Best LED Ring Light For Macro Photography – Canon & Nikon DSLRs

    Are you into Macro Photography and portraits? Ring lights and flashes are what you would invariably need for enhancing and improving the performance of your pictures and other masterpieces. The LED ring light would provide your objects with symmetrical lighting. Moreover, you can also use them for a wide variety of configurations for your creations. If you are using Nikon or Canon cameras and looking for the best-LED Ring light flashes for your portraits and macros – you have possibly reached the right spot. We are listing out the best-LED ring lights for Macro Photography for your world-class cameras.

    Do you Need a Ring Flash?

    Well, LED Ring Flash is an essential option if you are looking for even lighting on your object. They can indeed be the necessity in case you are into Macro photography. In fact, LED Ring flashes would be of much help in enhancing your macro photography to a greater extent.

    Macro Photography involves shooting the smaller objects from close quarters. Your built-in flash may work wonders for your regular shots but may underperform in case of close up shots. Moreover, macro photography needs you to use specialized settings and shooting from the closer distances. In fact, closeup shots of flowers, plants or insects bring about those aspects out that may not be visible to the naked eye.

    The closer distance will cast a shadow on the object and thus ruin your shots. A regular flash would not be practical in these cases. They would leave your shots either overexposed or underexposed. The LED Ring Flash would go a long way in solving these exposure and shadow related issues. These LED ring flashes produce an even illumination and enhance the effect of proper lighting. The possibility of getting diffused light from all directions would improve your macro masterpieces and get the desired effects easily.

    LED Ring Light

    Macro Photography needs closer attention to proper lighting. The shadows created by you or the lenses can ruin the entire experience of your photographs. That is precisely why you would need to have a proper light source to illuminate the object in an even manner.

    Let us find a few LED Ring Light flashes for Macro Photography for your Canon and Nikon Cameras.

    Canon MR-14EX II

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    Coming from the well-known camera manufacturer, the Canon MR – 14EX II comes with ergonomics and better controls. The E-TTL II technology ensures the best performance in its own right.

    What are the features that we would appreciate on Canon MR-14EX II? Here are a few that may impress you –

    • It comes from two focusing lamps on either side for an efficient illumination.
    • An excellent focussing depth at lower aperture settings.
    • The 5.5 seconds recycling time will ensure that you can take a series of images so that you would not lose any moment.
    • You can control shades to provide different looks to your shots.
    • It comes with a unique carry bag that would make it easy to transport.

    The Ring light LED flash from canon is outstanding with its features, but may not work with some cameras and you may need a special adapter for the purpose.

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    Neewer Dimmable 18-inch Ring Light

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    Neewer has been a name to reckon with when it comes to flashes and lights for your cameras. The Neewer Dimmable 18-inch Ring Light should be an ideal companion for your clearer portraits and macros.

    What are the features that make it one of the excellent options for your needs? Here are the features you may be interested in –

    • The LED ring flash comes with a hot shoe mount so that it can be used with any camera right away.
    • It offers you ample lighting and provides a high degree of flexibility and customization.
    • The height of the stand is quite suitable for most of your requirements.
    • A longer cord accompanying the light lets it be placed anywhere and thus ensures the kind of lighting you are looking for.
    • If you are into product photography for E-commerce sites, it can be a good option for your needs.
    • The ring flash comes with white and orange filters. You may use white filters if you are looking for milder light profiles, while the orange filter would help you get a better color effect.

    The LED Ring flash has been considered to be your best option for all your needs in portraits, makeup, and video tutorials.

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    Sigma EM-140 DG

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    Sigma is involved in the manufacturing of cameras, light filters, flashes and other photography accessories. The Sigma EM-140 DG is the LED Ring flashes that have been manufactured in a customized manner to suit different cameras. We have focussed on the Ring Flashes made explicitly for Nikon.

    Here are a few excellent features that would make it a great option can be summed up as –

    • The flash is ideal for close up photographs.
    • The two lamps on the ring flash can work together or individually.
    • It comes with a high-speed synchro mode.
    • The recycling time for the flash is around 4 seconds, and thus should be enough for the series of photographs.
    • It is compatible with the latest TTL standards for the excellent automatic exposure.
    • They have been considered to be the best option for the medical applications.
    • Precise focusing is what you would love with the Sigma EM-140 DG.

    The LED Ring flash comes with a four-year warranty which in itself should be a fantastic option.

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    Polaroid 48 Macro LED

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    Polaroid has been the world-class manufacturer with the product portfolio ranging across multiple services and accessories. Some of the relevant products include ring flashes and LED lights for an efficient flash requirement. Versatility should be one of the features that would make it an excellent choice.

    A couple of the best features you would love with the Polaroid 48 Macro LED can be –

    • The Ring Flash LED is compatible with most camera models including Canon, Nikon or Panasonic.
    • It comes with eight compatible adapters for varied applications.
    • You can control the output to meet your needs – 48 LEDs for full-fledged lighting and 24 LEDs for purposeful shadows.
    • You may also choose the Continuous On functionality so that the camera can decide on the best exposure levels depending upon the lighting.
    • You have access to softening diffusers – translucent, warming, white, and blue. White would produce a milder light, while other diffusers would help you create excellent color effects.
    • You also have access to Power Saving LCD screen.
    • It works both as a ring flash and a ring light.

    The ring flash should work best with your Nikon cameras. That is precisely why it comes with eight adapters to suit multiple lenses of your Nikon.

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    AW Pro 19″ Light

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    It is quite more prominent, and, you would need a tripod or a stand to use it. The lightweight and highly portable Ring LED flash should be ideal for those who are looking for affordable options in a ring flash. It has been considered to be the biggest among the LED flashes that usually have been used.

    The salient features that we love with the ring flash LED are

    • It comes with a hot shoe mount for compatibility with almost all major camera brands.
    • The LED flash has been treated to be the best option for makeup and portrait light.
    • The wraparound light included would be helpful in reducing the wrinkles in your portraits.
    • Ease of setup can be one of the features that would help in an impromptu shooting mode.
    • The dimmable light feature lets you set the light intensity to a level that you are looking for.
    • It also has a bracket that would help you mount it on light stands.

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    The Concluding Thoughts

    Well, that was all we have concerning LED Ring Flash and its impact on the quality of your photography. We assume that we have been able to bring forth the practicability of using a LED flash for the Macro photography levels you may be planning to achieve. The Ring LED Flashes we have listed out in the above compilation should help you choose the best that would meet your requirements.

    Have you used any of these LED Ring Flashes for enhancing your Macro Photography performances? If you have, do share your thoughts, experiences, and views with the ring flashes we have featured in this compilation. Do share your thoughts with us as it would help us enhance our knowledge further.

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