Best 360-degree Video Conference Cameras with Budget Options

    If you are looking for the best 360-degree video conference cameras, you have landed in the right place.

    With emerging trends such as WFH (Work from Home), Video conferencing has now become prevalent in various sectors. Video conferencing is inevitable, whether business, education, product launch, online teaching, interview, etc. The requirements to accomplish video conferencing are a decent quality video conference camera and a stable Internet connection.

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    To obtain a comprehensive view of the conference room, you need to set up a 360° video conference camera. This feature ensures that all members in the room are visible and audible. Moreover, it suggests that inputs from every member do not go in vain without being considered. Before we get into the individual details, do remember that we listed out the products based on two parameters:

    1. Native, vendor branded 360-degree camera or Webcam
    2. A traditional webcam with a 360-degree rotating stand for added convenience.

    Now that expectations are being set, stay tuned to the following article to know and pick the best 360-degree video conference camera:

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    Sr. No.ImageProduct NameManufacturerBuy Now
    1Lenovo 360 Video Conferencing Camera with SpeakersLenovoCheck on Amazon India
    2Walfront 360-Degree Video Conferencing CameraWalfrontCheck on Amazon India
    Sr. No.ImageProduct NameManufacturerBuy Now
    1Meeting Owl Pro – 360-Degree Video Conference CameraOwl LabsCheck on Amazon
    2Owl Labs Meeting Owl Pro Video Conference CameraOwl LabsCheck on Amazon
    3Microsoft LifeCam Studio for BusinessMicrosoftCheck on Amazon
    4Microsoft LifeCam CinemaMicrosoftCheck on Amazon
    5Logitech ConferenceCam Connect All-in-OneLogitechCheck on Amazon
    6Kandao Meeting 360 All-In-One Conferencing CameraKanDaoCheck on Amazon
    7COOLPO 360° Conference Camera with MicrophoneCOOLPOCheck on Amazon
    8AUSDOM AW620 Video CameraAUSDOMCheck on Amazon

    2. Walfront 360-Degree Video Conferencing Camera:

    Check on Amazon India

    Walfront presents this device that supports various functions. It can work as a video conferencing camera, streaming webcam with a microphone, and a computer video camera. You can use it for video calling, conferencing, and recording. The 360° rotational ability makes sure you can adjust this camera as per the needs. Despite packing powerful features, it comes in a compact structure.

    Two of its most vital aspects are the stable audio/video transmission and high-definition picture quality. These aspects make the device versatile. It can be steadily placed on a PC, laptop, computer, desktop, TVs, PC, etc. There is a customization privacy cover available. It fully protects your privacy ideal for a task like conferencing, chatting, interview, and online teaching. The facial-beautifying effect and the automatic low-light correction offer smooth video output.


    • The resolution of the recorded videos and images in 1080p FHD. The recording takes place at 30 fps with a smooth sound.
    • It comes with a 360° horizontal swivel view and a 95° extended viewing angle. A 180° fixed clip is included.
    • The high-definition image sensor comes with an automatic white balance. This sensor, along with a 2M pixels lens and low-light correction, makes your video smooth and clear.
    • The built-in 2.8 inch CMOS chip automatically corrects the white balance to make sure the video output appears lifelike. Even in a dim environment or during overexposure to light, the result appears clear.
    • The plug & play interface is quite simple to set up using the USB 2.0 port. The drivers need not be installed manually.
    • The webcam is compatible with Windows 2000 / XP / 7 / 8 / 10, MAC OS, and Android Smart TV.
    • The built-in microphone cancels background noise and ultimately offers clear voice recording.
    • It can work well with a wide range of live streaming and video conferencing software. You can use it for Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, Microsoft Team, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Xbox, and more.

    1. Lenovo VOIP 360 Camera Speaker:

    Check on Amazon

    When looking to establish immersive communication throughout the conference, you can set up this Lenovo camera speaker. With this device, you can see, listen, and speak in the room. Wherever you use it in the room, the output will be perceptible throughout the room. It comes with components like a camera, a speaker, and a rotating 360° microphone.

    It comes in a ball shape and provides high-resolution video output. Furthermore, with the help of multi-directional microphones, it is possible to pick calls from any distance. It is a USB-enabled device in a compact shape with great portability. A case is included to fit any surface or bag.


    • The camera speaker provides complete circle portability. It is suitable for travel when you plug and play it through a USB-C cable.
    • For complete privacy, you can choose the display modes.
    • The calling experience is optimized for all leading VoIP apps like Skype for business, Google Hangouts, Webex, Chime, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Bluejeans, and more.
    • The acoustic noise cancelation and environment noise suppression provide crisp, rich sound to everyone in the room.

