List of the Best Sony Cameras with Bionz XR & Bionz X Image processor

    Like most of us here, you might have been a die-hard Sony camera fan. In that case, you should perhaps be aware of the new processing engine from Sony’s image processing brand the BIONZ X. A capable image processor, it has been a powerful option for most of your requirements and preferences for high-end image processing. We thought of listing out the best cameras with the BIONZ X and XR processing engine equipped on them.

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    What is BIONZ X?

    Before we can discuss the best BIONZ X cameras from Sony, we will try to understand the BIONZ X processing engine and what features it comes with.

    BIONZ X is a dedicated image processing engine based on ARM’s architecture designed by Sony. The technology is used explicitly on the Alpha and Cyber-shot cameras. The product does provide you access to a host of advanced innovations and improvements, such as noise reduction capabilities. You would find your final picture quality offering you a very sharp color-accurate output.

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    The processing engine was launched in 2013 with the ILCE-7 / ILCE-7R. The detailed reproduction technology combined with diffraction reduction should be a few of the other essential factor configurations. You would also find access to area-specific noise reduction and a 16-bit image processing efficiency. The processor can work with 20 frames per second recording and provides you access to lock on Autofocus and object tracking capabilities.

    BIONZ X – Sony CXD4236 ISP + CXD90027GF SoC

    Cameras with Bionz XR

    Sony has introduced its next-generation image processor dubbed the BIONZ X with ILCE-7 / ILCE-7R in 2013. BIONZ X uses Sony CXD4236 series ISP along with CXD90027GF SoC. The latter is based on a quad-core ARM Cortex-A5 architecture that also runs Android apps on top of the Linux kernel.

    It features, among other things, detail reproduction technology and diffraction-reducing technology, area-specific noise reduction, and 16-bit image processing + 14-bit raw output. It can process up to 20 frames per second and features Lock-on AF and object tracking.

    • CXD90027GF SoC with unidentified ISP (Stacked DRAM) – α7, α7R, α7 II, α6000, α6500, α99, α7 III
    • CXD90027GF SoC with CXD4236-1GG ISP – α7S, α7S II, RX100 IV, Sony FDR-AX33
    • CXD90027GF SoC with Dual CXD4236-1GG ISP – α7R II, α7R III
    • Unknown Type – ILCE-5000, DSC-RX10, ILCA-77M2, DSC-RX100 III, and DSC-RX0

    Best Cameras with the Bionz X processing engine:

    Having checked out the prime features offered by the BIONZ X processor in concise detail, here are a few of the cameras that are equipped with the processor. It may be remembered that the engine came into being with the Alpha and Cybershot cameras.

    Sony Alpha 7

    Cameras with Bionz XR

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    The Sony Alpha 7 comes with full-frame mirrorless construction and robust construction. The camera is equipped with a 24.3 MP sensor and a compact frame. The camera weighs less than or equal to half of the DSLR cameras, making it one of the right choices for the lightweight camera options in the full-frame space.

    The Eye-tracking autofocus algorithm can be an excellent option for the best sharp focus functionality for portraitures. The enhanced eye detection would further make it one of the vast options to create a perfect portrait without any hassles. You can get access to excellent ergonomics, precise control, and an extensive range of customization options making it an advantageous option for most of your requirements.

    The electronic viewfinder on the camera offers you an accurate bokeh effect. The XGA OLED Tru-Finder viewfinder can help show you a high degree of composition without issues. The camera does provide you access to a considerable degree of performance with one-touch NFC and WiFi connectivity.

    Sony Alpha 7 R

    Cameras with Bionz XR

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    The camera does come with a full-frame and interchangeable lens camera. The portable 36 MP camera can be one of the excellent options for almost all your expectations in terms of the best OLED viewfinder. The camera does offer you access to effective WiFi sharing and an expandable shoe system.

    You will get access to an enhanced experience with the best-in-class functionality that would include NFC, one-touch remote functionality, and a one-touch sharing capability. The camera can provide you access to the full advantage of the full-frame format and compact design. The 36.3-megapixel 35mm full-frame Exmor® CMOS sensor can be one of the unique and perfect options for your requirements.

    The camera does provide you access to an on-chip functionality that improves the light gathering capability o your camera. The BIONZ X image processing engine can offer you a greater degree of performance for high-speed processing capabilities. You can be assured of more natural details and realistic images. The faster intelligent autofocus should be yet another primary factor that should further improve your experience.

