Best Canon RF Lenses RF Mount for EOS R Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

    The full-frame mirrorless cameras have been the new trend. Canon, which has been at the forefront of the development of the new cameras, has recently launched its EOS R to take care of the segment. In an attempt to show off the capabilities of the brand new RF mount, Canon has recently launched four new RF lenses. We will check out the newly launched RF lenses and the options that they come with finer details.

    Best Canon RF Lenses – An Overview

    Canon has recently launched its new full-frame mirrorless camera – the EOS R. Positioned as the flagship model in the realm of mirrorless cameras, it boasts of the original RF mount. Before we move on to understand the concept of RF lenses and their compatibility – we will check out what precisely an RF mount is.

    RF Mount – What It is?

    Well, as you might have already understood, the new RF mount is a new concept launched with the EOS R full frame mirrorless camera. Announced in September 2018, the camera features a full-frame mirrorless interchangeable lenses camera.

    Do note that the RF mount would not be compatible with the Canon EF and EF-S mount lenses. However, you can opt for the three Canon adapters specifically designed for use with the RF mount. The RF mount makes it possible to use the new RF lenses.

    What features do RF Lenses Come With?

    Image Source: Canon

    Well, RF lenses are a part of the new era of lenses. They have been designed for a high-quality performance along with an emphasis on speed. The lenses are specifically designed for the new EOS R camera. They offer you more advanced levels of intuitive controls.

    You have access to the customizable Control Ring. The Control Ring offers you the options for using the aperture compensation, shutter speed, ISO and compensation for exposure. You can make adjustments without the need for looking away from the subject. They offer you the best options for a natural shooting performance.

    The Best Canon RF Lenses – The new Launches

    Canon has recently launched four new lenses in the RF genre along with the new Canon EOS R camera. While two of them are suited for the newly launched EOS R, the other two are with the widest aperture. Possibly, canon wants to show off the capabilities that the RF mount comes with. Like we said before, all the four lenses come with their control rings.

    1. Canon RF 24-105mm f/4L

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    The new Canon RF 24-105mm f/4L is designed to fit in the shoes of the most popular Canon lenses – the Canon 24-105mm f/4L. While the older generation lens is for the full frame cameras, the new RF lens is designed for the mirrorless option.

    The key features Offred by the lens include

    • Utterly versatile design for use in practical and professional zoom functionality.
    • You have access to 5 stop image stabilization for enhanced quality.
    • The lens ensures better sharpness even in low light scenarios.
    • Best suited for steadier handheld performance.
    • The Nano USM autofocus offers smoother and faster autofocus.

    The lens should be best suited for portrait photography, creative ideas, and travel photography. The lens comes with Aspherical lens elements compensating for distortion and spherical aberration.

    The Spec Sheet

    Zoom Range24 to 105 mm
    Minimum Focus0.45 mm
    Lens Control OptionControl Ring
    Aperture9 Blade
    MotorNano USM
    Lens Construction18 elements in 14 Groups
    Maximum Aperturef/4
    Minimum Aperture22

    2. RF 35mm f/1.8 IS Macro STM

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    If you are looking for a lens with the macro capabilities and a faster aperture, the RF 35mm f/1.8 IS Macro STM should fit your bill exactly the way you would want it to.

    A few salient features of the lens include

    • High-end image quality coupled with a wide angle lens.
    • Best in class low light performance. You should be able to capture the right kind of ambiance even in dark environment.
    • 5 stop stabilization for the sharpest images ever in low light.
    • Excellent quality micro shots.
    • The best option for portability with its compact size.

    The lens would suit you best if you are into travel photography, close up shots and landscape photography needs.

    The Spec Sheet

    Zoom Range24 to 105 mm
    Minimum Focus0.17 mm
    Lens Control OptionControl Ring
    Aperture9 Blade
    MotorQuiet STM
    Lens Construction11 elements in 9 Groups
    Maximum Aperturef/1.8
    Minimum Aperture22

    3. RF 50mm f/1.2L USM

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    Are you a professional photographer and are looking for the best experience regarding immensely superior sharpness, creative control and low light performance – you would indeed be more than happy with the new RF 50mm f/1.2L USM lens from Canon.

    The ultimate 50 mm lens from Canon boasts of the following features –

    • A super bright design with the highest image quality.
    • Faster optical performance
    • The best in class L series photography
    • Best suited for professional photography requirements.

    The best application areas that the lens would suit include portrait photography, street photography and excellent art shots.

    The Spec Sheet

    Zoom Range24 to 105 mm
    Minimum Focus0.4 mm
    Lens Control OptionControl Ring
    Aperture10 Blade
    Lens Construction15 elements in 9 Groups
    Maximum Aperturef/1.2
    Minimum Aperture16

    4. RF 28-70mm f/2L USM

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    Advanced zoom capabilities would make it one of the best options regarding the RF cameras for your need. Canon claims that the lens redefines the zoom performance.

    A few features worthy of mentioning include

    • It is considered to be the best first large aperture zoom lens compatible with full frame devices
    • A consistent f/2.0 brightness throughout the zoom range
    • The perfect silent zoom with Canon’s USM technology.
    • Smarter controls for an efficient and natural shooting.

    The application areas that the lens would be most suitable include travel photography, wedding photography, and photojournalism.

    The Spec Sheet

    Zoom Range24 to 105 mm
    Minimum Focus0.39 mm
    Lens Control OptionControl Ring
    Aperture9 Blade
    Lens Construction19 elements in 13 Groups
    Maximum Aperturef/2
    Minimum Aperture22

    The Parting Thoughts

    Well, these are the currently available RF lenses from Canon as things stand as of now. There have been rumors about the new launches. However, we would not like to comment on them until canon officially announces the new lenses.

    Before we conclude, we would like to make it clear that if you do not have a camera with RF mount, you would not be able to make use of any of these lenses. They are NOT backward compatible and would not fit on the older EF or EF-S mounts. However, if you have the older lenses, they can be used with the cameras with RF mount easily by opting for the appropriate adapters from Canon.

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