List of Canon EOS R Adapters From Canon For Lens Compatibility

    Canon has been a well-known manufacturer when it comes to digital cameras and their associated lense ecosystem. The company recently launched the Canon EOS R camera with a few excellent features packed in. However, there is a catch here. The Canon EOS R camera comes with an RF mount for the lenses. If you have an existing Canon DSLR, or more so a Canon EOS R range of mirrorless DSLRs, you would find that the lens mounts on the EOS DSLRs would primarily be using EF mount design. What would you do with your current field of lenses that you bought for your Canon EOS DSLR? Do not fret – along with the Canon EOS R; the company has also launched a range of Canon EOS R adapters. The adapter range should help you make use of your existing lenses with your all new Canon EOS R.

    The Canon EOS R Adapters

    If you have been using the Canon EOS DSLRs before, you will find them to have the EF-S mount for the cropped sensors. The EF-S lenses were designed specifically for the Canon DSLRs with the APS-C sensors. The Canon EOS R, on the other hand, offers an RF mount.

    However, Canon has not left the 150 million users who have adapted themselves to the EF and EF-S lenses in the lurk. Along with the Canon EOS R, a full frame mirrorless camera with the RF mount, they have also released a set of three RF to EF mount adapters. You should be able to use your existing EF and EF-S lenses with your Canon EOS R or any other upcoming camera with the RF mount.

    The Features that The EOS R adapters Come with

    Well, the Canon EOS R System adapters have been designed for use on any of the existing Canon EF and EF-S lenses. They are fully compatible with the lenses and the newly announced EOS R camera system and should offer you an excellent service concerning the functionality.

    In essence, these Canon EOS R System adapters should let you use your existing compatible Canon lenses easily with your new camera. The adapters would also help you use them with any camera that would be launched in future with the RF mount.

    A few features that we liked with these adapters would be

    Excellent Compatibility

    The EOS R System adapters should be completely compatible with a range of Canon lenses. They should work with almost all major EF and EF-S lenses. So, if you have a Canon EOS DSLRs, or the compatible lenses, you would be able to use all of them can be used with your new camera.

    The lenses compatible with the Canon EOS R system adapters include

    If you have a look at those numbers (we will not go into the detailed list, as it would constitute another separate article), you will find that quite a vast range of lenses are supported.


    The EOS R adapters from Canon have been designed with a ruggedized design for you to put to use. Built for effective professional usage, they come with a metal mount on front and back. The fact that they are designed for all weather conditions as they come with weather sealing.

    Excellent Engineering technology

    You can be assured of excellent build quality with the Canon EOS R system adapters. They are aesthetic, easy to use and offer you a great deal of compatibility. You can experience a great deal of engineering excellence with the Canon EOS R adapters.

    The List of Canon EOS R Adapters

    Mirrorless cameras have been blessed with the mount adapters since long. However, it is quite heartening to find that Canon has been thinking about its existing users and launched the mount adapters for the current range of lenses (of course, the number of those lenses is indeed overwhelming as you have already found out above).

    Canon has come up with three EOS R System adapters for use with your existing range of Canon EF and EF-S lenses. Let us examine each of them in finer detail.

    1. Drop-In Filter Mount Adapter EF-EOS R

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    One of the best options to use with your EOS R camera or any future RF mount camera, this should be one of the best to use drop-in filters. The adapter is available in two alternative options.

    You can either opt for the adapter with the circular polarising filter or a variable ND filter. You would no longer need to fit the filters to the front of the lens anymore. And yes, you can also opt for clear filters if you are looking to shoot without the use of filters.

    The variable ND functionality will be helpful in controlling the light entering the sensor. If you are a landscape photographer, you would indeed love the feature. If you are into shooting colorful imagery, the adapter with the circular polarising filter should work best for your needs.

    A few features include

    • Compatibility with EOS camera so that you can use any EF and EF-S lens with your camera.
    • Complete weather sealing functionality with dust and water resistance
    • Metal mounts on either side will offer you the high-end flexibility.
    • Choose the right filter option to suit your photography style. Go with the circular filter for those colorful images and the variable ND filter for the best landscape shots.

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    2. Mount Adapter EF-EOS R

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    The standard adapter for EOS R camera RF mount, it has a simple functionality and works towards providing an optimum solution for the best experience regarding allowing your EF lenses to your new Canon EOS R camera.

    You can be confident of your existing EF lenses working seamlessly with the Canon EOS R. Since the EOS R camera does not come with a mirror box, you may need to move the EF lenses away from the sensor. There are no additional elements included within the mount adapter. So, you can be confident of better image quality without having to worry about the degradation of any nature.

    A few features that the mount adapter offers you include

    • A perfect exterior design matching the EF lenses
    • Weather sealing that provides excellent protection against the dust and water.
    • High-end flexibility with the metal mount on both front and back.
    • It is a necessary adapter, and if you are looking for basic functionality, this should be your best bet

    3. Control Ring Mount Adapter EF-EOS R

    Canon Control Ring Mount Adapter EF-EOS R

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    This is yet another option provided by Canon for the best compatibility of your Canon EF and EF-S lenses on your Canon EOS R cameras. The mount will offer you a choice for a customizable user functionality for EF Lenses and its compatibility with the EOS R camera.

    The presence of the control ring would help you have access to a host of customizations options on the go. You can assign a host of functionalities to your control ring. Some of those functions include exposure compensation, ISO, aperture or shutter speed. In essence, the adapter system would help you opt for the control ring functionality on the EF lenses as well, just the way you would be using the feature on your RF lenses.

    You need not take your eye off from the camera for accessing the control ring. The ergonomic placement of the ring will help you get the most out of your adapter. The tactile feedback available on the control ring should be quite intuitive enough.

    A few features that the adapter comes with can be summed up as

    • An excellent control ring functionality
    • High-end customization options for your EF lenses.
    • The external design matches the EF lenses
    • Weather sealing with dust and water protection helping you use the adapter in any conditions.
    • A rugged flexibility option for years of trouble-free operation.

    The Concluding Thoughts

    Those were the three (Plus one!) capable and compatible EOS R adapters for your Canon EOS R camera. You can expect a few other third-party adapters being available in the days to come, but for the time being, we have focussed on the system adapters coming from Canon themselves. They understand their products well, and we thought you would end up with the best performance with the in-house mount adapters from Canon.

    Have you used any of these adapters for your Canon EOS R camera? If you have, do share your thoughts and experiences with us.

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