Best Full Spectrum Camcorders With 4K Nightvision For Ghost Hunting

Best Full Spectrum Camcorders

Are you looking for full spectrum Camcorders with infrared for night vision? If yes, then you have landed at the right spot!

If you have been into photography and looking to experience the unique night photography, the Full Spectrum cameras can be exciting prospects. These night hunting cameras can also be helpful for those who are involved in Ghost hunting and similar related paranormal activities of sorts. If you are looking into exploring into the dark and showcase what you have witnessed, the night vision cameras or the full spectrum cameras can be quite exciting options to go with.

How do the Full Spectrum Cameras work?

The significant difference between the full spectrum cameras and the standard video cameras lies in the way they capture light. A conventional video camera will record a dimly lit scenario. This is done to protect the quality of the image and the camera sensors.

The full spectrum cameras, on the other hand, capture the entire spectrum of light than just the visible light. This will include the near infra-red and near-ultraviolet light rays. These light frequencies can capture more than what a standard camera with conventional light can do.

Where do You Use Full Spectrum Cameras?

The full spectrums cameras have been the hot preference for those who tend to venture into the night. Those who are fond of camping and exploring the forests at night should be a few essential user categories who would go for the full spectrum cameras.

Another genre of people who find it interesting enough includes those involved in the research of paranormal activities or the so-called ghost hunters. The paranormal researchers believe that the spirits are visible only in the ultraviolet and infra-red light. Thus, if there is any remote chance of the existence of a soul or the so-called ghosts, only the full spectrum cameras can be able to capture them.

With that knowledge on how the night vision cameras or the full spectrum cameras are beneficial for the ghost hunters and explorers alike, how about listing out a few best choices you have in this genre?

Best Full Spectrum Camcorders In 2019

AncterFull Spectrum Infrared CamcorderBest Full Spectrum Camcorders

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Bestguarder6x50mm HD Digital Night Vision Monocular

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Cleveland4K Ultra HD Infrared Night Vision and Full Spectrum Camcorder

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Hausbell5052 Full Spectrum Camcorder

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Ghost HuntingFull Spectrum Night vision camera

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WEILIANTEFull HD Night Vision Digital Camcorder

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BESTEKERNight Vision Camcorder

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IR Night Vision 3.0″ LCD Touch Screen Camcorder

best full spectrum camera

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You have plenty of options available at your disposal for the best full spectrum camcorders you can get in 2019. We thought of listing out the top five choices for the best full spectrum camcorders you can choose for your explorations.

1. Ancter Full Spectrum Infrared Camcorder

Best Full Spectrum Camcorders

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The Ancter full spectrum camera has been considered to be one of the prime options for the scenarios concerning night vision cameras. Of course, it is a new entrant in the sphere of the night vision full spectrum camcorders but has been able to achieve better standards within no time.

The camcorder features a 30 fps night vision mode for enhanced performance as a night vision camera with a particular infra-red mode. It comes with a small footprint but offers you an excellent performance. The relatively inexpensive model comes with the following salient features –

  • An excellent battery life – A night vision camera – whether used for exploring the forest or for ghost hunting, needs to have extraordinary battery life. You should invariably be able to use it for a prolonged period without a need for a charge. The Ancter camcorder offers you up to 200 minutes of usage on a single charge.
  • An exclusive IR system – Ancter has developed a unique Infrared system for the night vision camera. It makes use of a specific IR mode without using the IR LED on the camera. Instead, it uses the external infra-red light source. This helps you in the reduction of battery usage and offers you better performance.
  • Extensive Performance orients Specs – It has been treated to be the world’s best colorful infrared and full spectrum camcorder you can go with. It supports a full HD video recording.

A few other features that can be helpful can be

  • It has the WiFi feature making it a flexible connectivity option.
  • You have access to a high-quality microphone for enhanced performance.
  • It does not use the on infra-red board LED, thus saving battery life.

If you are interested, you can check it out on Amazon here.

2. Bestguarder 6x50mm HD Digital Night Vision Monocular

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Specially designed to be the night vision digital monocular, but doubles up as a camera and camcorder with a rugged design. The camera comes with a 50mm objective lens along with a 6x optical zoom and up to 5x digital zoom.

The camcorder has a built-in infra-red illuminator that offers you a viewing distance of around 350 meters. It has the IPX4 standards and thus can be one of the best water-resistant camcorders to go with. Now that it is used for exploring forests and even for hunting, the rugged design should be what you will indeed fall in love with.

A few features that make it a great choice can include

  • A longer viewing distance for enhanced performance and clarity of what lays ahead.
  • It serves you a double benefit of being a monocular and a camcorder.
  • The built-in powerful microphone can efficiently record audio.
  • You have access to four IR levels and three brightness levels.

The camcorder can be rested on a tripod. That should make it one of the best options for recording the activities of wildlife for prolonged periods. One of the best full spectrum cameras for the researchers. It can also be a great option if you are ghost hunting or into paranormal researches.

If you want to know more about the camcorder with full-spectrum compatibility, it may be a good idea to check it out at this link on Amazon.

3. Cleveland 4K Ultra HD Infrared Night Vision and Full Spectrum Camcorder

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Manufactured by Cleveland Paranormal Supply company, the camcorder is specially designed for those involved in ghost hunting and paranormal activities. However, whether you believe in it or not, you should be able to opt for it for your needs in night vision cameras.

Some of the outstanding features you will be able to find on the camcorder include the 4K recording and a QHD video display functionality. It is perhaps the only full-spectrum camera in the world that comes with a 4K recording compatibility. The camcorder comes with an extra 4K UHD wide-angle lens and a spare battery for an added advantage.

