Best DSLRs with GPS Built-in with Superzoom Hybrid and Rugged Options

    Why look for DSLRs with GPS Built-in you ask? It is because the camera has not remained what they used to be just a few years ago. They now come with plenty of special features and functions that may not be directly related to photography.

    The Built-in GPS module is one of them and perhaps one of the ideal features you would expect on your digital camera. We will list out the top end cameras that come with a GPS functionality built within.

    Best DSLRs with GPS Built in 2019

    The built-in GPS functionality is one of the essential features you would look for in your next digital camera. It will help you identify (and tag) the geographic location where the shot was taken. This can be helpful in many ways.

    The geo-location is embedded in your photo file properties. It helps you to tag a place easily, especially when posting on social media sites such as Instagram. A photo taken on a modern smartphone already does this.

    You can use the information to pinpoint the exact location where the shots were taken along with the date and time along and other technical details like ISO, exposure etc. It can also be useful for transferring the content to a computer and mark those locations on a map.

    Here are some of our top picks for the best DSLR cameras that come with the built-in GPS connectivity option.

    1. Nikon D5

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    Nikon D5 is one of the best options with a built-in GPS module. Being a Pro grade camera, it offers all the flagship features with several extended functions that should make it a great choice for photographers. Best in class autofocus and low light performance should be what will make it a great option in every right.

    Some of the features that will make it a great choice will include:

    • It is one of the flagship cameras for those shots in the dark and wild.
    • It comes with an impressive and professional quality 20.7 MP at a native resolution of 5588 x 3712-pixel resolution.
    • You can capture videos at ultra HD resolutions at 30 fps.
    • It can even shoot continuously at 14 fps.
    • The 153 point autofocus works at its best

    The Pros

    • Faster Autofocus
    • A high-end HDMI output
    • 4K video capture compatibility

    The Cons

    • It accepts only XQD cards for storage
    • A non-tilting screen can be an issue for some of us
    • A little expensive and bulky to handle.

    You can gather more information on the Nikon D5 from Amazon.

    2. Olympus TG-5 Waterproof Camera (Rugged Point & Shoot)

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    Ruggedness and waterproofing is what makes the Olympus TG-5 a prominent choice. The camera is waterproof up to 50 feet and crush-proof up to 220 pounds. The 12 MP sensor is capable of handling most of the tasks it is designed to do, and offers you outstanding performance in terms of low light photography.

    A few salient features that the camera comes with include:

    • The camera offers you a rugged, durable and tough functionality
    • The faster F2.0 lens camera should help you capture live action and adventure.
    • One of the best cameras for low light photography, you can expect an excellent quality of images.
    • If you are looking at excellent shooting speeds for faster moving actions.
    • Ultra 4K HD video performance

    The Pros

    • Support for freeze point up to 10 degrees C and dustproof compatibility
    • In-camera focus tracking feature.
    • 4K video compatibility
    • It should be your best option for underwater photography.

    The Cons

    • The camera is prone to lens flares
    • The camera can be expensive when it comes to the competitors
    • The panoramic mode may not be capable enough

    If you think the camera meets your requirements, you can check out the features at this link on Amazon.

    3. GoPro Hero7 Black

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    GoPro has been a name well renowned for the cameras in the sports/action photography genre. The GoPro Hero7 Black has been one of the excellent options for underwater photography as well. Smooth footage with in-body EIS, smart capture, and waterproofing are the features that will make it one of the prominent options to go with.

    A few other features we would consider promising enough with this camera include:

    • The camera is capable of shooting at 12 MP native resolution
    • GoPro Hero7 Black offers you 4K video shooting capabilities.
    • You also have access to 8X slow-motion video capabilities.
    • Voice control functionality lets you get your shots taken without having to handle the camera physically
    • It also offers you live streaming features

    The Pros

    • Smoother video stabilization
    • Touchscreen UI should help you achieve the best results
    • High-end 4K video and image quality
    • Waterproof functionality

    The Cons

    • Voice commands can be a real issue
    • Heating issues can be one of the negative highlights.

