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    List of Cameras using XQD Cards and Card Readers For Nikon DSLRs

    The photography arena today has gone through tremendous innovations. The latest in the line up is XQD Cards. Designed to offer excellent read and...

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    IMX882 vs LYT600 vs IMX890 – Specifications Comparison

    In this post, we find out and compare the IMX882 vs LYT600 vs IMX890 which are modern smartphone sensors build by Sony.Ever wondered why some phone cameras outperform others, even with similar megapixel counts? The answer lies in the heart of the camera - the image sensor. Recently, the OnePlus community has been buzzing about the differences between the IMX 882, LYT 600, and IMX 890 sensors. Let's break it down in simple terms:Also Read: Comparing LYT-T808 vs LYT-900 vs IMX890Sensor Showdown: Size Matters (Mostly) The discussions reveal that the IMX 882 and LYT 600 seem like twins on paper, boasting 50 megapixels on a similar sized (1/1.95") plate with equally tiny pixels (0.8 microns). This...

    Omnivision OV64A vs OV64B vs OV64C โ€“ Specs Comparison

    In this post, we objectively compare the Omnivision OV64A vs OV64B vs OV64C smartphone camera sensors, which are expected soon. Also Read: Samsung ISOCELL HM3 vs HM2 vs Sony IMX686 The world's third-largest mobile phone image sensor company is OmniVision. This company announced three image sensors based on the PureCelยฎPlus chip stacking technology and electronic image stabilization (EIS) technology to equip high-end smartphones with superior quality image capture as well as 4K (& 8K) video performance. Names of these image sensors are OV64A, OV64B, and OV64C. Now let's get into the details of each of these sensors and then look at their comparison: Omnivision OV64A:Lenovo Legion 2 ProThis first 64MP mobile phone sensor comes with a 1.0 ยตm...

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