    8. AUSDOM AW620 Video Camera:

    Check on Amazon

    The aforementioned video conference camera can work as a USB webcam. It comes with a dual microphone that effectively picks up voice from all directions. You can use this device for YouTube live streaming recording YouTube videos, Skype calls, and more. With the manual focus, this camera focuses on your face and provides a clear picture output. Moreover, with the efficient noise-cancellation feature, the sound clarity is excellent. Use a standard USB cable for connection.

    Using this camera, professionals and anyone can record rich content. It is possible to record demo videos, record your speech for online teaching, and show your skills on YouTube. The setup is easy and quick. This webcam can be easily connected to a desktop, monitor, notebook, or laptop through the universal base. Overall, it is a highly functional video conference camera for the price.


    • The video resolution is 1080p full HD on Skype. For game streaming through TV, the resolution is 720p.
    • With the five-element glass lens having full HD resolution, the output shows fine detail and high clarity. This lens owns the auto-focus ability to record videos without blurs.
    • The automatic HD light correction adjusts the output as per the prevailing lighting conditions. Consequently, it leads to the production of bright images with enough contrast.
    • The compatibility is with Windows XP/7/8/10 or higher, Mac OS 10.6 or higher, Android v5.0 or higher, and Chrome OSTM.
    • The included magnetic ring resists interference. It comes with functions like radiation protection and heat insulation.

    7. COOLPO 360° Conference Camera with Microphone:

    Check on Amazon

    This device from COOLPO can work as a camera, speaker, and microphone. This is why it is regarded as an all-in-one video conferencing camera. The incorporated 360° lens encompasses the whole room. Moreover, the 4 microphones accept voice from all the people in a room within 15 feet distance. Simultaneously, you can hear and broadcast, so it creates an immersive conference experience.

    For effective communication, this device can track and focus people based on their movements and voice. It can notice each sign and emphasize the speaker. The plug-and-play interface ascertains that there is no need for the installation of drivers. Simply plug this camera through the USB cable to a PC. Next, turn on any meeting software and choose a conference camera as your video and audio device from the software interface. Finally, you can relish smooth conferencing or online meeting experience with excellent efficiency.


    • This intelligent video conference camera supports resolution options like 720p, 1080p, and 4K for video calling.
    • The 360° horizontal and 60° vertical field of view makes sure all the persons are visible.
    • The split-screen and full view modes are available. With live connectivity and any of these modes, you can communicate more effectively.
    • The OS compatibility is Windows 7/8/10 and the 2 latest iOS systems.
    • You can use it with video conferencing software like Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Team, Cisco, and WebEx.

    6. Kandao Meeting 360 All-In-One Conferencing Camera:

    Check on Amazon

    Enjoy the face-to-face online meeting experience for the growth of your business with this Kandao camera. Its prime components are a 360° camera, 2 full-duplex speakers, and 8 omnidirectional microphones. All these components lead to a streamlined communication experience. Regardless of the size of the remote meeting, this conferencing camera works well.

    The all-encompassing 360° field-of-view captures the view of the whole room. Moreover, the superior quality audio facilitates clear conversation all the time. For remote employees, this device proves to be so much handy. Some of the admirable aspects include the huge vertical field of use, powerful audio pick, excellent video quality, and ease of setup.


    • This intelligent video conferencing camera emphasizes various participants while they speak.
    • With smooth panning, it automatically identifies and follows the various active speakers.
    • The easy USB plug & play interface lets you connect it to a PC or Mac.
    • It is compatible with a majority of video conferencing systems.
    • It can work with video conferencing apps like Slack, Cisco, Skype, Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, and more.
    • There are 3 modes available to meet different meeting needs. They are discussion mode, presentation mode, and global mode.
    • If you want, you can let the camera stay hidden and pop it up when needed. When not in use, you can press down to conceal the camera lenses for privacy protection.

    5. Logitech ConferenceCam Connect All-in-One:

    Check on Amazon

    When the need arises to connect a small group of up to 6 persons for video conferencing, you can go for this Logitech device. Apart from a conference camera, it can also work as a speakerphone. When using a speakerphone, you can connect via Bluetooth or USB. The 1080p HD video quality satisfies your expectations regarding video performance. The 360° sound makes sure any person sitting in any corner of the room can hear your voice. It also denotes the portability to set up this conference cam anywhere you like in the room.

    Since it is optimized for small groups, it provides multi-device connectivity, and the setup is quite simple. The design is sleek and easy to carry along. So, you benefit from quality video conferencing experience in any professional space. The box contains this camera, a power adapter with plug, regional plugs, a USB cable, and documentation.