    Sony Alpha 7 II

    Cameras with Bionz XR

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    The Sony Alpha 7 II is the world’s first camera with 5 axes in-body image stabilization. You will find it offers 5 axis stabilizations on the full-frame camera. You will be able to capture a host of stunning images with the full-frame 24.3 MP sensor. You can even get access to faster hybrid autofocus with the phase detection capability.

    The camera does provide you access to a considerable degree of reduction from blur from a camera shake. With the image stabilization built within the camera’s body, you will find it getting access to an enhanced performance if your lenses have optical image stabilization. The built-in BIONZ X image processing engine inside the camera 5 fps high-speed continuous shooting and high-50Mb/s XAVC S video recording.

    The simple connectivity offered through WiFi and NFC connectivity can be something you would find extremely practical and effective. You can even personalize your camera with the PlayMemories Camera App. You will be able to work with several advanced options for shooting your images in style. You have plenty of opportunities for shooting portraits, detailed close-ups, sports, time-lapse, motion shots, and more.

    Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera

    Cameras with Bionz XR

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    You can test the creativity of your photography excellence to the core with the Sony Alpha A6000. The 24.3 MP sensor does provide you access to the world’s fastest autofocus functionality. You can take a host of artistic shots and enjoy them to your heart’s content.

    The camera comes the half size of a DSLR, making it extremely lightweight and compact in almost every right. The interchangeable lenses and E-mount system would further drive the camera quite versatile and a more excellent option than the competing products in its genre. The 179 autofocus points and 11 FPS functionality are the two features that would indeed make it one of the excellent options for most of your expectations.

    The stunning 24 MP sensor can be a thoughtful option, most credible details and a considerable degree of enhancements. The on-chip lens design improves the image quality and light sensitivity to a better degree of extent. The BIONZ X processing ensures that you get access to a far higher degree of efficiency through better images. You will also be able to get access to perfect low-light photographs.

    Sony Alpha 99

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    The Sony Alpha 99 can be an excellent option for providing you access to a far better degree of performance in terms of enhanced clarity. If you check out the best options for the best film-making camera, this one should offer you a far better degree of efficiency. The camera doubles up as the world’s first Dual AF system10 and Translucent Mirror technology.

    The camera also offers you access to a 24 MP resolution that ensures an uncompromised and full HD video recording. The dust and moisture protection provided by the camera can further make it one of the excellent options for long-term enhancement. The auto HDR built-in camera can be yet another prime factor to make it one of the most reliable options ever.

    The camera boasts many Sweep panorama modes, multi-interface shoes, and precise image zoom. These are a few of the factors that make it a truly fantastic option for almost all your movie-centric shooting requirements. The translucent mirror technology can further make it one of the excellent choices for your expectations.

    Sony RX100 IV

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    The premium compact digital camera, the Sony RX100IV, can be an excellent option for achieving the high-end options for most of your requirements. You would find it offering you access to a great degree of performance with 4K movies and 40x Super Slow Motion HD recording.

    This also happens to be the world’s first 201 MP camera with a 1-inch sensor. You can even record super slow-motion movie recordings with a high frame rate of up to 960 fps. The super-speed anti-distortion shutter can provide you access to a blazing fast performance for an enhanced and excellent degree of performance enhancement.

    The faster intelligent shutter through the Exmor RS CMOS sensor helps you capture those decisive moments and fleeting opportunities in a better manner. The autofocus system provides you access to high-speed, high-precision contrast detection. The Retractable XGA OLED Tru-Finer electronic viewfinder gives you access to precisely what is visible on your screen.

    Sony has been one of the clear leaders in the realm of the best camera manufacturers ever. After enjoying success with the advanced image processing functionality with the BIONZ X image processing engine on a wide range of cameras, the service provider has moved ahead to launch another advanced version of the image processing compatibility. Yes, we are talking about the new BIONZ XR processor from Sony and will also explore the cameras that come equipped with the new image processing engine.

    BIONZ XR – An Overview

    Cameras with Bionz XR

    The new generation image processing unit was introduced with the Sony Alpha 7S III launch in the year 2020. The image processor is designed to have an eight times higher level of computing power when compared to the previous generation of the image processor. You will also find the new image processor engine on the devices such as Sony Alpha 1 and Sony FX3 cameras from the brand.

    The new Bionz XR image processing engine introduces many options and features and provides you with an enhanced experience concerning your shooting experience.

