.264/MPEG-4 AVC and H.265/HEVC (suitable for efficient data compression.)
    • Simultaneously, you can save video as backup or carry out 4K/60p recording in internal SD card when observing the 4K/60p footage.
    • The display has a refresh rate of 100fps ad a lag time of 0.005 seconds.

    8. Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III:

    Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III

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    The beginners benefit from the portability and ample storage space provided by the E-M1 Mark III. It comes in a lightweight and compact design for ease of use anywhere. The operation is seamless with the compact M. Zuiko PRO lenses. Wherever you are, you can capture and shoot instantly.

    The efficient image stabilization system assists the camera in capturing outstandingly sharp stills and videos—no need to carry your tripod because the entire camera system stays stable during the operation. The plethora of advanced features aids you in accomplishing even the most challenging circumstances for shooting.

    Despite coming in a micro four-thirds package, the camera provides hi-res output. If you want, you can capture slow shutter speed photos. For that, no need to use neutral density filters or a tripod. Furthermore, the camera can load up multiple images shot handheld for creating a deep zone wherein everything is in focus. The magnesium alloy construction is weather-sealed. It is dustproof, splash-proof, and freeze-proof.


    • The continuous shooting speed is 60 fps for S-AF mode and 18 fps for C-AF tracking.
    • There is a silent electronic shutter to choose from among 121 focus points.
    • For focusing on any subject, the camera has contrast detection and phase-detection AF.
    • A joystick is available for rapid selection of the AF area when viewing through the viewfinder. The supported zoom type is extended optical zoom.
    • The compatible mountings are Micro Four Thirds.
    • The hi-res mode provides you with extremely detailed 50MP images. This kind of output is suitable for capturing architectural scenes and landscapes.
    • Names of exposure controls are manual, program, aperture priority, and shutter priority.

    7. Sony a9 II:

    Sony a9 II

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    When it comes to excellent image quality and high-speed performance, use the Sony a9 II. It packs in the fastest 24.2 MP1 stacked Exmor RS CMOS sensor (35mm full-frame) belonging to the world’s biggest sensor manufacturer. Primarily, this mirrorless camera is devised for professionals associated with photojournalism and sports photography. They will admire the unparalleled performance of this device.

    There are dual UHS-II SD card slots available. Real-time tracking is the advanced technology that implements artificial intelligence. It leads to persistent tracking of moving subjects while shooting still images or movies. Moreover, eye AF works in real-time to sense and process eye data. It tracks the eye of the subject with great precision. The box packs in a battery, a power cord, a charger, a cable protector, a USB cable, a strap, an eyecup, and shoe caps.


    • The continuous shooting occurs at up to 20 fps with Auto Focus mode, at 60 fps with Auto Exposure tracking, and up to 10 fps using a mechanical shutter.
    • Various features of the 4K recording are interval shooting, 2.4x oversampling, S&Q Motion, and full pixel readout without binning.
    • The OLED True-Finder is blackout-free. It covers the entire frame and provides extremely luminous output.
    • There is a facility to link a voice memo (.wav format) to photo files. You can use voice-to-text conversion for IPTC data.
    • Wireless connectivity options include 2.4 or 5 GHz Wi-Fi, secure FTP transfer, Bluetooth, and Ethernet (speed up to 1 Gbps).
    • Other features are an electronic viewfinder, image stabilization, anti-flicker, and telephoto lens.

    6. Fujifilm X-T2:

    Fujifilm X-T2

    Check on Amazon

    For capturing vibrant photos and shooting in a lifelike manner, the X-T2 is a great choice. It houses the X Processor Pro engine that boosts response times. It leads to faster AF and reduced noise in the output. Especially for movie shooting, this camera is a great companion. This is because there are film simulation modes available. Hence, movie shooters can explore their creativity—no need to involve in the prolonged post-production.

    There are dual SD card slots available for enhanced data storage space. Both these slots are compatible with UHS-II standards. Therefore, the write speeds they offer are excellent. These slots can be used for backup, sequential recording, and more. You can store the recorded RAW files in one slot and JPEG files in another. Moreover, you can dedicate one of the slots for the storage of videos.

