Is There A 6D Mark ii 4K Magic Lantern? Options or Features Available?

    Canon has indeed been the best alternative to Nikon when it comes to the development of DSLR cameras. The EOS 6D Mark II is a capable device that has been one of the preferred budget full-frame cameras by any standard. If you are wondering what we mean by the Magic Lantern, possibly you are not aware of the development regarding the software tweaks. Let us find more details on 6D Mark ii 4K Magic Lantern in the following paragraphs.

    Canon EOS 6D Mark II – An Overview

    Designed as an upgrade to the EOS 6D, the EOS 6D Mark II is indeed one of the cameras with modern specifications. It is indeed the best cameras for those entering into full-frame photography for the very first time.

    Some of the features that would make it an excellent option are

    • It offers you an excellent live view focusing functionality.
    • You have access to a very comfortable grip.
    • The display screen offers you the best in class touchscreen control options.
    • The connectivity options offered by the camera should make it an ideal device in every right.

    However, the camera buffs are rebuffed because of the lack of a few features. In spite of being a great device in most of the aspects, it does not offer 4K shooting capability. That is precisely one of the features that the tweaked ROM in the form of Magic Lantern plans is expected to take care of.

    Why Does Canon 6D Mark II does not Offer 4K?

    Yes, one of the latest entrants among the entry-level full-frame cameras from Canon, the 6D Mark II the full frame DSLR does not come with a 4K shooting compatibility. There is no specific reason for the lack of feature, but it has indeed been causing for huge outrage amongst Canon enthusiasts or the camera buffs out there.

    Why would have they left out the feature? Maybe they have their reasons. The camera is indeed not for the Pros. The camera is specially designed for the sake of beginners or semi-pro market, someone who is taking the plunge into the full-frame ecosystem. This is, in fact, the message being given out by Canon through its online board discussions.

    The focus seems to be on documentaries and other works in the similar genre. Now that beginners usually do not indulge in high-end videography or movies, and their basic needs are likely to be video sharing services like YouTube or Vimeo – they would probably need no access to 4K.

    Moreover, 4K is what a filmmaker will need. The EOS 6D Mark II is a camera designed for the photographers, not filmmakers. That is possibly yet another reason that Canon decided to opt out of 4K shooting capability on the mark II.

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    6D Mark ii 4K Magic Lantern: Are there any Hopes?

    Magic Lantern is one of the influential ‘MOD’ communities involved in creating MODs or custom ROMs for cameras. They work, especially for Canon Cameras. If you are a photographer yourself and have been using a host of cameras, you might already have heard about Magic Lantern. If you are a Canon DSLR user, Magic Lantern should not be new to you.

    Aiding the Canon Camera users since the year 2009, it has been helping out millions of Camera users in addressing the shortfalls in their software. Magic Lantern is an add-on or software tweak that lets you add a few features that may not be available on the official firmware preloaded on the cameras. They work correctly in the arena of Canon EOS cameras. In sharp contrast to the custom ROMs used on smartphones, the Magic Lantern firmware does not replace the official firmware but runs along with the software.

    The community has already developed custom ROMs for 5D and 5D Mark II full-frame DSLRs. They have also come up with the options for the predecessor of 6D Mark II – the Canon EOS 6D.

    Is the 4K Hack Available for Canon EOS 6D Mark II?

    Well, as things stand as of now – No. You do not have any actual build available for the camera. But, you have a build for Canon EOS 6D. That would possibly indicate the possibility of the arrival of custom firmware for the 6D Mark II quite soon.

    And yet another point that made us believe that the Magic Lantern 6D Mark II hack would be available soon is the fact that the ROM Dumpers are already available for the model. That has probably given a hope that the 4K compatibility will be launched soon by the magic lantern.

    What Features Does Magic lantern Introduce?

    There is no development as of now for the Canon EOS 6D Mark II. But, when it comes, you can expect a host of features that would be introduced along with the base firmware already available on your camera.

    Magic Zoom is a feature commonly found on Magic lantern firmware. It lets you focus on the best possible to achieve the best sharpness levels. If you are into time-lapse photography, the Intervalometer option available on the device should provide additional functionality.

    The Concluding Thoughts

    Well, the Canon EOS 6D Mark II should be one of the best options when it comes to budget cameras for the beginners. However, it lacks a few features that you may be looking ahead to. Magic Lantern is the best tool for adding those missing features. Lack of 4K shooting mode is one of the features that Canon EOS 6D Mark II users are disappointed about.

    Magic Lantern has been considering the device for the development of their add-on the firmware. That should ideally be good news for the 6D Mark II users out there. The fact that Magic Lantern has already added the 4K on the sibling Canon 5D and 5D Mark II should hold hope for the Canon lovers. We would look ahead for the development soon.

    However, as things stand as of now – there is no active development as long as 6D Mark II is concerned. The ROM Dumpers have been indicating the future, and we would like to expect some announcements soon. Till that time, you may need to live with the lack of 4K shooting mode.

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