A few salient features we found promising enough include

  • You have access to multiple video recording modes – record 4K at 24 fps, QHD video recording at 30 fps, and Full HD recording at 60 fps.
  • 30 X digital zoom should make it an excellent choice for viewing longer distances and taking videos.
  • The video recorder records the clips at the universal H.264 AVI format.
  • You can switch between an infra-red mode, normal camera mode, and full-spectrum mode at the touch of a button.

In case you, too, are impressed with those features just as we have been, check out the camcorder and its features on Amazon.

4. Hausbell 5052 Full Spectrum Camcorder

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This is yet another camcorder that we will consider to be one of the excellent options among the full spectrum cameras that offer you a complete Night Vision functionality. It has the night vision mode supported by 5MP CMOS sensor, 16x zoom capability making it one of the rare options to do so.

The high-end night vision functionality, coupled with the full spectrum compatibility, should ideally make it a great choice if you are into forest exploration and tracking. The WiFi connectivity is an added advantage that should be helpful enough in transferring the images straight to your smartphone or laptop instantly.

A few features we loved with the camcorder include.

  • The compact and lightweight design makes it an exceptional choice concerning portability.
  • One of the first handheld full spectrum camcorders, it doesn’t tire your hand or arms. The camcorder also comes with a wrist strap.
  • With simple operation and ease of use, it should be best to go if you are a beginner.
  • The camcorder provides you high-quality audio and video at an affordable price point.
  • Best camera with multiple functionalities – you can either use it as your regular camera or a full-spectrum option for those night-vision requirements.

Sounds interesting enough? You can check it out at this link on Amazon.

5. Ghost Hunting Full Spectrum Night vision camera

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Coming from yet another company specialized in Paranormal activities and devices, the Ghost Hunting Full Spectrum Night Vision camera is manufactured by Paranormal Playground. It is indeed a modified version from the company to work as a full spectrum camcorder for night vision and ghost hunting.

The camera also comes with motion detection sensors, and thus you can even leave it on to capture sudden movements or activities in the dark of the night. The camcorder can capture videos in full HD but does not support the 4K recording functions.  You have no access to the illuminator functionality though it does not come with the illuminator included.

Some of the features we found intriguing include the following –

  • The waterproof functionality should make it one of the best options for any of your requirements for hunting or forest explorations.
  • You also have access to the camera mount for added functionality based on your needs.
  • The camera can further be further customized with popular GoPro Camera accessories as it is compatible with them.

Though the camcorder lacks a few features, it can be a good option if you are looking for something that has a high degree of customization options. Check it out on Amazon here.

WEILIANTE Full HD Night Vision Digital Camcorder

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In case you are on a budget, the Weiliante Full Hd Night Vision Digital Camcorder can be the right choice for your night vision requirements and ghost hunting. The camcorder comes with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and can shoot images at 24MP. The 3-inch display can be rotated to up to 270 degrees for more comfortable viewing.

The infrared night vision component of the camera is what would interest us. If you are into the investigation of paranormal activities, this can be an added advantage for your needs. The remote control functionality that helps you control the feature would be one of the vast options.

Some of the specific features that should make it one of the great options would include

  • Availability of pause functionality can be one of the great features making it an excellent option for YouTubers and vloggers.
  • The built-in fill-in light and 16x digital zoom are the two salient features you would find impressive enough.
  • The 1500 mAh battery provides you with a backup of up to 60 to 90 minutes on a full charge.
  • You also have webcam functionality.
  • The webcam functionality is quite small and lightweight. This can be one of the best options making it highly portable.

In case those features impress you enough, you may check it out on Amazon.

BESTEKER Night Vision Camcorder

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Yet another great budget option that provides you access to an external microphone along with the night vision camera functionality. The 1080p full HD recording functionality is what would help you achieve the best results. Get access to the high quality of 24 MP images. The external microphone helps you with the best options for paranormal ghost hunting.

All the operations n your camcorder can be controlled with remote control, and that can be a great option. Just mount it on the tripod and control it the way you would want to. The microphone that comes built-in with the camera can address the background noise cancellation features as well.

Some of the salient features worthy of mentioning would include

  • The 16X digital zoom should be the right choice for both regular shoots or even for the night vision shooting needs you may have.
  • The 1250 mAh battery can take videos for up to 1.5 hours and images to up to 2.5 Hours.
  • The extensive-angle performance would be one of the unique concepts that have brought a new dimension to your ghost hunting endeavors.
  • The package also comes with an extra battery.

Check out the budget camcorder at Amazon.

Aabeloy IR Night Vision Camcorder 2.7K

best full spectrum camera

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The camcorder comes with a Handheld Stabilizer that can capture up-to 2.7K 2688X1520 @ 30fps. Not bad considering the price point at which this retails at on most marketplaces. The camcorder comes with built-in lens hood. It can help block excess light and protect your camcorder lens and from accidental damage as well.

In the current context of the article, Under IR Night Vision, the camera can shoot high definition images and videos, that work perfectly in the darkness. It can also shoot great in low light conditions. It Adopts X-Y stereo pickup tech, that offers clear and stable sound image localization. It is the suitable for video camera with microphone for bloggers and videography hobbyists.

The Parting Thoughts

Well, we think that was a formidable enough list for the full spectrum night vision camcorders for your photography and videography experimentations. We assume we have provided you enough food for thought with that compilation of the best camcorder options for your ghost hunting at night.

Have you used any of those cameras and camcorders for your full spectrum needs? If you have, do share your thoughts, experiences, and opinions with us through the comments. You may also share information about any other better options worthy of being on this list.

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