    The body also features a quality LCD screen. It can rotate in 3 directions. While shooting in landscape mode, you can tilt it vertically. When shooting in portrait mode, you can tilt it upward only. Furthermore, the screen stays aligned on the optical axis of the lens. This is why shooting at different angles is possible. The magnesium alloy body is lightweight yet sturdy. It is resistant to moisture and dust.


    • The 24.3MP X-Trans CMOS III APS-C sensor decreases ripple and false colors for enhancing image quality. There is the absence of an optical low-pass filter.
    • Video recording is possible at Full HD and 4K (@30p/25p/24p). For 4K shooting, you need to use a card compatible with UHS-II or higher.
    • Continuous shooting is possible at up to 11 fps through a mechanical shutter and up to 5 fps in Live View mode.
    • The 0.48-inch OLED viewfinder comes with a 2.36 M-dot resolution. Its magnification power is 0.77x.
    • The ultra-fast viewfinder works in real-time and has a lag time of 0.005 seconds.

    5. Panasonic LUMIX G9:

    Panasonic LUMIX G9

    Check on Amazon

    When you prioritize sharpness along with the overall quality, you can choose the Lumix G9. Its CMOS sensor captures images with great sharpness and a wide dynamic range. The excellent image stabilization system is another key aspect of this camera. So, you get rid of blur and shaky effects in the output. The 3-inch LCD monitor is rotatable. It allows shooting from various angles.

    Due to the robust magnesium alloy construction, the camera can withstand rugged outdoor usages. Additionally, its body is dustproof and splash-proof. There is weather sealing on each button and joint dial. To let you adjust settings quickly, there are function buttons and a toggle switch at the front. With a soft grip, you can comfortably hold the device. The menu interface is intuitive and easy-to-use.

    The dual SD card slots are UHS-II U3 compatible. With a 3.5 mm audio port, you can connect the camera to devices having a USB 3.0 interface. Use the HDMI port to connect an external recorder or external monitor.


    • The 20.3 MP Micro Four Thirds sensor is devoid of a low pass filter. It lets the camera capture images with enough sharpness and high dynamic range.
    • The 4K PHOTO mode (8 MP @ 30/60 fps) and 6K PHOTO mode (18 MP @ 30 fps) are available. These modes help you pause the desired moment of the video for the generation of high-res photos.
    • The lens type is telephoto, and the mounting type is Bayonet.
    • A combination of lens-based I.S. and sensor-shift I.S. is found in dual I.S. 2.
    • The stabilization system leads to sharp, clear image output.
    • Both for photo capturing and 4K video recording, there are zero blurs.

    4. Panasonic LUMIX S5:

    Panasonic LUMIX S5

    Check on Amazon

    Regardless of your photography talent, the Lumix S5 is found to be easy to use. It is the best buy for DIY filmmakers, content creators, experienced photographers, photo hobbyists, and more. The advanced autofocus encompasses the detection of the head, eyes, face, and body. Consequently, it helps you capture subjects with precision. The speed of high-precision AF is 0.08 sec.

    There is scope to expand your creativity with the Live View Composite mode. It lets you quickly compose an outstanding image from multiple shots. Henceforth, you can capture any luminous scenes of outstanding quality. One SD card slot is UHS-I compatible, whereas another one is UHS-II compatible. There is the availability of sealing and some protection around buttons, seams, and other functional parts. This is why the camera can resist damage due to splash and dust.


    • Various video recording options are 10-bit video, 4K 60p, FHD 180 fps slow motion, and 4:3 Anamorphic support.
    • For high-quality capture, the camera has a 96MP high-resolution mode.
    • The native 5-axis Dual I.S.2 blends the control of Lens O.I.S. and body I.S. So, it provides 6.5 stops of correction for stability, noise reduction, and video clarity.
    • The V-Log/V-Gamut comes with a 14+ stop dynamic range.
    • The built-in 2,200 mAh battery can capture 470 shots (in LVF mode) and 1500 shots (in Power Save LVF mode).
    • Wireless connectivity options are Bluetooth 4.2 and 2.4 GHz /5 GHz Wi-Fi.

    3. Sony α7R IV:

    Sony α7R IV

    Check on Amazon

    The optimal optical performance is desirable for event and travel photographers. For them, the Sony α7R IV is the best fit. You can make the most of your photography talents with fast processing speed and unparalleled image quality. Though this device is a new addition to the α7R series, it comes with all fundamental and advanced features. It feels comfortable to hold and use the controls.