    • The Zeiss glass lens captures the fine details of the place around.
    • It provides a 90° field of view.
    • IItcomes with autofocus and features like digital tilt/pan/zoom for meeting the business conferencing needs. for meeting the company conferencing needs
    • The wideband audio speakerphone is equipped with a noise cancellation feature. You will perceive clear and natural communication, free from distortion.
    • With the wideband audio, the conversations own great clarity.
    • The full-duplex microphones are Omni-directional.
    • With wireless screen-mirroring, it is allowed to connect your mobile devices to this camera. This feature is helpful for presentations and projecting content of a smartphone or tablet on a TV screen.
    • It supports plug & play compatibility for connecting PC and Mac through the USB interface.
    • There is support for Bluetooth and mobile device NFC pairing.
    • The H.264 video compression grants laptop bandwidth and provides smooth video streaming.
    • For most web conferencing and UC applications, this camera is compatible.

    4. Microsoft LifeCam Cinema:

    Check on Amazon

    With the ability to rotate in 360 degrees, this Microsoft video conferencing camera lets you share every detail with anyone. Whether you want to have online chatting with your friend, or stay in touch with family or discuss a project with a team, this device comes in handy.

    With the ClearFrame image-processing, the output always contains smooth video and clear audio. For conveying exceptional audio clarity, the manufacturer designs this camera with a digital, noise-canceling microphone. The aluminum construction makes it sturdy yet lightweight. A flexible stand is available for mounting on a desktop or PC or notebook, or LCD. Not just the video quality, but the sound recording is also of premium quality.


    • The high-precision glass lens provides sharp images at the output. This lens comes with an autofocus feature that ranges from 6 inches to infinity.
    • The lens offers a 73° diagonal field of view.
    • For video chatting, it supports 720p HD resolution.
    • It is implemented with TrueColor Technology along with face tracking for vivid video output. This technology varies exposure for conveying dynamic footage.
    • The ClearFrame Technology enhances picture quality regardless of the light conditions.
    • Various image features it comes with are digital pan/tilt/4x zoom. There is support for automatic image adjustment with the manual override.
    • For audio processing, a digital microphone is present. It cancels noise for enhanced audio quality with clarity.

    3. Microsoft LifeCam Studio for Business:

    Check on Amazon

    In a video conference camera, the included sensor plays a significant role in determining the image and video quality. This
    Microsoft LifeCam Studio camera is equipped with a widescreen sensor with a resolution of 1080p HD. It provides excellent image sharpness and superior video quality. Moreover, the high-fidelity microphones bring together the colors and sounds of happenings around.

    To present a comprehensive view, this camera can rotate halfway in both directions. For premium quality sound recording, it comes with a wideband microphone. The reason why it is suitable so much for business use is it is Skype certified.


    • The high-precision wide-angle glass lens comes with an autofocus feature. This feature works in a range of 4 inches to infinity.
    • Within this range, it maintains crispiness in the subject and offers high image accuracy.
    • The implemented TrueColor Technology maintains the quality, brightness, and dynamicity of video in all lighting conditions. This technology comes with face tracking.
    • The ClearFrame Technology leads to detailed footage with smoothness.
    • With the high-fidelity microphone, the audio output is always natural and detailed.
    • For video chat, it supports 720p HD resolution.
    • It can work with Microsoft Lync.

    2. Owl Labs Meeting Owl Pro Video Conference Camera:

    Check on Amazon

    The Owl Pro video conferencing camera provides the most satisfactory team meeting experience. It records video in 1080p resolution and comes with 360° rotational ability. It is especially suitable for the power users who want the best team meeting experience with all necessary accessories. You will now get rid of asking the person at the other end whether you can hear me now. This is because the audio clarity is excellent, and the sound feels detailed and natural. You can listen to and see everything as if you are right there.

    Simply connect it to a PC through the USB. It is an all-in-one device that combines the functionalities of a camera, speaker, and mic. What makes it so exceptional is it lets the remote team members feel included. Hence, they can vibrantly participate.

    Apart from professional workspaces, it is also suitable for distance learning, where students and instructors need to engage. It is possible to connect distributed teams over multiple offices. To make the meeting more productive, it makes the sessions more collaborative. The pack contains an adapter with a plug, a quick start guide, and a 6.5 feet long micro USB cable.


