List of the Best Nikon Cameras with Expeed 6 Processor – DSLR + Mirrorless

    In this post, we have a list of the best Nikon cameras with Expeed 6 Processor. The Expeed 6 currently powers the latest mirrorless cameras from the camera portfolio.

    Looking at just the specification of a camera is not enough. It would be best if you also considered the reliability of the brand. To ensure flawless use for years, a reliable camera with all necessary functions is recommended. For years, Nikon is a highly reputable brand in the world of cameras. Whatever your requirements for a camera are, you can easily find the desired one from this manufacturer.

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    In all digital cameras, the EXPEED image-processing is a crucial term to consider. It plays a crucial role in image processing technology and will be applied to all the operations of the image processor. The number beside the term EXPEED denotes the generation of the image processing chip is used.

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    The new Z 7II and Z 6II are implementing two EXPEED 6 image processors, turbocharging performance to improve processing speed and increasing burst capability for stills – all while increasing power efficiency. High image quality is delivered throughout the wide ISO sensitivity range from 100 to 102400. Sensitivity can also be pushed down to ISO 50 equivalent (Lo 1) or elevated up to ISO 3280000 equivalent (Hi-5), just like the D5 range.

    Source: Nikon

    The EXPEED 6 image-processing technology is well-known for improved processing speed and excellent burst capability for still images. The power efficiency is outstanding. The Nikon cameras with this image processor do not consume much power. The photo and video quality are satisfactory in most cases. Let us know in detail about the best Nikon cameras with EXPEED 6.

    List of Nikon Cameras with Expeed 6 Processor – DSLR + Mirrorless

    Sr. No.ImageProduct NameBuy Now
    1Nikon Z50 Compact Mirrorless Digital CameraBuy from Amazon
    2Nikon Z6 Full-Frame Mirrorless CameraBuy from Amazon
    3Z 5 w/NIKKOR Z 24-50mm f/4-6.3Buy from Amazon
    4Nikon Z6 Mirrorless Digital CameraBuy from Amazon
    5Nikon Z6 Mirrorless Camera with 24-70mm f/4 S LensBuy from Amazon
    6Nikon Z7 Full-Frame 4K Mirrorless CameraBuy from Amazon
    7Nikon Z7 Full-Frame Mirrorless CameraBuy from Amazon
    8Nikon D780 DSLR CameraBuy from Amazon
    9Nikon Z 7II FX-Format Mirrorless CameraBuy Now from Amazon

    9. Nikon Z 7II FX-Format Mirrorless Camera:

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    For the first time in the Nikon cameras, the Z 7II camera is implemented with two EXPEED 6 processing engines. Both these engines function collectively for quick image processing, higher buffer capacity, and excellent overall speed. Essentially, Z 7II is built upon the professional imaging abilities of the Z mirrorless platform. It guarantees enhanced image quality, more speed, a wide dynamic range, and more workflow enrichments. All the features you expect in an ultra-high-performance camera are found in the Z 7II camera. Ranging from extreme blacks to bright whites, the Z 7II displays superb dynamic range in still images and videos. The handheld shooting makes it easy to use this camera anywhere.


    • The efficient 5-axis VR image stabilization maintains the sharpness of your photos and videos.
    • All the videos stay steady up to 5 stops in a maximum of 5 directions.
    • There is the use of the 493-point Hybrid AF mechanism with enhancements to low light performance.
    • The ISO range is 64 to 25,600.
    • It comes with advanced options for eye-detection AF, and it is easy to choose AF modes.
    • The maximums speed is 10 FPS with a buffer to maintain stability.
    • With the enhancement in autofocus performance in low-light conditions, the Z 7II can locate your subject quickly. The AF performance is the same in any lighting condition.
    • The camera allows composing and combining a maximum of 10 images when shooting. You can shoot later and combine the shots.