    Use the two SD card slots to enhance the storage space. The two vital components are a 61 MP Exmor R CMOS sensor (full-frame) and the BIONZ X imaging engine. They let the camera convey fine gradation, exceptional resolution, and reduced noise. The real-time Eye AF assists a lot for portrait shooting. It is implemented with AI to provide instant, precise eye detection. Moreover, it can quickly track focus on a subject’s face with clarity.


    • In AF and AE tracking, the continuous shooting speed is up to 10 fps through a mechanical shutter.
    • In live-view mode, the shooting speed is up to 8 fps.
    • There is the inclusion of the SEL2470GM full-frame zoom lens.
    • The in-body 5-axis image stabilization maximizes overall performance with stability.
    • The lowest limit of AF is EV-39. The focusing is accurate even in dim light.
    • There are two efficient NP-FZ100 batteries included.

    2. Panasonic LUMIX GH5:

    Panasonic LUMIX GH5

    Check on Amazon

    Capture the scenes with great sharpness and free from artifacts. The Lumix GH5 offers excellent optical performance in its compact form factor. Overall construction is durable, and the design is eye-catching. All the buttons and controls are correctly positioned. It feels comfortable in hands—no worries about the shaky effect in the output since the camera boast 5-axis I.S.

    There are 2 SD card slots and 3 modes available. Use the Relay mode to substitute an occupied card with an empty one. This mode offers higher storage capacity. You can use one card for recording and another for backup. It is also possible to duplicate data on both cards simultaneously. The green light on the camera body indicates charging; no light indicates charging completed.

    For quick image transfer and wireless connection, there is support for Bluetooth and 5 GHz Wi-Fi. The camera comes with a LEICA DG VARIO-ELMARIT 12-60 mm lens with an aperture range of f2.8-4.0.


    • There is an absence of a low-pass filter in the 20.3 MP Digital Live MOS sensor. It lets you capture sharp, artifact-free images with a broad dynamic range.
    • Smooth video recording occurs at 4K 60p/50p, in MP4 or MOV format.
    • The video recording is facilitated with motion compensation and slow-down footage in the timeline.
    • The internal 4K video recording at 30p/25p/24p (4:2:2 10-bit) captures the fine details of every scene.
    • The 6K Photo mode (18MP @ 30 fps) captures the perfect moment.
    • The 4K Photo mode @ 60 fps locks in fast motion scenes.
    • There are up to 5 stop corrections in the 5-Axis Dual I.S. It is compatible with the LUMIX MFT lenses.
    • Non-O.I.S. lenses are compatible with in-body stabilization.
    • The lens type is Macro, and the mounting type is Bayonet.
    1. Canon EOS R6:

    Canon EOS R6

    Check on Amazon

    For expert photography and video creation, one needs to be active and prompt. The Canon EOS R6 is designed to be versatile, practical, and easy to use. The efficient 20MP CMOS sensor conveys splendid image quality. This sensor is efficient enough to provide image performance more than you imagined. The 4K video recording records fine detail of the scenes around with clarity. With artificial intelligence, the camera tracks the subject of people and animals.

    It is easy to perform a backup with the dual SDXC UHS-II card slots. The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi provide easy and quick wireless connectivity. They lead to a quick wireless transfer of data and sharing on social media. The main body is made of magnesium, whereas the exterior is made up of polycarbonate. So, the camera’s body is durable.


    • The DIGIC X image processor facilitates 4K capture, improves detail, and decreases noise.
    • ISO range is 100-102400 (expandable to 204800).
    • The video capture resolution is 4K UHD 2160p.
    • Continuous shooting speed is up to 12 fps (via mechanical shutter). It is up to 20 fps (via an electronic shutter).
    • The dual pixel CMOS AF covers the whole image with 1,053 AF areas.
    • The in-body 5-axis image stabilization provides maximum 8 stops shake correction. So, the image output is always steady and smooth.

    Concluding Note:

    Get rid of the storage space restraints while capturing and shooting with the discussed mirrorless cameras. They ascertain high-performance and superb quality images and videos. Most of them come in robust construction to withstand the ruggedness of outdoor use.

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