Best Canon RP Accessories and Drop-In Filter Mount Adapters EF-EOS R

    Canon has recently launched a new breed of camera christened Canon EOS RP. Being a new camera with a few new features at the entry level, finding the right kind of accessories for it may not be quite easy. From that perspective, we thought it would be a great idea to check out a few best Canon RP accessories, which should be helpful for existing EF lens owners.

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    Canon EOS RP – An Overview

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    Canon EOS RP is the populist version of its full-frame mirrorless camera, Canon EOS R. The P in the name suggests to Popular. It is what would be focussing on advanced amateur (Enthusiasts) photographers who have been looking for full-frame features on the Canon EOS R but were not willing to spend or opt for the specialist features offered on it and the massive bulk of the big brother, the 5D MK IV.

    The new camera is powered by Digic 8 processor and comes with a 26.2 MP sensor. Equipped with the ISO configuration of ISO100-40,000 and Dual Pixel CMOS AF, the camera is said to have the world’s fastest Autofocus performance. The camera can support 4K at up to 25 fps while offering 1080p shooting at 50 fps.

    You do not have many of the killer features on the Canon EOS R as it is aimed at the entry-level version of its bigger brother, the 6D MK II. There isn’t in body image stabilization available.

    The Best Canon RP Accessories

    Well, that was a little information on the new Camera EOS RP. Having gone through the high-level details of the camera, we will now move ahead checking out a few Canon EOS RP accessories.

    The adapters here are best suited for those who are using the Canon EOS RP camera along with other EOS cameras and want to use the old EF (& EF-S) lenses with the new camera.

    Canon EF – EOS R Mount Adapter

    Canon Control Ring Mount Adapter EF-EOS R

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    The Canon EOS RP comes with the new R mount. If you have the older EF lenses, the mount adapter coming straight from Canon would indeed be an added advantage. The adapter lets you use the EF-S and EF with your new EOS RP camera.

    Some of the features offered by the adapter included

    • It is compatible with almost all EF and EF-S lenses.
    • The adapter comes with an exterior design perfectly matching the EF lenses.
    • You have dust and water resistance properties built in.
    • It has the metal mount on the lens and mount side. This will improve ruggedness and enhance the durability

    In case you think the adapter is worth your expectations, you may give it a try at this link on Amazon.

    Control Ring Mount Adapter EF-EOS R

    Canon Control Ring Mount Adapter EF-EOS R

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    The adapter is designed to offer the same functionality as the Canon EF – EOS R mount adapter we just checked, but it comes with the Control Ring. The ring provides you additional customization. Moreover, handling your control ring is an easy task.

    Some salient features you would love are

    • The package comes with four accessories – Canon EF-EOS R Control Ring Mount Adapter, PD Neoprene Sling Strap, PD 6pc Complete Cleaning Kit and Lenspen FilterKlear Lens Pen
    • Control ring offers you a high degree of customization offered by the RF lenses onto your EF lenses. You can use it to control parameters like aperture, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, and exposure compensation.
    • You also get the six-piece cleaning kit as part of the pack.
    • The control ring also comes with a clicking mechanism.

    In case you find the features impressive enough, it may be a good idea to opt for it here on Amazon.

    Drop-In Filter Mount Adapter EF-EOS R

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    The Drop-In Filter Mount Adapter EF-EOS R offers you an excellent functionality of the Canon EF EOS R mount adapter but brings in the additional features for using the drop in filters. You no longer need to fit the filters in front of the lens.

    A few salient features worth mentioning can be

    • It offers you easy compatibility to use the EF/EF-S lenses on the Canon EOS R camera.
    • You can use the variable ND filters in front of the sensor.
    • The adapter offers you a dust and water resistant functionality
    • Metal mount on both lens and mount side is a means for durability.

    Did you find it interesting and impressive? In that case, you can check more details on Amazon.

    The filters for the Drop-In Filter Mount Adapter EF-EOS R

    As we already stated above, the Drop-In filter adapter EF-EOS R helps you add up the drop in ND filters. Canon offers you three filters that work with the adapter stated above.

    CL-Filter for Drop-In Filter Mount Adapter EF-EOS R

    The clear filter is for those users who have brought the new drop in the filter but do not want to use any filters. This will help you avoid the issues you may be facing without the filters.

    PL-Filter for Drop-In Filter Mount Adapter EF-EOS R

    This is the polarising filter used on the Canon Drop-In filter mount adapter EF EOS R. The polarising filter assists you in removing the unwanted reflection effects. You can use it to boost the color, contrast, and saturation. The filter reduces the glare and haze and reduces the amount of light reflecting from glass surfaces.

    ND-Filter for Drop-In Filter Mount Adapter EF-EOS R

    The ND or Neutral Density filter is used for controlling the exposure in your videos. It is also helpful in enhancing the shutter speeds. The ND filter controls the light entering the camera and thus can be an excellent option for the filmmakers who shoot with a wide aperture or slower shutter. The filter can also be an attractive option for landscape photography.

    In Conclusion

    Those were the prominent accessories currently available for Canon EOS RP camera. Please note that the accessories featured in this compilation are also compatible with the Canon EOS R. Since both the cameras share almost the same features, you can use the accessories outlined here on either of the cameras.

    Have you used the Canon EOS RP  camera or the accessories featured here for your photography needs? If yes, do share your thoughts, experiences, and opinions about the camera and its accessories with us through the comments section here below.

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