    8. Nikon D780 DSLR Camera:

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    The stunning views will now appear lifelike through the flexibility of the Nikon D780 camera. It is equipped with a high-resolution backside-illuminated FX sensor, a powerful AF system, and the latest EXPEED 6 image processing. The full-frame still images and 4K videos benefit the most from the extraordinary detail, high clarity, and decent low-light performance.

    At your fingertips, you can access wireless image transfer, fast shutter speeds, time-lapse and slow-motion video, etc. With these functionalities, you can explore your photography creativity. In the full-frame body, there is a perfect blend of quality images and high ISO. The shutter works quietly.


    • The included EXPEED 6 image processor conveys excellent AF performance, stunning image and video quality, color reproduction, and low-light clarity.
    • It comes with a 24.5 MP resolution full-frame sensor with back illumination.
    • The mentioned sensor can gather light for detailed photos and videos. The output will have a shallow depth of field, excellent clarity, and sharpness.
    • The eye-detection autofocus supports Live View mode. In this mode, it can track and lock the focus on your subject’s eye with the help of the PDAF mechanism with 273 points. So, portraits are always sharp.
    • Its built-in touchscreen LCSD supports functions like touch, tilt, swipe, and pinch. These functions let you easily obtain the shot from any angle.

    7. Nikon Z7 Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera:

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    The Z7 full-frame camera offers the benefit of 45.7MP full-frame resolution in a lightweight design. This camera model is well-known for its innovative Z mount, mirrorless design, matched lenses, and integration with Nikon’s DSLR system. Furthermore, the inclusion of a 55 mm Z mount provides plenty of light. The more light denotes sharper images and faster performance.

    With the help of an 8K time-lapse and 4K UHD movie, and 10-bit N-Log, this camera fulfills the needs of present-day video creators. All the functionalities are packed in a compact yet sturdy body. In output images and videos, the detail, contrast, and color range will be stunning.


    • The EXPEED 6 image-processing engine facilitates sharp images in the output.
    • Its493-point hybrid AF system provides excellent focusing accuracy.
    • This AF system is of focal-plane phase-detection type. So, the least amount of light falls off the edge.
    • The 3690k-dot Quad-VGA electronic viewfinder offers a clear view and a smooth shooting experience. The same is made possible with the cutting-edge optics and imaging proficiency from Nikon.
    • It can shoot still images up to 9 FPS at full resolution.
    • The enhanced light capture suggests that you can shoot even at the lowest sensitivity of ISO 64. The maximum limit is ISO 25,600, and it is expandable to 102,400.

    6. Nikon Z7 Full-Frame 4K Mirrorless Camera:

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    This full-frame camera from the Z Series features a pretty compact form factor compared to several mirrorless systems. The size feels compact than its DSLR equivalents. Its structure features a lightweight design and maintains weather sealing. There are multiple screens and displays available for simplicity of use. The built-in EVF and a Fluorine coating guarantee a clear viewing experience. This Z7 mirrorless camera is the first in the series to possess EXPEED 6 image-processing engine and 45.7MP BSI CMOS sensor. Consequently, speed and image quality are outstanding.

    Some other essential qualities include the Z mount, short 16 mm flange distance, and a considerable diameter design. All of them enable Nikon to make a compact yet efficient camera. On the rear, there is a 3.2-inch touchscreen LCD with a tilting function. At the top surface of this camera, a dot-matrix OLED is available to let you quickly check the settings. Let you share your captured photos and videos on the go supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions. The pack contains an FTZ mount adapter helpful for using the F-mount Nikkor lenses.


    • It comes with a continuous shooting speed of 9 fps.
    • The built-in EXPEED 6 image-processing engine reduces noise to let you capture stunning photos and videos at high ISO settings.
    • The ISO range is 64-25600.
    • Its 5-axis vibration reduction guarantees stability irrespective of the lens used.
    • The cutting-edge autofocus system uses 493 points to cover 90% of the image portion. This system supports phase detection.
    • The high-resolution sensor enables you to operate it in 8K Time-Lapse mode.
    • The UHD 4K recording is accomplished at up to 30p.
    • The camera can utilize an N-Log gamma profile with a 10-bit HDMI output to present cinematic quality video.
    • All the outputs are clearly shown on the touchscreen LCD.
    • The tilting function of the LCD lets you shoot at low and high angles.