    • When the team members speak, this camera automatically underlines and then shifts focus to other persons in the room. Hence, it makes you feel that the meeting is going on right there.
    • Compared to the original Meeting Owl conference cameras, this one has twice the sharpness in video output and double the louder sound.
    • The speaker and camera units are at the center. They are enclosed by 8 microphones that equalize the volume while you speak.
    • The microphones pick up voice within a distance of 18 feet radius.
    • There is no need to download or install any software; quick and easy to set up.

    Also consider: Meeting Owl (720p non-Pro version)

    Check on Amazon

    Owl Labs designed this 720p video conference camera to let teams be more productive.  This 360° camera is excellent for smaller rooms and huddle spaces. It presents a cost-effective option to turn conversion immersive in any room. The device can also work as a speaker and mic. What makes this conference camera exceptional is it helps remote teammates feel included. Hence, they can participate more enthusiastically.

    Simply connect it to a PC through USB and Meet.  Generally, for team meetings with 5 persons in a room, this camera works wonderfully. Moreover, the remote locations too can hear your voice in the office.


    • The maximum focal length is 10000 mm.
    • It comes with CMOS optical sensor technology.
    • The 360° lens displays the entire room.
    • The 8 microphones pick up voice from everybody in the room, within 12 feet of distance.
    • Supported connectivity technologies are Android 5 or higher and iOS 10 or higher.
    • It automatically highlights as well as shifts focus to different persons in the room while they speak. Hence, you can know all that happening as if you are physically there.
    • No need to download or install any software.

    720p might sound insufficient in today’s time, but the Meeting Owl does most of what its Pro sibling can do. Here is a quick comparison table below:

    FeaturesMeeting Owl

    Meeting Owl Pro

    Field of viewFull 360 degreesFull 360 degrees
    Camera focus systemAutomatic focus on the speakerAutomatic focus on the speaker
    All-in-one camera, mic, and speaker
    Number of mics (Omni-directional)8 mics8 smart mics
    Mic pickup range12 feet18 feet
    Video resolution720p HD1080p HD
    Ideal Room LocationCenter of the tableCenter of the table
    WiFi connectivity
    Smart Meeting Room enabledNo
    1. Meeting Owl Pro – 360-Degree Video Conference Camera:

    Check on Amazon

    Owl Labs designs this video conference camera to work flawlessly in big conference rooms. Its included microphone can pick up voice from 18 feet of distance. When anyone starts speaking, it automatically focuses on that person. Hence, the collaboration turns active, and participants feel more engaged. To meet the online conference needs for bigger conference rooms, there is an option to pair. You can pair multiple Meeting Owl Pros through Owl Connect.

    With the plug-and-play convenience, you relish simplified and quick meeting setup. Just plug it into a PC through USB and set up your favorite video conferencing platform. Anybody in the organization can regulate this device when the meeting is going on. It is possible through the Android or iOS Meeting Owl mobile app. One of the best alternatives to eliminate multiple days trip meetings is nothing but the Meeting Owl Pro camera. The device is recommended by zoom.


    • It captures 360° video and audio in 1080p HD resolution.
    • The device contains a 360° camera, speaker, and microphone.
    • It comes with universal compatibility. You can use it with almost all video conferencing platforms web-based—zoom, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Cisco, Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans, Webex, and more.
    • It is a Wi-Fi-enabled conference camera (powered by Wise OS) for updates.

    If you are into a webinar or other similar options, you will find it a little challenging to opt for the best webcams for your needs. The HD video and other essential elements would be the perfect choices for your needs in webinars and other requirements. A perfect webcam with the right type of microphones or an option for external microphones would be an excellent choice. How about checking out a few remarkable webcams with the functionality? Here are a few of our choicest options for the best in webcams with microphones and optional speakers.

    Why is the microphone essential in a Webcam?

    If you into webinars and podcasting, you would find it extremely important to go with the best options in the webcam. Of course, the videos and their clarity should be essential. However, the audio quality assumes a lot of importance for a satisfying experience for your visitors and listeners.

    You may be a great speaker, and the topic that you have taken up is quite impressive; you will not be able to come with the proper effects of the podcasting or webinar. A blurry video or choppy audio can make your visitors move away from you. That is precisely why it is essential to opt for a webcam that offers you a good quality microphone and an option to add additional speakers.

    Best Webcams with Microphone and Optional Speakers

    Having understood the essence and importance of the webcams with speakers and better microphones, here are a few great options that should meet your requirements.

    LilBit Face Recognition USB IR Camera

    Check on Amazon

    It would be recommended to use it directly on the USB port on your computer or laptop. The Windows Hello compatible camera would be one of the most high-end devices that can be an excellent choice for webinars. The RGB 720p resolution should be the best you can opt for if you are looking for high-quality podcasting and webinars. The dual microphones would provide you access to an excellent performance.