    Sony used the same Bionz X SoC they first used on the very first A7 camera. However, there were two generations of Sony cameras using it:

    • Original Bionz(X): A7, A7S, A7R, A7II, A7S II, A7R II
    • Same Bionz with an updated Front End LSI: A9, A99 II, A7 III, A7R III, A7R IV, A9 II (1.8x Faster compared to the earlier generation)

    With the release of the A7S III, Sony revealed the BIONZ XR SoC. The sensor on the A7S III is supported by the new BIONZ-XR processor, which is said to have 8x computing power as the previous BIONZ X LSI v2.”

    In addition to that, Sony improved some of the features worthy of mentioning are as follows –

    • Support for new video codecs and frame rates
    • New efficiency in terms of downsampling in the camera.
    • Fix for the lagging interface
    • Fix of the viewfinder lag during AF or continuous shooting
    • New Viewfinder resolution and Support for new card formats and interfaces
    • New card formats/interface
    •  more processing headroom for future AF and AI tracking algorithms

    Best Cameras with the Bionz XR Image Processing Engine

    Having understood the salient features offered by the new BIONZ XR image processing engine and its features, we will now check out a few of the best cameras that come equipped with the BIONZ XR image processor.

    The processing engine is relatively new, and you may not find many of the devices that come with the new engine. Of course, the engine was launched only in 2020, and we expect the manufacturer to launch more devices in the days to come.

    1. Sony NEW Alpha 7S III Full-frame Interchangeable Lens Mirrorless Camera

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    The camera comes with a 12.1 MP Exmor R sensor optimized for 4K recording capability. The sensitivity and speed offered by the camera can further make it one of the top choices. The new BIONZ XR image-processing engine additionally provides you eight times better more processing power.

    The prime features that make the new Alpha 7S III a great choice are maximum sensitivity and ultra-low noise options offered by the camera. These were a few features that provide you access to an enhanced experience in terms of a high dynamic range and an effective focusing efficiency. The extra robust image stabilization is what would further enhance your experience.

    The camera also comes with the faster Hybrid autofocus that further enhances your experience. This can improve the accuracy and tenacity further. The low light focussing offered by the new processor can be yet another reason you would want to go with the new flagship camera.

    1. Sony Alpha 1 Full-frame Interchangeable Lens Mirrorless Camera

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    The flagship camera from Sony can be one of the excellent options for high-resolution shooting ever. The camera does provide you access to a 50.1 MP sensor. The full-frame stacked Exmor RS CMOS sensor with integral memory can be one of the unique options offered by the camera.

    The eight times more powerful performance with the next-generation image processing engine can be another excellent reason you would want to go with the new camera from Sony. Continuous shooting offered by the camera up to 30fps. The selectable constant shooting options can further be one of the excellent options we found pretty impressive for achieving an enhanced experience.

    Yet another prime feature we found rather exciting on the camera is the 240-fps refresh rate treated to be the first in the world. You would also get access to the 9.44M dot 0.64″ QXGA OLED electronic viewfinder, making it a rewarding experience ever. The anti-flicker mechanical and electronic shutter should provide you a considerable degree of performance. The shutter also gives you access to a distortion-free performance.

    1. Sony Alpha FX3 ILME-FX3

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    The full-frame cinema line camera, the Sony Alpha FX3, is a unique and excellent option among the new flagship cameras of recent times. The camera does provide a 4K full-frame sensor with a high range of sensitivity. The camera also features a world-class performance with the S-Cinetone for an expressive cinematic look.

    The camera has been optimized for working with cinematic expression. The high-performance faster processing achieved through the new BIONZ XR processor should further make it one of the excellent factors that makes it a great option. We also found it quite interesting that the camera is a cage-free design that further increases efficiency and workflow.

    If you are into solo shooting, this can be the right choice for almost all your needs regarding the most miniature cinema line camera ever. The astonishing low light performance can further make it one of the excellent options for most of your expectations.

    The Final Wrap Up

    Well, the new BIONZ XR image processing engine has been an enormous improvement in the realm of providing you access to a far more powerful experience in terms of enhanced image processing capability. Brought ahead as an improved version of the BIONZ X image processing engine in the previous generation, the new BIONZ XR has been a great option ever.

    Coming to the best options for cameras that come equipped with the new BIONZ XR image processing engine from Sony, there are not many currently available options. The engine was launched only in 2020, and Sony has come up with only three cameras with processors so far. Of course, all the new cameras from Sony are expected to be equipped with the new sensor itself. The eight-times better performance offered by the new processing engine than the older generation should come as a considerable advancement.

    We will update the post when new models become available with the new processor.

    The Final Words

    Well, those were just a few of the best options for an enhanced experience in terms of improved photography with the best cameras equipped with the Bionz X image processing engine. The BIONZ X engine has been known to be an exciting choice for a better image capability.

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