    5. Nikon Z6 Mirrorless Camera with 24-70mm f/4 S Lens:

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    The Nikon Z6 is a versatile camera designed to provide outstanding performance. The two prime aspects are the stunning BSI FX-Format image sensor with a resolution of 24.5 MP and Nikon’s EXPEED 6 processor. Both of these aspects make this digital camera an extraordinary leader in contemporary full-frame imaging. Nikon considers that more light gives off more detail. So, it packed this camera with a wide ISO range of ISO 100-51200. Hence, your captured photos and videos appear lifelike.

    The built-in 3.2-inch touchscreen display provides comprehensive and smooth control. The touchscreen, along with the electronic viewfinder, lets you find your view. You will always stay connected to the cloud with the built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity. You can effortlessly connect to the SnapBridge smartphone app to benefit from remote shooting and easy data transfer. The bundle contains this camera with NIKKOR Z 24-70 mm lens and an FTZ mount adapter.


    • The sensor autofocus system with 493 points covers most portions of the frame.
    • Its AF algorithm is optimized for the FX-format sensor. Thus, the camera switches between contrasts-detect AF and phase-detect AF. This allows you to adjust your focus and give the best image output.
    • The 5-axis VR image stabilization provides excellent image stabilization in a maximum of 5 directions.
    • For movies, it can capture Ultra HD 4K video at 30p in a 16:9 aspect ratio.
    • With the use of width and resolution of the image sensor, the camera can present video equivalent to 5K in DX mode.

    4. Nikon Z6 Mirrorless Digital Camera:

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    The Nikon Z6 is known to be one of the most flexible mirrorless cameras on the market. It conveys incredible imaging through its tons of features. The BSI FX-Format illuminated CMOS sensor with a resolution of 24.5 MP unlocks more opportunities for outstanding image quality. It brings in more light and captures more detail. Along with the image sensor, EXPEED 6 image-processing engine functions collectively to boost sharpness and reduce noise.

    Though being sturdily built from magnesium alloy, this digital camera feels lightweight to handle. A comfortable grip provides a balanced weight with a smooth feel. The button control is comfortably placed. In the bundle, you get this camera and an FTZ mount adapter from Nikon.


    • In Nikon Z6, there are 273 on-sensor focus points of the autofocus system. They encompass the top portion of the frame.
    • The AF algorithm is optimized for the front sensor so that the camera switches between the contrasts-detect AF and phase-detect AF. This allows you to adjust your focus and present the best image quality.
    • The implementation of the 5-axis VR image stabilization provides up to 5 stops of the image stabilization. They are arranged in a maximum of 5 directions: pitch, yaw, roll, X, and Y.
    • It supports a maximum standard sensitivity, i.e., ISO 51,200.
    • The Ultra HD 4K videos are recorded at 30p in a 16:9 aspect ratio.
    • It owns the ability to capture an equivalent of 5K video when you operate it in DX mode. In this mode, it uses the resolution and width of the image sensor.

    3. Z5 w/NIKKOR Z 24-50mm f/4-6.3:

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    Explore your creativity through Z5, a cutting-edge full-frame mirrorless camera. It incorporates the innovative Z mount from Nikon. Being compact yet efficient, all its functionalities are easy to use. This camera unit conveys great detail in images, accurate autofocus and includes all tools you may need to be creative. Moreover, the 24-50 mm lens kit is designed to capture still images and videos anywhere. This kit pairs the 24 MP Z5 with the lightweight NIKKOR Z zoom lens. This is why this kit is perfect for capturing stills and videos.