    If you want to check out the DSLR, you can check it out at this link on Amazon

    4. Pentax K-3II – DSLR

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    If you are looking for the best WiFi and GPS connectivity, the Pentax K3 II is an excellent option for the camera. The camera comes with the 24 MP sensor with an excellent zoom and cropping functionality.

    The features that the camera comes with include the following:

    • The camera comes with Astro Tracer Function for Astrophotography with built-in compass function and GPS connectivity.
    • Have access to 27 point autofocus functionality.
    • Pixel shift resolution helps you out with an enhanced performance
    • It also has an electronic compass system

    The Pros

    • Vibrant images straight out of the camera.
    • An excellent APS-C sensor.
    • An excellent dynamic range
    • Best in class noise reduction features

    The Cons

    • Video shooting does not offer continuous autofocus
    • The menu items are not bright enough
    • The Lens ecosystem

    Do you want to give it a try? Check it out here on Amazon.

    5. Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX400V (Superzoom Range)

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    If you are looking at the absurd level of functionality in terms of zoom, the Sony Cyber-shot DSC -HX400V is one of the excellent options you can go with. The Zeiss lens offers you an astonishingly creepy zoom level of 50X!

    Some of the excellent features that the DSLR camera offers you include:

    • 50X optical and 100X (Digital) clear image zoom levels.
    • You have access to incredibly smoother video and still images.
    • 20.4 MP sensor offers you superior low light photos
    • An excellent connectivity function with WiFi and NFC.
    • The GPS connectivity lets you map the tagged photos.

    The Pros

    • High-end zoom functionality.
    • You can get the mobile phone apps for exciting artistic effects.
    • Lock-on Autofocus feature for an enhanced focus performance.
    • High-end cinematic experience at 1080p and 60 fps.

    The Cons

    • The considerably lower level of viewfinder performance
    • No photo creativity modes to improve the pictures using the camera software
    • Lack of customization options available in comparison with its competitors

    If you consider it one of the best choices you can go with, you may choose to find more at this link on Amazon.

    6. Canon EOS-1DX Mark II DSLR Camera

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    With a shooting capability of 20.4 MP and 4K functionality, the Canon EOS -1DX Mark II is an excellent option for most of your professional photography requirements. A perfect combination of power, speed, and innovation, the camera meets all your needs to perfection.

    A few features we loved with the camera can be summed up as

    • It offers you an excellent speed of up to 14 fps and 16 fps in the Live view mode.
    • You have access to 4K video shooting at 60 fps.
    • Dual DIGIC 6+ image processor enhances the overall performance of your camera.
    • The built-in GPS connectivity should be one of the added advantages.

    The Pros

    • An excellent speed, a sturdy build quality, and ergonomic design are the primary elements that will make it a great choice.
    • High-end 4K video shooting and 61 point autofocus functionality
    • Faster RAW shooting mode
    • Faster autofocus and an excellent low light performance

    The Cons

    • Some of the cinematic features are missing from the settings
    • Balancing it may be a little concern.
    • Heavier weight can be an issue compared to the other models in competition.

    You can check out the camera from this link on Amazon.

    Comparison Chart for the best DSLRs with Built-in GPS

    FeaturesNikon D5

    Olympus TG-5

    GoPro Hero7 Black

    Pentax K3 II

    Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX400V

    Canon EOS-1DX Mark II

    Screen size3.2 inches3 inches2 inches3.2 inches3 inches3.2 inches
    Megapixel count36.3 MP12 MP12 MP24.4 MP21.1 MP20.2 MP
    Optical Sensor20.7 MP12 MP12 MP24.4 MP21.1 MP20.2 MP
    Optical Zoom1X4X1 X50X1X
    Video capture 4K UHD at 2160p4K UHD at 2160p4K UHDFHD 1080pFHD 1080pFHD 1080p
    Camera typefull frameFull frameFull frameFull frame
    FocusAutofocusAutofocusAutofocusAuto and manual focusautofocus autofocus

    The Parting Thoughts

    That was a formidable list of the best options for the DSLR cameras with GPS connectivity. We assume we have been able to provide you a enough choices so that you can choose the camera that is best suited for your needs in terms of performance other features.

    Have you used any of the cameras we have featured in this compilation? Share your thoughts, expressions, and opinions with the cameras through the comments section here below.

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