    The camera supports a multi-user environment. That would mean you would be able to use it with any number of users and sign in with the facial data. The webcam can detect masquerading through the infrared camera and a sensor. It uses high-quality biometrics for an exceptional experience. You will find it offers an excellently simple setup process.

    Quantum 25MP Web Camera – QHM495LM

    Check on Amazon India

    This is yet another perfect option for webinars and podcasts because of the sensitive microphone that can capture even the most minor audio signal. A whopping 25 MP camera resolution should help you stream a high quality of images and videos. The premium CMOS light sensors would be yet another essential feature. Just clip it onto your computer, and you are good to go with your share of videos and images in high quality.

    You have several exceptional features on the webcam that would ensure you get enough audiovisual clarity. The built-in microphone should be a great performer in getting your thoughts across in a crystal clear manner. The webcam comes with a pivoting mechanism for mounting. You should be able to set it up at an optimum position when you have a Skype call.

    Microsoft LifeCam Studio for Business

    Check on Amazon

    The 1080p sensor that can shoot at High definition should make it one of the excellent options you would want to focus on. The professional quality of your webcam would ideally make it one of the perfect choices for your requirements in podcasting and webinars. The powerful TrueColor technology ensures that you would provide you access to the brightest and vivid colors. You can expect the clearest auto focussing and sharper videos.

    The best part that makes it a preferred option is it is optimized for and certified by Microsoft Lync. The high fidelity microphone and noise cancellation feature for the crisp and clear audio performance for streaming at 720p high definition performance. The upper precision glass element lens would make it a great choice that assures a high image quality. The camera is also certified for Skype, and that should speak a lot for itself.

    Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

    Check on Amazon

    Logitech has had a kind of monopoly when it comes to web cameras and other computer peripherals. The Logitech HD Pro C920 lives up to the expectation that the brand has lived up to. The 720p resolution is one of the great features you would find a practical option. The webcam can record videos at 1080p, while streaming can be achieved through a resolution of 720p.

    The support for H.264 video compression technology ensures a higher degree of upload speeds. The advanced video capture feature would be yet another huge plus point. The stereo microphones would let you take an exceptional quality of audio that you would have never experienced on any other device. The noise-canceling functionality of the receivers would ensure that you have access to perfect sound performance.

    Logitech Conference Cam BCC950

    Check on Amazon

    Get a highly professional quality of performance with HD video performance. The superior speakerphone functionality would make it an excellent choice for most of your streaming, online seminar, and podcasting requirements. The Carl Zeiss optics provides you with excellent video clarity. The microphone has a bandwidth of 200Hz to 8 kHz. The plug-and-play compatibility and USB connectivity are the two features that you would impressive for easy setup.

    The echo and noise-canceling duplex speakerphone can help you suppress the distracting background noise. Get your voice through cleanly and naturally. One of the unique concepts you would not find on any other devices would be the handheld remote control option offered by the USB device — the bright and clear video performance with the Full HD color rendition and sharpness. The 78-degree field of view would be a great feature, along with a 180-degree pan – tilt and zoom functionality. The mic is omnidirectional and can pick up the correct type of audio with active echo cancellation.

    Logitech MeetUp and Expansion Mic

    Microsoft Teams Certified Webcams

    Check on Amazon

    The Premium offering from Logitech would make it one of the incredibly high devices you would find an excellent option for a business-quality video meeting. A super wide-angle view of 120 degrees would be one of the best options to see everyone in the room. The camera does support the highest possible HD video performance that will provide you access to better network bandwidth. You can use multiple video resolutions as per your preferences. You can use any of the decisions that would include Ultra 4K, 1080p, and 720p.

    The three-camera pre-sets would provide you with access to enhanced face-to-face collaboration. The audio takes care of the acoustics in a conference hall and delivers a perfect and enhanced performance. The expansion microphone can help you extend the range of the mic to 8 to 14 feet. The compact design of the webcam would be what should help you take care of cable clutter. It does come with three microphones that pick the voice from even the farthest of the regions. It can also work as a speakerphone.

    Closing Thoughts

    These were a few excellent options that should ideally be handy enough. Of course, we have covered each webcam across multiple pricing points. Ensure you exercise enough caution when buying a new webcam and consider the above factors for excellent service quality.

    We would assume the top-end webcams with speakers or microphones featured here should provide you access to the best webinar, podcasting, or educational needs.

    Concluding Note:

    To make the online meeting experience more collaborative and practical, these are some of the best 360° video conference cameras to consider. They excel in audio and video clarity, ease of setup, and broad compatibility with online video conferencing platforms.

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