    The outstanding quality of photos and videos is due to the EXPEED 6 image-processing from Nikon. Also, this processor conveys excellent autofocus performance, image clarity, color reproduction, low-light abilities, and more. The camera is great for shooting with broad apertures in daylight conditions. There is a facility to blend multiple photos into a single significant creation.


    • The maximum shutter speed is up to1/8000 of a second.
    • Irrespective of the lens you use, the 5-axis VR image stabilization is implemented.
    • There is a maximum of 5 stops of image stabilization in a maximum of 5 directions. These directions are pitch, yaw, roll, X, and Y.
    • The electronic viewfinder provides a glare-free view in high resolution. This lets you know how your shot will appear.
    • With the SnapBridge app, you can pair the camera to your phone once and then transfer the images.

    2. Nikon Z6 Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera:

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    When it comes to adjustment, this full-frame Z6 camera excels in the market. It provides outstanding speed, high resolution at the output, and flawless low-light performance. The working process is mainly based on Nikon’s cutting-edge EXPEED 6 image processor and full-frame BSI image sensor. This combination leads to dynamic, sharp, high-resolution images and videos. Every camera from the Z series, including this one, has the broadest lens mount compared to any full-frame camera. Hence, there will be so much light in the output, and the performance is quick.

    Generally, this device is found compatible with all NIKKOR Z lenses. With the help of the total width of the sensor, the camera can capture 4K UHD video at 30p in full-frame. Using the image sensor, light-gathering ability, and noise-reduction processor, the camera can capture high ISO settings. Furthermore, the 10-bit N-LOG maintains more detail in highlights and shadows. So, color grading will be accurate.


    • The maximum ISO limit is 51,200.
    • Its lens design supports up to f/0.95 max apertures.
    • You can shoot up to 120 fps speed at full resolution in the Hi+ mode. There is no need to use an additional battery pack.
    • It can shoot in near silence. So, it can quietly capture critical moments during special occasions like weddings or any outdoor place.
    • The fluid slow-motion videos are captured in 1080p High Definition.
    • There is the flexibility to use the interval timer to capture the full-res still images. You can also make time-lapse videos directly on the camera.
    • Through Bluetooth or WiFi, the transfer of photos and videos is quick with the help of the SnapBridge app. This app is compatible with Apple and Android phones.

    1. Nikon Z50 Compact Mirrorless Digital Camera:

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    The durable construction yet lightweight design of Z50 benefits the user anywhere. While shooting photos, this camera’s unique autofocus system can perfectly lock over your subject’s eye as well as maintain focus. This is applicable even when the scene is in motion, so the focused portraits appear stunning. With the proper use of the Z50, you can become creative at shooting and photography. The low light capability is excellent.

    The built-in sensor, processor, and light gathering ability of a wide Z mount let you capture and shoot in low light conditions. The output always appears professional. With the help of the broad lens mount, the Z50 can capture more amount of light. This means the contrast, sharpness, focus speed, and image quality are outstanding. To use the self-portrait mode, you can turn down the touchscreen LCD. This allows you to capture selfies and also helps with vlogging. The innovative Z mount system offers excellent stability throughout the operation.


    • It includes a DX CMOS sensor with a resolution of 20.9MP.
    • There is support for exceptional mood-setting filters and effects.
    • It comes with 10 high-quality creative picture controls, and there are 10 special effects. All these effects and controls can be previewed in real-time. They apply to both photos and videos.
    • The video features include time-lapse, 4K Ultra HD, 1080p, filters, slow-motion, and more.
    • With the SnapBridge app, you can wirelessly transfer the photos and videos to your phone.
    • Your phone can be helpful as a remote monitor for making adjustments to camera settings. It is easy to capture pictures and shoot videos from your phone.

    Concluding Note:

    For brilliant photo and video quality, these Nikon cameras with Expeed 6 processors are the best ones. They deliver high-performance and are equipped with several innovative features for quality output.

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