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    If you are looking for the best Zoom certified cameras, you have landed in the right place.

    Video conferencing has been one of the prominent aspects of the current breed of communication techniques. Video conferencing and remotely handled meetings have made it one of the excellent options for people who primarily work from home. Among the best choices that you have access to when it comes to video conferencing tools, you would find that the Zoom Rooms have been one of the unique opportunities you can rely upon.

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    Zoom Rooms – The best in Video Conferencing

    The Zoom Rooms has been one of the best options for addressing the significant issues you may come across while holding a conference. Whether starting a meeting, booking it, or even sharing the content in an effective manner.

    One of the unique concepts and features that Zoom Rooms provide you access to would include an exciting high definition audio and video transmission. You can stream content across multiple platforms like desktop, mobile, and room systems. Joining your meetings should be extremely easy and straightforward with one-touch access.

    Sharing your content would also be quite easy and straightforward. Zoom room systems offer you an option to share your data wirelessly through a one-click share option. The platform also comes equipped with interactive whiteboard capabilities. You can have up to 12 whiteboards at a time.

    The Best Zoom Certified Cameras

    Having understood the importance and essence of Zoom Room systems and the capability that it offers you, it would be essential enough to arrive at the best cameras that can live up to the expectation when used with a Zoom Room system.

    Zoom specifically recommends select camera systems from the manufacturers partnering with the platform. Logitech, Poly, and Creston have been the three major players who have partnered with the Zoom platform. There are other manufacturers as well who have been partnered with the platform.

    Logitech Rally

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    The Logitech Rally is one of the excellent options for a medium-sized room. It offers you access to the premium ultra HD performance. The conference camera system comes with automatic camera control functionality.

    The equipped RightSense technology will ensure that the user experience is considerably automated. The modular audio performance can work efficiently with all your requirements. The sleek industrial design and the premium components are a few features that can be an excellent option for most of your needs. The system efficiently does work with a host of systems like Google Hangouts Meet, Microsoft Skype® for Business, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.

    The RightLight technology will ensure that the light balance is optimized for a better performance standard. The smart cabling and content sharing capabilities would be yet another great feature.

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    Logitech Meetup

    Microsoft Teams Certified Webcams

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    This is one of the best camera options that can be a great solution if you are looking for an opportunity for a smaller sized room. The camera will provide you access to the all in one conference cam functioning with the broader field of view. The audio that comes integrated with the platform would be yet another excellent choice for the huddle rooms and smaller conferences.

    The wide-angle view will let you have access to everyone in the frame, including those who are close to the camera. The real sense of technology also comes with automatic framing. The compact design will provide you access to enhanced performance. This can be an excellent choice for use with tighter spaces. The 4K ultra-wide high definition sensor would be one of the advantages this camera has over the others on this list.

    The patent-pending anti-vibration technology will provide you with an integrated audio performance in the huddle rooms and similar other locations. The custom-tuned speaker should be one of the excellent options you would find impressive enough. The camera is certified for a wide range of professional services that include Skype for Business and Teams, Microsoft Cortana ®, Cisco Jabber™ along with LifeSize Cloud, Vidyo, Fuze, and Zoom.

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    Logitech Rally Plus

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    It is an excellent option for all your requirements in terms of video conferencing needs for a larger room. The webcam is compatible with platforms like Google hangouts meet, Microsoft Skype for business, Microsoft Teams, and zoom. The device comes with modular audio and ensures quality performance.

    The camera can go well into your medium or larger rooms concerning the video conferencing requirements. The cable management and premium finish are a few features that you would find impressive enough. The real sense of technology should be yet another excellent option for improved user experience.

    Ensure a world-class video conferencing with the precise audio performance along with the video. You can experience a highly intelligible and natural sound quality. The microphone is extremely sensitive and offers you a high degree of performance.

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    Polycom EagleEye IV USB Camera

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    You can be assured of a 1080p HD audio performance that can record at 30 fps and thus provide you excellent performance with video conferencing and remote meetings. You can be assured of the high degree of performance quality with the pan, tilt, and 12x optical zoom options. The camera is well suited for medium and large-sized meeting rooms.

    The wide-angle field of view of 72 degrees should be one of the prominent options you would find quite impressive enough. The remote control functionality would bring it to the next level of performance. You can have access to the perfect degree of natural colors in full HD at 1080p.

    The camera can work effectively with the services like Polycom Trio™ 8800. The easy to install USB connectivity would be one of the best features you would want to focus on. The plug and play compatibility should be one of the perfect solutions you would want to focus on.

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    Polycom RealPresence Group 700

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    This is one of the perfect and excellent video conferencing systems that would provide you with access to an enhanced experience. It can be one of the unique options for the medium to large-sized conference rooms. It can also double up as an excellent option for classrooms or other meeting needs you may have.

    The camera system would support three monitors, two HD cameras, and 3 tabletop microphone arrays. You can use it with the 720p or 1080p systems. You also have access to an HDMI port to let you plug your computer to the camera system directly. The camera setup also enables you to use it with the content sharing requirements. You can also connect the system with seven other sites.

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    Logitech Conference Cam BCC950

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    The camera is an exceptional choice for the HD video and a superior speakerphone functionality packed in. It can be one of the best options for small group conferencing. You can have access to an enhanced performance with Carl Zeiss Optics with Autofocus that provides you with razor-sharp images. The webcam is compatible with Skype for Business, BlueJeans, Broadsoft, Cisco Jabber, Cisco WebEx, Fuze, LifeSize Cloud, Vidyo, and Zoom.

    The camera offers you access to a 78-degree field of view along with the 180-degree video pan that works with remote control. You can be assured of a high definition video quality and high-resolution audio, thanks to the full-duplex speakerphone available on the camera. You can either control it with the base or with the remote control.

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    HuddleCamHD 20x Full HD USB 3.0 PTZ White Camera

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    HuddleCam HD 20 is a great choice and can be an exciting opportunity for a high-level conference camera needs you may have. The plug and play USB 3.0 compatibility should be one of the most important aspects that should make it one of the perfect options.

    The 58-degree field of view is one of the added advantages you would find impressive enough for medium to large-sized rooms. The camera can be controlled through a wide range of multiple options that would include RS-232, RS-485, or the included IR remote. The camera can be used with several mounting options that would consist of a tripod, wall mounting, and ceiling mounting. The 20X optical zoom is one of the features that should necessarily make it an exciting option for your needs to get upfront and close.

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    In Conclusion

    The video conferencing and remote meetings cannot be productive without the right choice of cameras and accessories. Zoom Rooms being an efficient meeting solution available and one of the most widely used, it assumes a lot of importance to check out a few cameras that comply with and are compatible with the Zoom Rooms. We have made it a point to list out the best cameras that effectively meet your needs.

    The Logitech, Polycon, and Crestron being a part of the Zoom Rooms ecosystem; they form a more extensive range of camera devices for the platform. However, there are other options available, as well. Check out the multiple camera options we have featured in this compilation and share your thoughts and experiences with us.

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